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If you are thinking of taking out car insurance with Direct Line and want to see what other TopCashback members have said about them, you should take a look at the feedback you will find below. As well as the speed at which their cashback was paid out, people who have chosen to leave Direct Line Car Insurance reviews have also highlighted such things as the company’s customer service and their competitive quotes. One delighted member said: “Couldn’t be happier with their customer service and, of course, the competitive quote for car insurance.”

Other remarks you will find include “joined Direct Line as they offered the best insurance for me” and “good professional experience, prompt payment of cashback”. You will find plenty of other feedback on the subject of cashback, including comments such as “cashback weeks earlier than expected”, “easy to get cashback with Direct Line insurance” and “cashback received within time frame”. If you take a look at Direct Line Car Insurance review feedback on Trustpilot, you will find it is mixed. However, one customer said: “The customer service team is sincerely the best team of any company in this country. I cannot fault this company in any way.” High praise indeed.

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Direct Line Car Insurance Reviews
friend icon Bought my car insurance 29 May submitted claim 3 July still no cashback. I will not be buying from them again. Cashback can be as high as you like, if you don't pay it. I keep sending nudges to TC but still I don't get any money. Avoid this company unless the basic premium is good and you don't want cashback
  pamsman2 | 28 Dec 2013 Report Abuse
friend icon Waited over 30 weeks hoping cashback would become payable but then logged in to find it had been declined. Have lodged a missing cashback claim as I don't understand what t&cs I haven't met to have it declined but I can't say I'm holding out much hope of actually getting this cashback at all now. Similar story on my DL pet insurance claim...I've waited ages for it to progress but it hasn't got any further and I have a suspicion it is going to go down a similar route. Good job DL were actually good deals for me without the cashback.
  char2609 | 04 Dec 2013 Report Abuse
friend icon Still no cashback. Warning do not use Direct Line as soon as my years up I'm moving. They do not payout on cashback.
  fotoandy | 18 Nov 2013 Report Abuse
friend icon never tracked, submitted claim in June its now November ! not holding my breath !
  vekma | 14 Nov 2013 Report Abuse
friend icon Have had item tracked in May which has had an expected payable term of 26 weeks, however I have just noticed that this has now been changed to 34 weeks. Has anybody else experienced this, I fear it may be another non payment tactic.
  lammy1952 | 31 Oct 2013 Report Abuse
friend icon What does this point in the T&Cs mean? "Cashback is not available on Direct Line car insurance policies paid by annual Direct Debit. Payments in whole or on monthly direct debit are eligible for cashback" Can I pay the whole premium at once by credit card?
  TheStudio | 15 Oct 2013 Report Abuse
friend icon Bought car insurance in February, still waiting for cash back to be confirmed. The insurance was the cheapest only if you get the cash back. Beware you might not receive any cash back, meaning you could pay more than you would by taking insurance out with someone else.
  lesslot | 26 Jul 2013 Report Abuse
  douglas_42 | 23 Jul 2013 Report Abuse
friend icon Has ANYONE had cashback tracked or paid yet please??? My insurance was taken paid through TCB on 8/6/13 and has not even tracked....i raised a Customer Care and it's "on ice" now to 8/9/13...but still NOT showng as tracked. Direct Line notes are: "There is a 3 month validation period from policy start date, after which Direct Line will ensure the policy is active and that all payments due to them have been received. On meeting Direct Line’s criteria, tracked purchases will be confirmed" Anyone tracked/paid please???
  tomba | 18 Jul 2013 Report Abuse
friend icon Why are so many people misunderstanding the T&Cs? To claim your cashback you need to have your TOPCASHBACK account set to BACS payment, you don't have to pay Direct Line by BACS!! Having said that, it's a bit annoying. I have my cashback paid into my Paypal account, that way I can keep it separate from my "everyday" money and use it to treat myself :-)
  Laura4363 | 03 Jul 2013 Report Abuse
friend icon Was interested, but no cashback if you pay all in front / annually, only with monthly payments? Weird! Went somewhere else!
  Kingsmarionville | 26 Jun 2013 Report Abuse
friend icon I think people are misreading the BACS payments statement, this means TopCashback payments to you must be set up for BACS and has nothing to do with how you pay Direct Line for the policy, I hope this helps.
  FunkyMonkey | 22 Jun 2013 Report Abuse
friend icon In reply to dongoprefabsprout above. I think you have misunderstood - the conditions mean that your TopCashBack settings must be to pay YOUR CASHBACK by BACS - not to buy the insurance policy by a BACS transfer.
  livingstonalive | 22 Jun 2013 Report Abuse
friend icon Quote is most competitive, but it seems I can only pay by credit card. No problem, but if Top Cashback insist on withholding cashback unless I pay by BACS, then this is a totally unacceptable situation, and one that surprises me. Who will use this site with these conditions? Regret to say, I'm moving on to someone else. Correct me if I am wrong.
  Padraig | 20 Jun 2013 Report Abuse
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