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friend icon Fantastic service, and polite quick response when need to contact. I recommend all the time to friends and family, and would not use any other cashback site. I have made over £12 this month on items I was already going to purchase for Christmas. Well done Top Cashback!
  Helen Gleave | 27 Oct 2008
friend icon i've done a lot of the cashback websites over the years - greasypalm ,mutualpoints, ipoints etc. This is the best in terms of % cashback offered, greater accuracy and speed of tracking (meaning less begging to reclaim your legitimate points!) I'm a convert. Got nearly £300 cashback so far incluiding a handy 50 just for booking a london hotel with expedia through topcashback. thanks! ben
  ben kumar | 23 Oct 2008
friend icon A very reliable website that I recommend to everyone.
  L.Sewell | 22 Oct 2008
friend icon Its such a good site, I have made it my homepage, just so I dont forget to use topcashback when purchasing something. Have earned £96.45 in just 2 months, for things i was buying anyway
  helen williams | 14 Oct 2008
friend icon I can 100% endorse this cashback web site, I have just received £100.00 cheque for using the site. Cheers
  Sue Chislett | 6 Oct 2008
friend icon I switched to Topcashback from Q, after purchasing a mobile handset for £270 they then changed the rules after the purchase. I have now been with TopCashBack since, and have had £90 paid cashback, all these transactions were both quick and easy. Unlike Q if you need to contact them its quick, easy and a very polite service, unlike Q still waiting for proper reply since December 2007. Do yourself a big favour stick with TopCashBack if you want problem free transactions and real cashback. This is my experiences to date. Peter. Oxfordshire.
  Peter Sturgeon | 1 Oct 2008
friend icon A brilliant website that pays out very quickly. It's like getting extra discounts on items every time. Absolutely brilliant.
  Jay | 16 Sep 2008
friend icon Great site , i have now earned £860 this year for nothing !! Hoping to make it to £1000 by christmas .
  kevin watson | 8 Sep 2008
friend icon best site by far few problems relatively compared to all other sites and so easy to use you know exactly where you are and payment is regular unlike other sites still waiting for payments off other sites even though joined early this year been paid by topcashback since april syds
  sydney smith | 31 Aug 2008
friend icon TopCashBack is my first port of call when making any on-line purchase, from Ebay to energy, insurance to interiors. I got £95 cashback on my Prudential car insurance, making it by far the most competitive quote for a very comprehensive policy. I even got free breakdown cover! I also use the site for searches using the 'cash for clicks' sites such as Kelkoo and The High Street Web. I've even been paid for signing up to newsletters. "The no-fees, no-frills approach works really well for me and I will continue to use and recommend the site. If you can get money back from the things you would be buying anyway - or better still, get paid without even buying something - there's no reason not to use TopCashBack.
  Louise, West Yorkshire | 17 Mar 2008
friend icon I wish I had found TopCash earlier than I did. You get cash back for doing nothing other than buying what you were going to buy from hundreds of different retailers. I got a years AA membership for only £5 after getting my cashback for example. Fantastic site which I never stop recommending.
  Andrew, Preston | 17 Mar 2008
friend icon Working part-time with young children, it helps your money to go that bit further!
  Wendy, Lancashire | 17 Mar 2008
friend icon Like most people I like to ensure I'm getting the best deal I can,when you use topcashback you look for the best deal you can get and then you get some more discount! on regular purchases cds,books etc I ve got nearly £6 in three weeks for doing nothing other than clicking the link to go through top cash back.this is on top of the discounts being offered by the sites themselves.My only regret is I didn't know about it sooner.
  Ken, Chesterfield | 17 Mar 2008
friend icon Where else can you get 100% cashback online---- Pssibly no where! I shop online all the time and I have used cashback sites in the past, but I have found that all the others were taking a massive cut but TopCashBack is top of my list when I’m shopping online, it the first site I think about when I’m logging on.: )
  Mr Bagnall, Warwickshire | 17 Mar 2008