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Computer games have moved on a long way since arcade classics such as Tetris, Pac-Man and Space Invaders. Modern games boast photorealistic graphics, online play and now even 3D effects.

So, that's the end of the history lesson. Let's talk about the cutting edge offerings from Playstation, Microsoft and Nintendo.


Playstation 3

The Slim PS3 (short for Playstation 3, in case you haven't picked that up) is available with a 160GB or 320GB hardrive to store all your music, photos, films and games.

One of the main advantages of buying a PS3 is that it has an inbuilt Blu Ray player. This allows you to watch fantastic quality HD films on a HD telly through your PS3, without having to buy a separate Blu Ray player, which could be pretty expensive.

Fans of the PS2 will instantly feel familiar with the PS3's DualShock 3 controller that is broadly the same as its predecessor. However this time the controller is wireless, allowing total flexibility. Also the introduction of two triggers at the back is a welcome change for users, allowing greater control when enthused in a game.

Online play is at the heart of the PS3. Competing against fellow PS3 lovers from around the world opens the PS3 up to limitless possibilities. The PlayStation network not only allows you to play games with others, but also share photos and music.

The vast range of games available gives the PS3 very wide appeal, from youngsters, through to teens and on to adults. There is also a range of PlayStation only titles, including Little Big Planet and MotorStorm, which you won't find on any other console. Plus the PS3 allows you to put your new 3D telly to good use, as recent updates mean a selection of PS3 titles can now be played in 3D.


Xbox 360

The latest offering from Microsoft offers either a 4GB onboard hardrive, or a 250GB HDD external hardrive. Soon to be released is a 320GB version of the latter, to coincide with the launch of the eagerly anticipated Gears of War 3 game.

Those who want a break from the conventional controller may find the Xbox Kinect the perfect alternative. The Kinect is a motion sensing input device that allows the player to be the controller. Thus you can command your Xbox and games via a host of gestures and spoken commands.

Xbox Live sees Xbox 360 gamers from every corner of the globe come together and play in one of the largest online gaming communities with over 30 million members. The two versions of Xbox Live (Free and Gold) give users access to the Xbox Live Marketplace and the chance to communicate with fellow gamers. The Gold subscription (annual fee applies) allows integrated online game play.

With a library of over 800 games, the Xbox offers entertainment for the whole family. Exclusives such as Gears of War, Crackdown and the Halo series have given Xbox gamers a unique gaming experience not available on other consoles. Xbox Live Arcade Games also provide a blast from the past, as well as hours of entertainment, inevitably trying to better your high score.


Nintendo Wii

The long awaited 7th generation console from Nintendo took the whole world by storm. The concepts of playing tennis games with a tennis racket and driving games with a wheel will come naturally to any Wii gamer, and is a huge attraction to those looking for an alternative gaming experience.

The Wii remote is a handheld pointing device that cleverly detects movement in three dimensions. The controller also features rumble and an internal speaker. Similar to the Xbox Kinect, the Wii remote allows the user to coordinate on screen movements at the flick of a wrist.

Although the Wii may not have the storage capabilities of the Xbox 360 or PS3, the SD card slot can be upgraded to accommodate your photos and saved game data.

Huge hits on the Wii include Mario Kart and Wii Sports. Both make the most of the Wii remote, as mentioned previously, by enabling it to be integrated in a steering wheel for example, or tennis racket (sold separately, but not real ones of course!).

The Wii Fit is a revolution in the world of exercise and keeping active at home. The game uses a platform peripheral called the Wii Balance Board which the player stands on. There is a selection of strength, aerobics, training and yoga modes to master.


Handheld games consoles

The Nintendo DS XL and Nintendo 3DS are the best selling portable games devises on sale today. All allow the user to take their gaming experience with them out the front door.

The Nintendo DSi allows the gamer to control their game over two screens, using a stylus to prevent unwanted and unsightly finger prints on the screens. The Nintendo WiFi connection also allows gamers to connect via the internet. The XL was released at a later date, boasting a slimmer body and bigger screens. What's more, a camera was also introduced to the device.

The newly launched Nintendo 3DS offers gamers the effect of playing in 3D, without having to wear 3D glasses. The initial number of games available is impressive, with the likes of Pro Evolution Soccer and Ridge racer 3D making an early appearance.


We hope you found our brief guide to gaming helpful. If you want to find out more before taking the plunge and buying a console, check out owners' reviews in the series of links below.

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