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friend icon What a great service, love the parisienne style chicken! if you put code france843 at checkout will get you a further £20 off your order.
  TheOriginalOne1 | 30 Jun 2019 Report Abuse
friend icon Excellent and paid quickly
  richkirandan | 12 Feb 2019 Report Abuse
friend icon Excellent service and great tasty food. Use code usg2v8 to get £20 off your first box! :-)
  richeyres | 17 Jan 2019 Report Abuse
friend icon Brilliant concept and service
  midasaka | 25 Feb 2018 Report Abuse
friend icon Great service and great produce. Would definitely recommend
  MissAim | 18 Jan 2018 Report Abuse
friend icon Spot on will use again
  Nutynora | 15 Dec 2016 Report Abuse
friend icon Heard about this company from a friend, and gave it a go after realising I spent far too much on shopping and threw far too much away- now I spend less and enjoy a much more varied diet- food is fresh and ultra high quality too. I used a code I found on here and got my cashback tracked too, so first delivery is crazy cheap- use this code tf4jcg when you order and get £20 off your first order plus cashback too.
  tjhooker | 31 Aug 2014 Report Abuse
friend icon Amazing deal - 42% cashback on a £49 purchase. Used a coupon code listed here and got the deal for £29 - minus the cashback = £16.82 For 5 meals x 2 people... £1.68 Per meal!! use coupon code 9nd7v2 and pay forward the love... You'll get the chance to do the same when you order and get £12 off your next box :-)
  leebenson | 18 Aug 2014 Report Abuse
friend icon Great service and a great price, and with cashback. Easy to cancel too if you decide its not for you. Use code 9ln4xp fr £25 off- it works with cashback regardless of what is written.
  tshaw99 | 03 Mar 2014 Report Abuse
friend icon I'm trying hard to get back into a routine, but have found a lot of my meals to be un-inspiring. This has all changed since finding hello fresh, the quality of the food is fantastic, the recipes are easy to follow and I am enjoying cooking again. I was worried about portion sizes as I have a large appetite, however there is easily enough for 2 good sized portions, or even 3 if you added a salad or slice of bread to stretch it out. If you want £20 off use code kaenjq.
  DragonAngel | 01 Dec 2013 Report Abuse
friend icon Absolutely brilliant product and service - I love cooking but find it hard to plan, shop and organise myself with 2 young kids and my own business. This is a great company - wish i'd thought of the idea myself! cant rate highly enough
  Natalie_E_C | 31 Jul 2013 Report Abuse
friend icon I ordered a 2 person 5 meal box for £49, £20 off first order and 25% cashback..............What a bargain. The box arrived when they said it would, the contents were all top quality meat and veg, no cheap rubbish. It was all very fresh and overall the contents of the box were amazing. My cashback went from pending to confirmed in a couple of days and am now awaiting it to go payable. Had the first meal from the box last night; moroccan lamb tagine and it was yum yum yum. You'd be silly not to order a box at £29 and 25% cashback. If you like my review then if you use my code zbbang, then not only will you get £20 off your order, i'll get £12 off my next one. Have fun and enjoy the food............I promise you should not be disappointed with it.
  MarkDorset | 22 May 2013 Report Abuse
friend icon Ordered the £49 5-meal for 2 box and used a friend's £20 referral voucher to get it down to £29. Cashback hasn't tracked yet but hopefully it will to get it down to £16.82 Overall (at time of writing 42%). Even if it doesn't I was mightily impressed with the food, all 5 meals were delicious, good portion sizes and delivered well and on time (perishables were in plastic wrapped sheep's wool). You've got a choice of referral codes here so here's another one: njepcb
  unsaltedrhino | 27 Oct 2014 Report Abuse
friend icon Brought my first box. The process was easy just awaiting the cashback. The code below will give you £20 off a purchase. New code: 2js7qf
  Mo_Afzal | 01 Nov 2014 Report Abuse
friend icon No cashback - they claimed that I cancelled or returned the order which is not the case, and I did provide all evidence. Despite that, cashback was declined. Unacceptable.
  LilaP | 08 Apr 2020 Report Abuse
friend icon Cashback not honoured and declined after a claim saying the transaction didn't exist.
  Dukester123 | 18 Sep 2018 Report Abuse
friend icon I used the £15 off first two boxes + cashback. The discount applied on the first box and the cashback tracked and paid no bother. However, I paused the delivery of the second box and hello fresh would not discount the next box when it was due stating that the voucher had expired. I countered with the fact it was accepted as valid when the subscription was taken up and this was my second box. I only paused it by one week btw. Money was refunded quickly by hellofresh and I cancelled the subscription. I would rather they honoured the original offer so I could get my second box.
  lemslie | 15 Feb 2016 Report Abuse
friend icon Cashback didn't work. Product was ok but I don't like the need to subscribe. Given the cashback was not honoured and it took 3 months to get a response I will not use this retailer again.
  Ajc09 | 10 Apr 2015 Report Abuse
friend icon Let's break this down into bits shall we? ordering was fine. Voucher accepted, all okay. Slightly annoyed that no substitutions were offered on the vegetarian box but that's okay. Cashback never tracked. Okay, I used a non posted voucher. I expected this. Then they bill me for the second one before the first arrives. I question it, get told I cannot do anything about it. Stuck with the £36 box. Box I actually wanted to pay for arrives. Being very generous there might be the £11 worth of food I paid for. It is badly packed, the tins are left to rattle with the vegetables and so they are bruised. Chilled I can't find at first, there's a bag off to one side that seems like packaging, says it's sheeps wool. *Shrug* I open it and it stinks to high heaven, it is indeed untreated, unwashed wool in a breathable bag. Underneath that is the chilled and some icepacks. If you've ever lived near sheep you'll know what gets in their coats. Probably not something I can say here, but use your imagination. Pretty gross. I haven't tried the recipes yet but they look mediocre at best. So to recap- that's £47 paid for two deliveries of squashed, desperately overpriced, smelly food that will be made into dishes that could easily be found on the internet. You wanna know why this has such good reviews? well lets just say those other people aren't posting their voucher codes out of the goodness of their hearts. I expect it's a pretty good service if you get it on heavy discount from their referral scheme. But if you're not then stay well clear.
  hellopixel | 25 Sep 2014 Report Abuse
friend icon Tried to order a vegetarian box, added to basket no probs, entered £20 off code, that worked. Tried to pay and that's where it ended. 15Mins later and 5 tries with different bank/credit cards - apparently they were all invalid (which they're not btw). I gave up in the end :-(
  autumn666 | 14 Feb 2013 Report Abuse


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