What type of phone user are you?

iD Mobile

iD from Carphone Warehouse is an exciting new mobile network with a big difference. We’re the first mobile network built around what you actually want. So we’ll listen to you, find out what type of phone user you are, and then offer you a plan that fits perfectly.
So the big question is what type of phone user are you? If you fit into of these groups, then we’ve already come up with a range of plans to suit your lifestyle:

You’re price conscious but want to keep your options open? The Go To plans from iD Mobile could be ideal for you. The GoTo plans are perfect if you’re looking for flexibility and outstanding value with a touch of speed thrown in, they’re available in 12 and 24 month plans with 4G as standard. You can take up this plan on many of the newest phones from the leading manufacturers now.

When you’re buying a phone for your teenager craving the latest handset but don’t want the shock of an unexpected bill at the end of the month the Shock Proof plan is an ideal choice.  These plans come with a £5 cap to allow for times extra allowances may be required but don’t allow for those long phone calls with friends to mount up to that huge bill at the end of the month. They’ll never be able to run up a bill you can’t afford.

If you’re lucky enough to travel abroad a lot then the TakeAway plans from iD Mobile are a great choice for roaming in over 22 countries, including the US and Australia at no extra cost. That way you can keep in touch with family and friends, or report back to the office without the shock of a massive bill on return from your travels.

You’ve already got the phone you want but want to change to a better plan? No worries, with the SIM Only plans from iD mobile you can get a great deal and be as flexible as you like on your one month rolling contract. Check out the plans exclusive to the iD Mobile site and set yourself up on the ideal package for you and your phone now.

The iD App
They’ve also got a fantastic free iD App that helps you manage your iD account even when you’re on the go. It gives you quick and easy access to all your account details, allowing you to stay in complete control at all times.
You can use the app to keep an eye on your usage, buy extra bundles, view your bills, and a whole lot more.
Head over to the iD Mobile site now to see how they can cater for your mobile needs, plus you can also earn exclusive cashback when you take up one of their plans today!

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