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Posted on 03 Nov 2009 Posted in  TopCashback Tips & Updates
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Hi All,

We have recently been hard at work behind the scenes adding some new functionality, which can now be seen on the site - our brand new Product Search....

In order to help you get your internet purchases at the best possible price, we are aware that it is not only important to earn a cashback discount - but also to ensure that you have found a good value supplier in the first place. That is why we have introduced our Product Search. This already puts around 11 million products at your fingertips - and we'll be continuing to develop and add to this section of our website. So why don't you give it a go?

In our search bar you will now find an option where you can choose to search either 'Merchant' or 'Product'. (If you prefer to use the site just as you have always done, then don't worry - the default option is 'Merchant' - just as it has always been). We used to only allow you to search by a merchant's name but now, if you select 'Product' you can search for the exact product that you want to buy and then we will show you which of our merchants offer that particular product and (importantly) if cashback is available.

If you know the product you want to buy therefore, you can now search for it on our website to see which merchants will stock it and if cashback is available.

In addition, on many merchant's pages, there is now an extra tab titled 'Products'. You can click on this tab and you will be able to view and search the products stocked by this merchant.

Hopefully we have showcased this little addition to our site just in time, with the Christmas shopping period fast approaching. We really hope this will help you all to save even more on your shopping - and enable both the cashback and the initial purchase price to be factored into your buying decisions.

Give our new product search a go and find yourself a bargain!

Have fun and enjoy!

Top CashBack
starlightlady171 December 2009, 18:43 The Hut. Lets I hope I win a prize in there raffle fingers crossed
5 November 2009, 17:45 ;-)
5 November 2009, 17:30 I tried the search out looking for TXP42V10B and the best result returned was :Price: £1014.49
MerchantName: multizone av
Brand: panasonic
Cashback available : Yes
But if I tried the same search on another search site the best result was £945 at currys which also has cashback available to make the price even better.
Stephen73725 November 2009, 17:09 Any chance of an ebay Snipe + Topcashback ? :)
GOLOVKINA5 November 2009, 17:02 BD390 (Blu-Ray player) comes up £174.78 @ MacWarehouse. Click through to find £189.99 (£218.48 inc vat)
VinnyGee19134 November 2009, 10:22 Appears to be working now, must be my browser as 'product' doesn't appear as drop down option, but for some strange reason, appears as a seperate box to the right of my screen when I click on the arrow next to 'merchant'!
VinnyGee19134 November 2009, 10:18 Good idea, but doesn't appear to be working, no drop down list for product, just stays as 'merchant' by default.
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