The Samsung Galaxy S4 is here

Posted on 18 Mar 2013 Posted in  Cashback Diary

The much anticipated arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is here!

On Thursday night Samsung put on a show worthy of the hype at New York’s Radio City Music Hall and Times Square but what does the S4 bring to the highly competitive smartphone market?

I’ve picked out 3 of the features we feel set it apart from the big rivals and explain why Samsung have created the first mobile phone version of the hybrid car…

Samsung Galaxy S4


The first thing you notice, and you really can’t miss it, is the massive 5 inch screen! The 1080x1920 resolution screen with 441ppi leaves images looking crisp, clear and quite frankly stunning, the only thing that beats it is the new HTC One, but don’t let that sway you just yet.

(“What does PPI mean”, “Why are you talking about Payment Protection Insurance” I hear you say? It stands for Pixels Per Inch, meaning the Galaxy has quite a few pixels in their screen, creating an improved image!)

So, now you’ve got this big, beautiful screen, you’re going to need something pretty good to show off on it right? Well, Samsung are with you, the new Samsung Galaxy S4 will feature a 13MP camera, which is pretty much the best on the market and will complement the screen perfectly. Meaning you can snap pictures and then marvel at them on the big screen, your only problem will be finding things good enough to take pictures of. We don’t want to see 13MP images of your dinner on Facebook/Instagram though, so get creative!


Is probably not something you really think about when buying your new phone but you’ll notice the difference when you use the S4. In Europe, the new Galaxy S4 will feature a never seen before, Octal-core processor, THAT’s EIGHT CORES, where most other smartphones have four! So that makes it twice as fast as other phones right? Unfortunately not, but the eight cores are a really clever way of making the phone more powerful, as well as keeping a battery life of more than 5 seconds, here’s why…

The S4 will have 4, high performance, super chips if you will, ideal for 3D gaming, multi-tasking or video streaming. These little guys provide 1.6GHz of processing power which should be enough for the impressive games you may have seen advertised with the S4.

The other 4 cores are low-voltage cores which will be used for the simple tasks on the phone, thus using less power when it’s not needed. Clever right? Samsung have come up with the mobile phone equivalent of the hybrid car! This sounds pretty dull but it should make for much longer phone life!

Special Features

So more speed and a better screen are pretty cool and certainly a good reason to think about purchasing the new Galaxy S4 but you kind of expect these improvements with new phones. So, what got us really excited about the new S4 were its cool, innovative new features.

Smart Pause

Ever been watching a film, someone calls you and OOPS, you’ve now got to rewind 5 minutes as you’ve just missed a vital part of plot? Well, even if you haven’t Samsung have come up with an ingenious way of ending this problem forever.

Samsung’s new Smart Pause will automatically pause a movie when the you look away from the screen and then play again when you return your gaze to the screen. Apparently you can also use this feature to scroll on the device using just your eyes. WOW

We’re yet to try this clever new toy but we wonder if it was a problem in the first place and could this have annoying consequences if it’s not done properly? What do you think? If it works we’d have to put our hands up and say “Well done Samsung”.

Air View/Gesture

Samsung Air Gesture

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will allow you to control your phone without actually touching it. No, it’s not a Siri copy, this isn’t voice control, you can use “gestures” to navigate your phone. Simply, swipe your hand and you change track. Want to accept a call without fiddling around with your ice cold, winter hands? Simply “gesture” at it and you’re on the phone with Bob.

We think this is a pretty cool new trick and really sets it apart from the other phones on the market. If you want to read how we feel the Samsung compares with the iPhone 5 and how you should decide click here!

Samsung Galaxy S4 Cashback

Samsung is yet to release a price for the new Galaxy S4 and let’s face it, for us deal hunters this is likely to be a large factor in our decisions to purchase the new phone. The release is expected to be in April so once the phone hits the shops we’ll be updating you on the Blog, ForumFacebook and Twitter with our latest S4 cashback rates and the best deals and tariffs we can find!

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