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Qustodio Reviews

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At the time of writing, there had been no Qustodio review feedback left by TopCashback members who had purchased the leading parental control app through us. However, if you take a look on Trustpilot, you’ll find plenty of Qustodio reviews.

While it’s fair to say their overall rating is not the best, you will find feedback from customers who were clearly delighted with the product. One said: “I use Qustodio to protect my daughter’s tablet and it’s fantastic. I receive a very useful daily report that helps me to understand what she is looking for on the internet and how to guide and protect her.”

Some of the other comments you’ll find include “I use Qustodio to manage my kids’ online time”, “excellent product, works quite well and the set of features is extensive. I find it simple to use”, “web filtering works great to keep my toddler away from harmful content” and “Qustodio gives excellent parental control. It works perfectly and, crucially, allows me to see what they’ve been browsing”.

Another customer gave their view by saying: “Have Qustodio installed on my home PC and on a Samsung device, and it works as advertised. I can set limits so the devices cannot be used at night and content blocking is very accurate.” Review this merchant

Qustodio Reviews
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I confess I probably haven't made the most of the app itself. It was recommended, and in the heat of the moment, I took the jump and signed up, buoyed by the fact I'd get some cash back anyhow. But the cash back needed chasing, and it turns out I'd signed up for automatic annual renewal (something I somehow missed). So when my barely used membership was renewed and I tried to get in touch to cancel, I failed to get any reply from my query. Indeed, I'm still waiting. So having now cancelled, I have a little consolation that I got a few quid back. Avoid.
  barny_harper | 27 Feb 2023 Report Abuse