Cashback Earnings Boost

cashback earning boost

Need a little boost? TODAY ONLY you can look forward to a boost on every penny you earn. Purchase something from your favourite retailer and you can look forward to receiving an extra boost onto your cashback earnings. Your cashback earned will be boosted by 20% Top Up for Plus Members and 10% for Classic Members. This promotion lasts for one day only so HURRY it’s time to shop! 

Why a Boost?

We want to thank our TopCashbackers for believing in us and for being as fantastic as ever! Starting with a small idea from a dining room table TopCashback has grown to become the voted UK's #1 Cashback website providing you with a little extra every time you shop. Dreams can come true after all! Without you guys we wouldn’t be where we are today so we hope that you enjoy this little boost and take time out to treat yourself. 

What to Expect…

So there are no swings and roundabouts here. Top Up has already been applied to every retailer cashback rate so all you have to do is log in and get ready to shop! Make sure you clear cookies and cache first and get ready to watch that cashback track.

 Where to Shop…

We have an abundance of categories so whether you're shopping for yourself, your family, your fridge or your home come and explore over 4,500 retailers. Find a bargain with exclusive cashback rates and take full advantage of the earning boost available today only!


See Terms and Conditions here.

Posted on 01 Oct 2016  |  Posted in  Tips & Updates
Ive only just started to shop on here already seeing results loving this site anyone could give me some tips please thanks
  07 Oct 16 - 18:57
Doesn't it take forever to get payouts ??!! & Support tickets replies ????
  03 Oct 16 - 17:14
Some of you are really not very bright.
  01 Oct 16 - 08:11
One day is too little please extendddddd
  30 Sep 16 - 23:49
4.8% +0.96 % (20% Topup of 4.8%) = 5.76%
  30 Sep 16 - 22:16
I had a shop earlier after getting the email. After shopping I returned to a blank page that wouldn't reload so I hope it works. 1 day is just not enough :-( I would love to see more perks.
  30 Sep 16 - 22:04
No it's 20% Of the cash back earnt. So if you buy something for £100 and cash back rate is 5% = £5 normally. You'll get extra 20% On the £5 earnt. So another £1.
  30 Sep 16 - 21:38
If the cashback rate is 4.8%, An increase of 20% (1.2 x 4.8) on this would be 5.76% Not 24.8%!
  30 Sep 16 - 21:22
One day only isnt enoughhhhh :((((
  30 Sep 16 - 20:04
So if the cashback rate is 4.8% On the page, will this make it 24.8% For a plus member, with it saying the cashback is already added on I thought it might actually show ? Want to make a largish purchase so would be good if this was the case but will wait if not !!
  30 Sep 16 - 19:45

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