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Posted on 05 Aug 2021 Posted in  TopCashback Tips & Updates
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Back to school this year is all a bit up in the air. But getting the kids ready to go back is still a must.

For most parents, this time of year is filled with dread. The cost of school supplies soon add up and the options of stores to shop from are endless. But don’t despair we’ve put together a handy back to school survival guide, so you can start planning stress-free.

Whether you’re organised and start your back to school shopping in July or you’re a last week of the holidays kind of shopper we have something to help everyone!

Where can I get the best offers?

The back to school sales have already begun in some stores for those early bird shoppers. You’ll be able to find great deals on school supplies from the end of July until the end of September, but you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled as not all sales will last that long.

We’ve picked our top 5 offers to get you started:

George at ASDA are the place to go for Uniform. Get Polo tops from £2.50 in a range of colours. Gingham dresses from £4, and kit them out for their outdoor and swimming activities. Their Polo’s and Shirt’s are made to stay white & they also offer a 100 day satisfaction guarantee, so you can be safe in the knowledge that their uniforms will last.

Need stationary? WHSmith's have a 3 for 2 mix & match sale on Back to School. Including file organisers, pens, pencils, calculators and more. You can save 50% on stationary. They also have a host of blogs for getting your kids back into school, check them out.

As well as School Uniform Matalan have a wide range of School Bags - for P.E and to fit all those files in. Backpacks range from £6 to £14! There’s all the young one’s favourite Disney characters too and some stylish offerings for the big kids.

Debenhams have their up to 70% off sale. Shop coats with huge savings! Including brands such as Regatta, Dare2B, Levi’s, Threadboys and many more. These are sure to make a statement when they go back to school.

This has to be the best offer we’ve found on school shoes. Deichmann are doing their Buy 1 Get 1 Half price on all school shoes. That means you can buy multiple pairs for those growing feet, if they’re likely to wear them out or for all your kids without it costing a fortune.

Where else can I get Back to School essentials?

If you’re after something a bit more special, whether it’s their first day of school or they’re going to high school, Etsy has some really nice Back to School items. From personalised P.E kit bags to water bottles to keep them hydrated, or even stylish bobbles for their hair! They will be the talk of the class.

Amazon are back! We have offers on their Kindles too, which will be perfect for all the kids books and reading.

If you prefer something more physical, then check out Waterstones. They have a whole section on learning and educational books from early learning to A level. Including some savings on selected books.

Let us know your Back to School savings

Comment below if you’ve made a great saving on your Back to School essentials!

All offers were correct as of publish date.

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