£10 cashback on £10 Fuel Spend - TopCashback New & Selected Member Deal

£10 Cashback on Fuel

We’ve got a cashback deal to fill your tank and save your bank! TopCashback are giving £10 cashback for new members when they spend £10 or more on fuel, helping you save money on one of the essentials! Simply keep your receipt and submit it via Snap & Save. Details below…

How to get the deal?


Fill your tank with at least £10 worth of fuel from the listed retailers and make sure you keep your receipts.

Submit your receipt online or via our TopCashback Mobile App on iOS or Android. It's simple; you take a photo of your receipt and upload it to TopCashback.

Receipt Upload

After you submit your receipt, we check it meets the criteria - keep it somewhere safe for your records.


You sould then see the £10 cashback in your TopCashback account within 30 days.

Are you Eligible?    

The "£10 cashback on Fuel" is available to new TopCashback members, If you are an existing member, you can still get a great cashback rate on lots of other in-store purchases with Snap & Save!

How Cashback Works

*Cashback rates are subject to change, please check the offer details before you make your purchase*

Terms and Conditions apply

Posted on 27 Jul 2015  |  Posted in  Deals & Competitions
New memeber but cannot see where to submit the offer snap. Please help.

  07 Nov 19 - 09:02
  i am afraid this offer has ended but keep an eye out for other promos we have!

How long is this valid for please
  05 Sep 19 - 14:49
I'm a new customer to TopCashback got an email for the free fuel but the app wont let me claim it and its disappeared?
  24 Aug 19 - 19:13

If you are having issues with Snap and Save please submit a support ticket and the team will be able to help you,

Best wishes

Why is this offer only open for new customers
  23 May 19 - 10:33
  We like to share with new members a sort of trial of our service.

We regularly reward our existing members with bonus offers including the odd free deal on snap and save too!

Best wishes,
New member and can't see where to find link to send receipt , thanks
  14 Oct 18 - 14:41
Im new member and trying to upload fuel receipt but cannot, any help please
  09 Jul 16 - 00:57
I clicked on the links above to access the deal but there is no link to submit the receipt.

Can you resolve this issue please?

Thank you
  07 May 16 - 13:06
  Hey Member532465758511,

I am sorry to say this offer did end on the 17th April 2016. However, please keep an eye out in your email inbox for future deals!

Best wishes,
TopCashback Support
Can you give me your email to submit my receipt?,

Hey Mr_Aaron_Phelan,

Receipts do need to be submitted via the offer which can be accessed both via Snap and Save online or our App.

If you have any issues with this please submit a support ticket as our team will be able to help you further.

Best wishes,
TopCashback Support
  09 Apr 16 - 11:35
I ripped up my receipt but can stick it back together is that acceptable? I always rip them up for security!! :(

Hey JoBoronte,

As long as we can see all the required information for this offer you can stick this back together and it should be accepted. However, with CheckoutSmart published offers, these kinds of receipts are not accepted. It does mention in the terms whether an offer is a CheckoutSmart published offer or not.

Best wishes,
TopCashback Support
  07 Apr 16 - 20:11
So I sent in a petrol receipt for sainsburys but the layment wasnt confirmed and has gone off my account.
  03 Apr 16 - 08:08
  Hey AidenAndRhys,

I can see you have been sent a support ticket about this. Please refer to that for help with your offer. When a transaction is no longer showing on your account it normally means it has been declined and therefore you can find this by clicking on 'account > Earnings > Cashback by date.

Best wishes,
Matt @ TopCashback
How do I submit my receipt for this? The offer isnt listed on snap n save . Help please
  14 Dec 15 - 20:50
And What do you know? I earnt a tenner. Happy days!
  08 Aug 15 - 21:13

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