Valentine’s Treats Cashback Giveaway

Posted on 26 Jan 2018 Posted in  Games & Toys
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Our Valentine’s Treats Cashback Giveaway kicks off today and brings the return of your favourite little flying friends. Catch our elusive little hummingbirds, and you could win one of over 14,000 instant-win cash prizes worth up to £100, or our top prize of £1,000 cash. So, there’s plenty of treats up for grabs this month as we spread the love.

Here's how to play:
Entering is simple - all you have to do is log in to your TopCashback account (or join if you haven’t got one yet) any time during the competition and look around for our little hummingbirds. They can appear on any page, but to give you a head start we’ll be releasing daily clues that’ll lead you to find one hummingbird each day. Once you’ve caught one there’ll be loads more to find so keep searching…

Each flying hummingbird you catch will gain you one entry in to the mega prize draw to win the top £1,000 prize. Some hummingbirds will also have a festive surprise in their basket – simply find matching items to win the instant win prizes.

Instant win prizes:
There are over 14,000 instant win prizes, which range from £0.10 to £100 each. To win, you'll need to collect between 1 and 4 matching items which some hummingbirds will be carrying around with them (like love letters, roses and so on). As you collect these items they will be added to your Prize Board, and once you’ve got a matching set, your instant win cash will automatically be added to your TopCashback account within 48-72 hours.

Mega prize:
A larger prize is also up for grabs for one lucky member; the ultimate treat of a £1,000 cash prize! (That makes it a combined prize fund of £5,550 up for grabs over the next few weeks.)

Each hummingbird you collect will count as 1 entry into our mega prize giveaway, and at the end of the game we will select one lucky winner at random for the mega prize.

Buy to Win Prizes:
For the duration of the competition there will be a section of Buy to Win retailers in which 5 players get the chance to win £100. If you transact throughout the duration of the game, then you will be entered into a prize draw for a chance to win £100! If you want to increase your chances of winning, then get your friends involved too.

Share your progress on Facebook or send a tweet to gain 5 more entries to the £1,000 MEGA prize. At any time during the competition, you can check your Prize Board to verify the number of entries you've received so far. More entries give you a better chance of winning the final prize. So, keep coming back each day during the 5th February to the 14th February 2018 to collect more treats, increase your chances for instant wins, and gain more entries for the mega prize draw!

The competition will end on the 14th February 2018 at 23:59.

Terms & Conditions Apply

Adams6612 November 2019, 05:00

Have we got to pay to play
Kaison4 March 2018, 16:08 Who's win the prizes
Peter197821 February 2018, 07:51 Who won?
Debra Evans was the lucky winner :)

Best wishes,
cazzy220220 February 2018, 06:15 Can’T find who won?

Debra Evans won this :)

Best wishes,
StefaniaN16 February 2018, 11:46 Who won?
i can confirm Debra Evans won :)

Best wishes,
bethell314 February 2018, 23:33 Good luck everyone
shaunybs3614 February 2018, 19:42 Royal london life insurance
84wojtkowskajolanta14 February 2018, 17:27 Lookfantastic
shaunybs3614 February 2018, 12:24 Watch shop
StefaniaN14 February 2018, 12:09 I have 89 prize draw entries. Still won't win anything :/
O415201614 February 2018, 00:08 To day clue is nasty gal
Good luck is last 23:52 hour
maz91114 February 2018, 00:04 Nasty Gal
bethell313 February 2018, 23:47 I got 29 prize draw entries
millie10013 February 2018, 15:35 Interflora
finlay11021013 February 2018, 13:29 How many prize draw entries has everyone Got?
shaunybs3613 February 2018, 09:32 Pde pde pde :-(
Can't find any hummingbirds anywhere.
I'd like to second what Mel wrote earlier. I found out about TopCashback at the end of november. I have had around 150 cashback. Of which 50 is payable already.
Ocsinberg13 February 2018, 01:44 My valentine bar is not loading... No tip, and no record of what I had so far... Can't even see if it is still on. Has it stopped now?
O415201613 February 2018, 01:11 I love to win this time :) good lucky to everyone
maz91113 February 2018, 00:18 Euroffice
maz91112 February 2018, 22:56 Snapfish
bethell312 February 2018, 22:37 Anyone found any?
Mickeycharles12 February 2018, 22:26 To the guy who wrote about TopCashBack not paying. I can understand you find it frustrating, but let me reassure you that TopCashBack are genuine and legitimate. I have earned £400 here so far and had it paid in full. I recommend all my friends and family here. It is one of the best sites I have ever belonged to. Ok so it may take a little longer for some Cashback sites, but be reassured you will get every penny of what you have earned.

I truly have so much to thank for Topcashback helping me to be able to afford Christmas and birthdays that I may not always have been able to afford in the past. It is a wonderful website and these competitions are just a little extra. Don't be too disappointed if you don't win. You have already won by signing up for TopCashback. Thanks to all the TopCashback team.
Kayleigh199412 February 2018, 20:04 😊
Rabia yasir12 February 2018, 12:58 Just won £0.20 lol
tahira78612 February 2018, 12:48 Just give us all an iphone x
zoenutter11 February 2018, 15:05 Cool
elizabethdocarmo11 February 2018, 13:49 Pde, pde, pde, pde.... Utter joke of a competition.

bethell311 February 2018, 00:24 Look fantastic
bethell311 February 2018, 00:23 Looklovely
10 February 2018, 17:53 Lovely
10 February 2018, 17:53 Lovely
bethell310 February 2018, 09:32 Talk talk give me entry to 1,000 mega prize draw
finlay11021010 February 2018, 08:41 Now tv
finlay11021010 February 2018, 08:39 Now tv
TBayley8610 February 2018, 01:58 When did this start? Does anyone know where I can find old daily clues s
bethell310 February 2018, 00:23 Talk talk give me entry to 1,000 draw
burzunm9 February 2018, 20:04 Boohoo
Melville889 February 2018, 12:46 Clarks
claireeaston7098 February 2018, 23:36 I accidentally hid the competition. Any ideas how to get it back
If this is done clearing cookies and cache can help bring it back :)

Best wishes,
Member2584277141078 February 2018, 19:44 Wow
Member2584277141078 February 2018, 19:43 Wow
quinlami8 February 2018, 18:45 Pde, pde, pde, pde....
To be honest I would prefer to receive a "sorry you did not win anything this time" than the annoying pde pop up.
For goodness sake change this up.

Vicky11898 February 2018, 17:54 Found a humming bird in buyagift
Melville888 February 2018, 17:34 Found birds on these:

M&M direct

Ahmedsife8 February 2018, 14:18 #Top
Pauleenca8 February 2018, 07:42 Feelunique.Com
kareem6668 February 2018, 00:59 Great
Gabriela867 February 2018, 18:50 Sounds good👍🏻
burzunm7 February 2018, 12:17 Jd sports is hiding a wee hummingbird today :)
lynsgarden7 February 2018, 09:07 Nothing but pde's Why do I bother! I think that if we manage to find a bird we should get a prize, however small. Pde's always feel like a disappointment for me.
Hi Lyn,

Thanks for your feedback - who knows one day you may be the lucky winner of the prize draw :)

If every Hummingbird had to contain a prize we couldn't display as many hummingbirds as we do currently which we do not feel would make it as fun to play.

Best wishes,
Pauleenca7 February 2018, 07:30 John greed jewellery
Jceps5706 February 2018, 23:25 Hoping that my debt free year goal is helped by just a little extra
Corvin326 February 2018, 18:51 The grand prize can be my Valentine TopCashback i'll show it a right romantic vday
Mundicman6 February 2018, 17:44 Humming bird banner is not appearing at the bottom and my popup blocker is turned off for this site. I"m using Macbook if thats any help
Please ensure you are all logged in as this will display for all members.

Clearing cookies and cache can help too.

Best wishes,
1manfromthemoon6 February 2018, 15:45 Hello I would like to know what is happening with my 15 pound cashback claim. 2 weeks ago I took advantage of your offer. And shortly after I purchased something from very. The 2.08p from very went in no probs. 2 weeks later and still no sign of my 15 pounds. If this is a sign of things to come I will not be using your site again.
If you submit a support ticket our customer service team will be sure to look into this for you.

Best wishes,
Teri8016 February 2018, 13:32 Anyone found any
stephendavies706 February 2018, 11:37 Just won a £1 looks like a night out then
Member10254152947385 February 2018, 21:11 Fantastico 🤞
Toptuxedo5 February 2018, 19:30 Fingers crossed x
Linek5 February 2018, 19:24 👌
Member10528936672065 February 2018, 18:24 Would be great to win
Teri8015 February 2018, 18:16 Cant see the hummingbird from the app have to log in from my computer
The app will not display the game or the Hummingbirds I am afriad.

Best wishes,
missalp5 February 2018, 16:21 Ernest Jones
Iwoneczek5 February 2018, 16:08 Wow
GregO5 February 2018, 15:37 Hummingbirds are not working on iphone :-(
Please make sure you are not trying this on the app as it will not work.

Please also ensure you are all logged in and viewing

Best wishes,
marmitehater5 February 2018, 15:11 Got me humming "come fly with me" that
Cruise_Daddy5 February 2018, 13:30 Yet to see one of these mythical birds. Do they exist......
They do exist :) If you solve the daily clue it will take you to find one.

Best wishes,
Doodge22035 February 2018, 12:50 Wooohooow
Member3437201460015 February 2018, 12:39 Would be lovely to win
Benson175 February 2018, 10:16 👍
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