Why am I getting spam from third party companies?

At TopCashback, we respect our members’ privacy, and we do all that we can to ensure that members’ data and personal information is well protected and used correctly.

We do not, under any circumstance, sell or give out personal information, including email addresses, to third party companies - except on a need to know basis. This would include situations such as chasing Missing Cashback Claims, for which the details will only ever be used for this purpose.

This is something that we take very seriously. To read more, please view our email and anti-spam policy here.

If you believe that you have started receiving spam emails from third party companies after joining TopCashback, then please be assured that this is either coincidental, or is not due to input from us in any way. It could be that your PC has become a victim of malware or spyware which can detect you inputting your email address into websites when registering or logging in. Our website and mobile pages where you enter this information are encrypted for transmission from your browser to our servers, however spyware on your device can have access to all the keys you press on your keyboard. We would strongly suggest that you use a reputable anti-malware/spyware/virus checker and change your TopCashback password.

Another thing to consider is that some ‘spammers’ will simply try to guess valid email addresses by using common names and email prefixes, combined with common domain names, so it is perhaps worth using an address that may be hard for them to replicate.

If you are receiving genuine TopCashback emails and wish to opt-out of any of these, then once you are logged in you can do so here.

If you are receiving emails appearing to be from TopCashback but you suspect are not genuine, then please submit a support ticket.

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