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The majority of Expedia reviews you will find below, which have been left by TopCashback members who have booked travel deals with them through us, are positive. You will find many who have expressed how much they love booking holidays and more with Expedia because of how easy the website is to use, the deals available and their customer service. One member said: “This is my go to site every time I book a hotel away for business or pleasure. Pretty much always find a decent place to stay. Completely recommend Expedia.”

Other comments you will find include “always a good experience with Expedia and if there is a query, they are quick to help”, “excellent price and trouble-free booking from start to finish” and “it’s so easy, why wouldn’t you use it every time?” You will also find plenty of Expedia review feedback which praises them for how quickly they pay their cashback. This includes remarks such as “love using Expedia for cashback — so easy and saves so much money”, “excellent cashback rates and fast payment after hotel stay/travel has been completed” and “never had a problem getting payment from Expedia — highly recommended”. One member summed up their experience by saying: “Very simple and straightforward. I’ve made numerous bookings and always received the cashback in my account. No issues.”

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Expedia Reviews
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Good cashback
Easy to order through Expedia. Efficient and hotel at a good price.
  Barlaston2710 | 14 Jul 2024 Report Abuse
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Didn’t pay out
Don’t know why but my payout was declined by retailer. No explanation, not impressed.
  twillis178 | 14 Jul 2024 Report Abuse
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no problems and offer good percentage of cash back, buy all travel for work via app
  Member271641115159 | 09 Jul 2024 Report Abuse
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Not as advertised
Don't waste your time, they don't honour Thier cashback
  mggfxmike | 28 Jun 2024 Report Abuse
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Shan't be using again
First transaction was made in March 2023 for a trip in November, it has been confirmed but still no sign of it being paid. Second transaction declined, shan't be using again.
  Cora | 28 Jun 2024 Report Abuse
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So long to payout
Tracked and confirmed quickly, the 8 months until it became payable.
  Syman | 20 Jun 2024 Report Abuse
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Wish I could rate it zero
It’s always declined for the claims. I booked so many times without any discount code and I never got any cashback.
  Onana | 18 Jun 2024 Report Abuse
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No problem
No problem with this company
  Benghazic | 18 Jun 2024 Report Abuse
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Still waiting
Expedia provide great cash back offers. However, I’m still awaiting payment for earnings that were confirmed 7 months ago.
  Amy_c1989 | 14 Jun 2024 Report Abuse
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Good rate
They have a really good rate of cashback which is so easy to get, but don't be in a hurry, after a long wait my cashback has finally arrived
  clarkeson | 13 Jun 2024 Report Abuse
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Cashback as expected
Cashback paid out in 2 months and the cashback rate is quite high. I can recommend purchasing at Expedia through TopCashback
  Londonkel | 12 Jun 2024 Report Abuse
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Very frustrating - avoid
1/3 of my cashback claims with this merchant have been rejected because they apparently haven't tracked. I have no issues with any other merchants I have used, so I'm confused as to why Expedia can't track them. Would be v interested to see rejected claim rates for this merchant....
  newroundhere | 10 Jun 2024 Report Abuse
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VERY slow to payout
VERY slow to payout. Nine weeks and still showing as "pending for up to (x?) Months". Use as a bonus, not a price reduction - IF it ever pays out... ?
  Happy2017 | 07 Jun 2024 Report Abuse
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Absolute waste of time
Cashback tracked and they reject it without any rationale. Farce of a company - don't waste your time, use another retailer.
  Daviduks | 04 Jun 2024 Report Abuse
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always tracks and pays after the stay
always had good cashback experience with expedia. plus they are MILES better than who have also now removed cashback. ALWAYS USE EXPEDIA!!!!!
  azzo911 | 16 May 2024 Report Abuse
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Expedia likes to decline legitimate claims
It seems like Cxpedia does not like paying out, recently had a few of my transactions declined without them giving a reason
  josungtse | 14 May 2024 Report Abuse
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the cashback arrived
  allybobcandy | 05 May 2024 Report Abuse
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Excellent payments
Always pays and very prompt to register cashback. Great service
  jerfry | 30 Apr 2024 Report Abuse
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I got a confirmed payment of £0.00
My purchase was confirmed and paid out. I got £0.00 ...what a fantastic waste of time!
  Leedsladd | 29 Apr 2024 Report Abuse
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Incorrect Tracking with Expedia
I've not had any issues previously with Expedia cashback tracking, but a recent purchase failed to go through. When I followed up with customer service it was described as coming from "another referrer", but I had went via TCB as normal. Not sure what happened, but I won't be booking via Expedia for a while on that basis. Just be aware that tracking for them may not be as good as other retailers (I've had no issues with any other third party booking websites), or they are alternatively looking to avoid paying cashback that is due.
  rhutton234 | 23 Apr 2024 Report Abuse
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Poor service yet again!!!
This is now the second time I have booked a hotel and it hasn't tracked with expedia and I've had to submit a manual entry!!! I spent £129 on a hotel and yet again Expedia and topcashback say it can't be tracked when I've literally got the booking confirmation minutes after going through topcashback and booking!!! I now miss out on 8% cashback because of a lack of procedure and thorough checks. Poor service all round unfortunately and definitely would not recommend at all. Looking at the reviews it seems I am not the only one and MANY others are in EXACTLY the same position.. how strange NOT!! Clearly shows that they are not reliable and I definitely will not be using going forward. Really rubbish!
  nickygibbo | 11 Apr 2024 Report Abuse
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Great,Pays out 90% of the time
Pays out 90% of the time
  alichamba | 11 Apr 2024 Report Abuse
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Often purchases don't track
It happened twice so far that my hotel booking wouldn't track, and I've missed out on 150 £ total cashback. In both cases I literally just opened top cashback, followed the Expedia link, and booked. Customer service is basically non existent, you just open a ticket, wait 3 moths, and then you're told Top cashback couldn't be tracked as last referrer and there's nothing they can do.
  giovanni92 | 08 Apr 2024 Report Abuse
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Good experience
Expedia offer good services/website, competitive cashback and I never had any issues tracking - I have used them multiple times. A time or two maybe it was a bit delayed, but always paid back in the end.
  kostasdel | 06 Apr 2024 Report Abuse
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They always reject your cashback
I booked a 2 week holiday to Thailand via Expedia using TopCashback including flights and accommodation. At the time of booking there was an exclusive offer with Expedia giving an enhanced cashback % - hence me using them to book my whole trip. Despite my Expedia account showing all bookings were made in my itinerary, and TopCashback showing the transaction was logged (without the use of any voucher codes) Expedia have rejected EVERY cashback claim made for this trip. Extremely disappointing as the cashback due from this was significant and I booked via Expedia rather than other merchants due to this cashback offer. I would avoid using Expedia and use other travel agents if you are hoping to receive any a cashback for any holiday bookings.
  chamberlainluke | 24 Mar 2024 Report Abuse
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