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I have seen a higher rate of cashback elsewhere. What can I do?

With our Highest Cashback Guarantee, TopCashback guarantees that:

If you can find a better rate of cashback for your purchase from another online cashback provider, then we will match the rate if you choose to use TopCashback for the transaction. All you need to do is submit a highest cashback guarantee claim.

To ensure that we can fulfil our guarantee to TopCashback members, any claims against the guarantee must meet the following Terms and Conditions:

>> The higher rate of cashback must be being offered on the same date and time as the transaction, i.e. you cannot claim against a higher rate offered at a later date.

>> The higher rate of cashback must be from a genuine and established, dedicated cashback website with a 100% cashback model operated by a UK incorporated company. The company must be abiding by the terms and conditions of the merchant's cashback program As such please be aware that any transactions made through the TopCashback Compare tool would not be eligible for this. As an example, we would match against Quidco, but not ShoopFR/DE.

>> The cashback offer must be displayed and available to view on the website. We are unable to match individual member specific promotions which may be sent via email.

>> We do not match against savings schemes or 'discount clubs' that requires members to pay a monthly fee or that are only available to people that meet a certain number of criteria e.g employees or members of a council.

>> The highest cashback guarantee only applies to cashback offers listed on TopCashback for which a directly associated online purchase has been made and where the cashback has tracked.

>> The cashback offer must be a direct equivalent of the rate listed on TopCashback, i.e you can’t claim for a percentage if we offer an amount in pounds.

>> You must be able to provide proof of the higher rate by means of providing a valid URL where the rate is offered.

>>Where possible could you please retain a screenshot of the offer with the date and time showing? As we can use this to assist with your claim if you need to contact our customer support team.

>> The transaction against which you're claiming must be showing up in your account with a cashback amount greater than or equal to 1p. Please be aware however that we are unable to match cashback offers where no purchase has been made by yourself and is effectively classed as 'free' cashback or non-monetary purchases.

>> The site offering the cashback in relation to your claim must provide it as a monetary payout.

>> The higher rate of cashback of up to 5% bonus is available to TopCashback Plus members exclusively. Classic members should not attempt to make a claim for the exclusive higher rate of cashback available on TopCashback.

>> Your claim must be submitted within 4 weeks of the transaction showing in your account.

>> Finally, these will be paid based on genuine claims and our discretion will be used in certain circumstances. If you're not sure, then submit a claim and we will do our best to ensure you get the highest rate possible.

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