Announcement: eBay to close to all cashback sites

Dear TopCashbackers,

Sadly, cashback on eBay purchases will no longer be available from 1st February 2013. As we know our members are big fans of the popular auction site, we want to let you know the news straight away so that you have the chance to make any eBay purchases by 31st January and still earn cashback through TopCashback.

This decision comes from eBay, which is ending its relationship with all cashback sites at this time. This is unlikely to change but we'd always be happy to house eBay on TopCashback again if it would ever like to return.

Please don't worry about pre-existing cashback purchases, though. All transactions made before 1st February 2013 will still track and be paid as usual.

In the meantime, don’t worry; TopCashback continues to offer the best cashback rates and shopping tools (have you downloaded the new, free, handy TopCashback toolbar, which will help you avoid missing out on cashback if you forget to login to TopCashback first?), and gives top-notch customer service, so we’re still the UK’s #1 free cashback website. If you’d like to suggest retailers that are similar to eBay, who you’d like to see join TopCashback, please let us know by posting below.

Thanks for starting at TopCashback every time you shop online!

Best wishes,

The TopCashback Team

Posted on 14 Jan 2013  |  Posted in  Cashback Diary
To be honest, they have done me a favour. I used to buy from ebay because of the cash back without looking any further. Since, I have looked elsewhere and literally out of 10, I have found what I am looking for cheaper 100% !!!! Google is great to shop around. Amazon prices win the majority of the time. Take note, never take ebay prices straight away, do your homework and the chances are, you will win out going elsewhere.
  11 Mar 13 - 17:32
Nectar points - so for every £1 you spend, you get 0.5p to spend in Sainsbury's.
But always check for cheaper price on google or Amazon.
  28 Feb 13 - 20:53
Look guys no good keep moaning. EBay is just a money making machine, nothing more, nothing less. Yes they will keep increasing there fees because nothing else out there comes close to their size.
But beware! EBay is no longer cheap. Many times I have found the same product via google search cheaper so spread the word "if you ebay check google too"
  28 Feb 13 - 18:51
Will miss it a lot. Made £12,000 in 3,5 years just on cashback.
Never mind, i'll cary on my ebay business:)
  26 Feb 13 - 14:47
EBay used to be about a community where small timers could buy, sell trade and bag bargains. I have been with eBay almost since January 2003 part of its early days, at one time it only had 30 employees but now has 15'000+ Worldwide it seems to have now just simply grown into a huge global dominating corporate business which has gotten too big for its boots, well to big to care about the little guy anymore now at least and their fees! Phew, with them being hand in pocket with PayPal I now call them Mr 15% No wonder in late 2009, eBay completed the sale of Skype for $2.75 billion, as with gargantuan company's like that they will simply dismiss any moaning about a piddly little matter (to them) like TCB and quite simply show you the door if you don't like it. I used to like my little bit cash back from an eBay purchase but unfortunately they need the money more than we do they've only got $7.7 billion dollars
  26 Feb 13 - 00:59
I was just about to purchase somethink, and now im not going to get any money back? The greed of ebay amazes me. I beleive if you havent already made a complaint, then direct your anger towards ebay and there fat greedy pockets.
  25 Feb 13 - 01:46
Wightbay is a really great site that includes a wide range of products new and used from professional shops and individuals living on at across the water in Southampton and Portsmouth . I'm sure it would welcome a widening of it's market base via someone like TopCashback especially now you have branched out to tv.

Kind regards

  22 Feb 13 - 00:18
EBay may as well rebrand themselves because they are not the same ebay that used to be for everyone!. It's turned itself into a corporate profit priority company. Small time sellers no longer required or encouraged.
P.S the fees are just a joke!
  21 Feb 13 - 20:53
Shooting their own foot. Will make it easier to look elsewhere they are not the only show in town.
  13 Feb 13 - 16:25
Ebay is just too expensive and in the last few years it has become far more difficult to sell at prices that make it worthwhile your effort. By the time ebay and their sister company have taken their near 15%, Paid postage it would have been easier to chuck the item in the skip. Ebay for private sales is poor and a search for items is flooded with tons of bulk sellers for completely unrelated items.
  10 Feb 13 - 14:24
A lot of sellers like myself duplicate the auction on Ebid when time runs out on Ebay we just leave it on Ebid free of charge its a shame more people don't know about Ebid. How about TopCashback getting involved with Ebid?
  06 Feb 13 - 17:59
Yeah, it's all very well recommending Ebid, but who's selling on there? It was like whistling desert wind and tumbleweed blowing through at the auction I just visited....

I'm not happy about Ebay no longer offering cashback either, but hey, it was a good deal while it lasted.
  06 Feb 13 - 11:01
Hey, all you moaners chucking your toys out of the pram en masse -

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the reason eBay has dropped cashback sites is because they've worked out an exclusive deal with Nectar.

I'd rather have cashback, but whatcha gonna do? I'd love there to be a viable alternative to eBay but there never has been, and the one time I won an auction on eBid the seller ignored all contact - presumably because his auction didn't end high enough for his liking.
  05 Feb 13 - 10:41
Amazon is more reliable and easier to buy from, safer and no shitty parasitic paypal to put up with.
  29 Jan 13 - 14:22
Yeah I will looking to shop else where used to love ebay, now they are going down the pan and I def need to flush it
Ebay not a pretty site right now.
  29 Jan 13 - 01:48
I think Ebid is the only alternative at the moment, Ebay is getting too complacent and arrogant and is cruising for a bruising.
  28 Jan 13 - 17:43
That will be a loss .

But hope other suplliers will take their place
  27 Jan 13 - 21:45
What a shame, and it will hopefully have a negative effect on Ebay! I've just bought something from Ebid, which was cheaper than Ebay anyway. It's also cheaper selling on Ebid and they're not as strict for sellers. Ebay, watch out.........Ebid's right behind you!!
  26 Jan 13 - 12:44
Hopefully another nail in the coffin for Feebay. Maybe their worried Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs are going to come knocking demanding years of unpaid uk Tax.

Better start saving the pennies. Bunch of crooks.
  24 Jan 13 - 19:12
I have been a good customer to Ebay over the years but I will certainly look elsewhere now - It is not as though they are cheap, sometime the prices are ridiculous :-)
  24 Jan 13 - 11:12
What a shame they have decided to withdraw what little they did give us. I always looked forward to checking my purchases had tracked ... Like everyone else will be looking elsewhere now :-(
  23 Jan 13 - 16:34
Ebay continue to put there prices up, there making a fortune but like every other company in the uk they are just ripping off as much as possible, they are making huge profits and dont need to stop giving a little back to the people making there millions?
  22 Jan 13 - 16:34
I will certainly be looking for alternatives to ebay, which has been my main source for gifts and goods for some time now, especially since they started with TopCashback.

This is a very bad business decision, Ebay will lose trade aswell as goodwill.
  21 Jan 13 - 00:10
As we all know, eBay avoid paying uk taxes so I guess this shouldn't be a suprise. Have started shopping at other places in recent months, as they offer cashback and, increasingly, better choice and prices. This will only push me and others off greedy eBay even more...
  20 Jan 13 - 17:47
Relationship with Ebay cashback site at this time,is unlikely to change. Shame on you eabay-(

EBay avoids £50m corporation tax bill by channelling payments through LuxembourgeBay generates sales of more than £800million a year in Britain - but paid only a little over £1million in corporation tax in the country
  20 Jan 13 - 15:56
I did think that it would eventually happen, as eBay are just getting too greedy. Nectar points are not helpful to me, as I do not live anywhere near a Sainsbury's.
Carry on the good work TCB, and fingers crossed Amazon will come to you, many of their prices compare well with eBay these days.....
  20 Jan 13 - 12:16
It may not have been much cashback but it was something. I will cut back on buying from eBay now. Nectar points are not that great unless you shop at Sainsbury and buy fuel from bp.
  20 Jan 13 - 10:06
Ebay are a total rip off from start to finish. I'm surprised they're still running. They charge like the Gordon Highlanders for their fees, insist you refund buyers who say they didn't receive items without finding out the full story, and you can't leave negative comments for bad buyers. Why not go to Ebid!
  19 Jan 13 - 17:34
Will never shop at ebay again
  19 Jan 13 - 17:06
Unbelievable! They make so much money but its still not enough! Are they part of the government!!!? Greedy top cats never happy with a small profit! Time to look elsewhere me thinks!
  19 Jan 13 - 16:18
Nectar points are worth little and it takes an age for them to reach an amount worth having - cash back is infinitely preferable. I hope that greedy ebay, like greedy Camelot, fall flat on their greedy faces as a result of their respective schemes to increase profits/Revenues at the expense of their customers. Oh - did remember to say that these two money-making machines are greedy?! Bye bye to both of them......
  18 Jan 13 - 16:04
Oh well was getting bored with ebay anyway!
If I bid on some dog poo some one else suddenly wanted it!Now they have gone tight fisted aswell!!!!
Facebook ,gumtree,preloved here I come ...
Thanks TCB ...
  18 Jan 13 - 14:25
It is due to poor greed that Ebay have pulled the plug on TCB, it will no longer be worth buying or selling on Ebay, due to fees!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are putting themselves out of business :(
  18 Jan 13 - 10:08
Greedy greedy greedy,First place I look for items so I can get cash back.
Will shop around more now
  18 Jan 13 - 09:35
How very sad it is when we see companies etc. Making more money in a year than most of us will ever see in a lifetime just wanting more & More & Never being satified with what they have. It was fantastic ebay giving a little back to their customers by way of your 'cashback' site. Hoping that ebay will read all the comments & Perhaps reconsider. Nectar points are neither here nor there. I for one don't use them.
  17 Jan 13 - 21:41
I've had over £200 cash back from Ebay over the years. Will think twice about buying from them in the future though as I prefer using TopCashBack than Nectar points. Ebay have gone too greedy anyway and they will lose everything soon - especially with so many free to use sites on places like facebook??? Good while it lasted though so thank you TopCashBack.
  17 Jan 13 - 00:38
Problem is, there is no real alternative to eBay is there?
  16 Jan 13 - 19:58
This is poor from ebay and I have certainly bought more from them since getting TCB so I will now buy from other sources rather than ebay.

Thanks for letting us know.
  16 Jan 13 - 18:08
Yeah ebay obv not making enough profit.. Poor lambs .. Lets have a whipround!
  16 Jan 13 - 17:34
You couls see the signs - 40% Cashback to 30% And then only in certain categories.

Just means there is now no reason to shop @ Ebay unless you want nectar points/Or the item is cheapest on ebay.
  16 Jan 13 - 00:20
They stopped doing Avios a few months ago so at least TCB went on for a bit longer. Buying through Nectar is always my last resort as the points are worth so little.

Thanks for doing what you did while you did it TCB.
  14 Jan 13 - 23:15
How come TopCashBack doesn't host any other auction sites?! Websites like eBid are growing and in certain categories are giving eBay a real run for their money :).
  14 Jan 13 - 20:33
Yeah it will be the fact that eBay purchases attract Nectar points now. I thought it was almost too good to be true we were getting both cashback and nectar points. I would certainly prefer the cashback though! What a shame.

Is it definitive then about there being absolutely no cashback sites for eBay going forward? Or is it just TopCashback deterring our business from other cashback sites lol?
  14 Jan 13 - 18:40
Can't believe eBay are pulling the plug but im not surprised.
I remember the days when selling on eBay and their seller fees were only 4%.
Now their 10% And no doubt they will increase very soon.
When will eBay learn that being greedy will just push people away!
I hate eBay even more now
  14 Jan 13 - 18:37
Thanks for the heads up TCB. It was good while it lasted.
  14 Jan 13 - 17:06
Got around £2000 cashback last year as our business buy alot on ebay, one of the reasons I always used it to get anytyhing, will have to lok to other sites now.
  14 Jan 13 - 16:09
Very disappointed with ebay pulling the plug - it's not like they pay big cash back, it's only bits and pieces. They're getting too greedy now with fees etc. I suppose this is because they've joined forces with Nectar now!
  14 Jan 13 - 15:55
Ebay sucks now im not getting cash back!!! Very unhappy about this
  14 Jan 13 - 15:08

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