Chocolate Gift Buying Guide for Every Chocolate Personality

Posted on 22 Nov 2013 Posted in  Christmas
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Chocolate Connoisseur

Chocolate will no doubt be described by a large amount of people as beautiful and we for one could not disagree with this.

If you know someone who accepts only the best, organic, hand crafted, Belgian chocolate, you have in your midst a Chocolate Connoisseur.

Any old milk chocolate will not do, you cannot just buy them a bar as big your head, 1/ because it will not fit into their stockings and 2/ because it simply will not do! You need a chocolate with style and elegance, which shows some time and considerable thought has been invested into this chocolaty gift.

Therefore, we’ve picked out 3 selections for the most meticulous of chocolate connoisseur...

Continental Diplomat

1/Continental Diplomat - £11.99

Not only will this box of posh chocs, satisfy the taste buds, it will please the eye as well. Traditionally “Diplomats” exchanged luxurious gifts wrapped in an elegant gold leaf. This is all very well if you’ve got the cash, then by all means gifts wrapped in gold leaf will go down a treat, but for us “paupers” this box makes for a fantastic luxurious treat.

2/ Premium Collection - £10.99

Thorntons’ master chocolatiers have been moulding marvellous chocolates for over 100 years. The Premium Collection brings this wealth of knowledge and craft into a sumptuous range of truffles, mousses and pralines.

Premier Collection
Viennese Truffles

3/ Continental Viennese Bag - £2.99

If you’re looking for a little something for the stocking of the chocolate connoisseur, we recommend Viennese Truffles.

Inspired by the master chocolatiers of Vienna, these little bags of goodies make the perfect treat to indulge in. The only problem you’ll have is giving these away, so our advice would be to get two bags, one for you and one for them!

Evil chocolate genius

Ok, so we’ve exaggerated this character a tiny bit, but hey, we all know one and can probably admit to being one every now and again.

Evil chocolate geniuses love chocolate so much; they want it all for themselves. Have you ever gazed at your Christmas tree and noticed the little chocolate goodies seem a little sparse this year? It’s not their fault; the chocolate is just too tasty! If you know someone just like this who wants the chocolate all for themselves then we have the chocolate just for them!


signature selection

4/ Thorntons Signature Gift Bundle - £20.00

This bundle contains all our favourites, milk, dark or white chocolate plus yummy future favourites like the Sicilian Lemon Mousse Bag.

This is likely to keep them happy all Christmas and possibly into the New Year!

The Happy Chocolatier

These friendly folk are just the type of chocolate characters you want to meet when looking for a chocolate treat. With these guys it generally is a case of the more the merrier and you can see their eyes light up when you take a chocolate bite.

We tend to find around Christmas time everyone becomes just a touch more like a happy chocolatier and we think there’s nothing better than sharing some chocolate on a cold Christmas evening, so we’ve got the perfect sharing chocolates for you…

Winter Cont.

 5/Winter Continental Collection - £14.99

This beautiful Christmas tree shape box makes a perfect gift, whether you want to eat the whole bunch yourself or share them with friends and family.

With this wintery collection there is a treat for everyone, inspired by chocolaty flavours from every corner of Europe.

6/ Ultimate Chocolate Dipping Set - £14.99

Melty milk and white chocolate, with tasty dipping treats around an open fire with family and friends is Thorntons’ suggestion and we can’t think of anything better.

This pack includes milk and white chocolate dips, fluffy marshmallows, crunchy honeycomb, salt pretzels AND crispy popcorn. Christmas will never be the same again!

 Dipping Set



7/ Mad About Mint Box - £10.00

So here’s the setting, you’ve just stuffed down a lovely Christmas dinner and pudding with seconds of both, you need something sweet and refreshing to round off the perfect meal.

That’s where “Mad about Mint” comes in, perfect for sharing after a heavy meal, what will be your minty favourite?

8/ The Snowman™ & The Snowdog Soft Toy Gift Set - £9.99

The Snowman™ was a fantastic tale and the music pretty much made Christmas. The one sad thing was that The Snowman™ couldn’t last.

This gift set gives the best of both worlds, a delightfully creamy white chocolate model,  plus cuddly toy to keep.


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IzzyJo28 November 2013, 16:39 Well I am one but am also quite picky about the chocs I like so mint would be the only preferred ones. Am often 'exceedingly generous' with boxes but only as I don't like most of the components :)
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