Back to School Tips

Posted on 09 Aug 2013 Posted in  Tips & Updates

Back to School Tips

By Jacqui Paterson, Mum of two, and blogger at mummyslittlemonkey

Starting or returning to school can be a stressful time for you AND your children.

Buying uniforms… getting into the morning routine… worrying how your child will adjust; it’s enough to make you tear your hair out!

So here are some practical, useful Back-to-School tips to help that transition go a bit smoother:


Buy branded school items from your local specialist uniform store, but save money by picking up generic items from the Back-to-School ranges stocked in most major supermarkets and department stores.

If you’re pressed for time, order online, and have all your school items delivered to your door.

Get your name labels ordered well in advance, to allow time for them to be personalised. Attach them to the clothing items as soon as possible, so you’re not frantically ironing them all in the night before school starts!


Buy a wall calendar, or a family diary and fill it in with all your upcoming events, and commitments so you can see what’s coming up at a glance. Allocate a different colour for each family member.

Use the second half of the school holidays to start preparing your children for school – especially if they’re about to start Reception.

Search on and you’ll find a range of books designed to help children familiarise themselves with the school routine, and all the tasks they will need to do: from hanging up their coats, to changing for PE.

A few days before school starts, give them a ‘dry run’ with their uniform, so they feel comfortable in what they’re wearing. If it’s a brand-new school, set aside some time to drive or walk past the grounds, so they (and you!) can familiarise themselves.

Build up the excitement beforehand: talk with your child about what they’re looking forward to, and explain about all the fun things they do and learn.

The night before school or preschool starts, get everything ready. Lay the uniforms out, prepare book bags, and pack lunchboxes.


Save money at the supermarket by using 2-4-1 offers to stock up for school lunches. Buy large bags of raisins/rice crackers/dried fruit and portion them off into small containers or resealable plastic bags.


If you have children with long hair, tie it back in a plait before bedtime. You won’t have to waste time brushing knots out in the morning.

Get up nice and early on the first day – there’s nothing worse than rushing around when you’re already feeling nervous!

If your child gets upset at the school gates, remember (and we know this is easier said than done) that they’ll be absolutely fine! The teachers know just how to deal with reluctant students, and it won’t be long before those first-day nerves fade away.

Now take a deep breath, and relax!

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