Back to Uni: The Essentials

Back to Uni

Going to university is most definitely an exciting time, some would even say your university years are some of the best years of your life. However, to become the next cool kid on campus you will need far more than wavy garms. Slow down hombre. This essential guide combines the basics with some fun personal picks. We’ve put together a guide which will not only allow you to survive in uni, but also to thrive in uni.


As the saying goes, ‘A man’s home is his castle.’ The phrase is most certainly true for your new university bedroom. It is time to impress your new roomies, with a fun and exciting dorm which exhibits quirky little hints of your edgy personality. First of all, let us start off with the practical essentials.

You will need:
• A duvet; We recommend the Dunelm All Seasons duvet range. Why don’t you snuggle down in the fresh wash anti-allergy 10.5 tog duvet? This versatile quilt is only £25.
• Quilt covers and pillowcases; Matalan does the most fabulous range! These covers have cool designs and are also inexpensive. The Brush Stroke single quilt cover and pillowcase set is only £10. It is the perfect set to add a pop of colour to any dull halls of residence.
• A mattress topper; Make your bed extra comfy with the affordable the Dunelm Memory foam Mattress Topper Cover for £18.
• Pillows; Drift off on these M&S Simply soft pillows, you can get a pack of two for only £4.50.
• Washing basket; FYI the floor is not a washing basket, neither is your desk chair. Real washing baskets can even add a flair of vibrance to your room. Why not invest in a quirky basket like this Oliver Bonas Tassel Seagrass Storage Basket Medium for only £19 Fun Little extras: Liven up your living space with these fun little personal favourites, destined to make any bedroom come to life.
• Lamp; find a lamp that will brighten up your space in more ways than one. We recommend the Oliver Bonas Tenki Lightning Bolt Light Bulb at £25. Useful for those lightbulb worthy moments.
• Wall Hanging; Lucky enough to go on a gap year? Even if not, nothing says edgy and cool more than an authentic looking wall hanging to revive your room. We recommend the Amazon: Multi-coloured Mandala Tapestry Indian Wall hanging – Large at only £11.40.
• Fairy lights; For more ambient times, Fairy lights are the perfect way to unwind and relax. The LED Peg fairy lights from are only £8 and you can even add your photos in the pegs, to personalise your lights.
• Plant pots; Inject the illusion of life into your room, with the Mini Splatter Plant pots from These are only £5.00
• For a more statement piece, why not get the Oliver Bonas Terracotta Foiled Hanging Plant Pot for £17.50



Unleash your inner Gordan Ramsey and cook up a storm with these essential kits. These bundles are perfect, as not only do they contain all you need for your new uni kitchen, they are also affordable.

Our top three are:
• Wilko Student Kitchen essentials £45.40; This kitchen set not only includes pots and pans, but also plates, bowls and glasses and cutlery.
• Amazon Student Pack standard 23 Piece set: seemingly the Creme de la crème of all sets, this pack includes all that is listed above and other additions. The additions include oven gloves, tea towels, mugs, can openers, spatulas and more.
• George Non-Stick Kitchen Starter set 8 Piece £25: This set is excellent for the novice chef, with the non-stick coated trays and pans, burning your food becomes considerably harder.



Hopefully you’ll be taking plenty of showers after those sweaty underground raves.
• Towels: Dry off with good quality plush towels such as the 6-piece Mallory Towel Set by Wayfair basics for only £19.99
• Bathmat: Small but essential, the Sainsbury’s Home Pebbles Bathmat Clear is only £6.
• Bathroom sink accessories: George has loads of affordable accessories, perfect for any student bathroom. Their quirky Grey and Yellow Stripped Tumbler is only £3.




Although easily forgotten, the purpose of university is to actually study. Aside from all the socialising. Here is a list of items that will help you buckle down and get those grades. Shops such as Rymans, Waterstones and WHSmith all offer 10 per cent student discount.

You will need:
• Personal planner: keep organised with a personal planner, we recommend paperchase Get S*it done coral journal for £5
• Pens and highlighters
• Folders and Ring Binders
• A sturdy Laptop case
• Hole punch
• Sticky notes and page markers
• Desk organiser
• Pens and pencil pot
• Sticky tape and blue tac
• Board pins
• Paperclips
• Stapler

We hope this checklist gives equips you with all you need to get those grades and start your new term with a bang. Uni shopping can be expensive, don’t forget to shop through our site to earn free cashback on your purchases.

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