Summer Treats Cashback Giveaway 2018

Posted on 11 Jun 2018 Posted in  Top Games

We've turned up the heat this week and boosted our prize fund by an extra £5,000, meaning we've added a further 15,000+ instant win prizes!

So be sure to visit the website until the 1st July to pick up some summer treats and be in with a chance of winning a £3,000 prize! The Summer Treats will be carried by a fun-loving flying Humingbird carrying a summer gift. Click on the gift and a summer treat will appear! With over 4,500 brands on site, who knows where you might discover these tasty treats. This game also comes with an added twist in which 10 players get the chance to win £100! Take a peek below at exactly how you can be in with a chance to make this a spectacular special…

Here's how to play:

Entering is simple - log in to your TopCashback account (or join if you haven’t got one yet) any time during the competition and look around for our little hummingbirds. They can appear on any page, but to give you a head start we’ll be releasing daily clues that’ll lead you to find one hummingbird each day. Once you’ve caught one there’ll be loads more to find so keep searching…

Instant win prizes:

There are over 58,000 instant win prizes, which range from £0.10 to £100 each. To win, you'll need to collect between 1 and 4 matching summer surprises which some hummingbirds will be carrying around with them. As you collect these items they will be added to your Prize Board, and once you’ve got a matching set, your instant win cash will automatically be added to your TopCashback account within 48-72 hours.

Mega prize:

A larger prize is also up for grabs for one lucky member; the ultimate treat of a £3,000 cash prize!

Buy to Win Prizes:

For the duration of the competition there will be a section of Buy to Win retailers in which 10 players get the chance to win £100. If you transact throughout the duration of the game then you will be entered into a prize draw for a chance to win £100! If you want to increase your chances of winning, then get your friends involved too.

Share your progress on Facebook or send a tweet to gain 5 more entries to the £3,000 MEGA prize. At any time during the competition, you can check your Prize Board to verify the number of entries you've received so far. More entries give you a better chance of winning the final prize. So, keep coming back each day during the 11th June to the 1st July 2018 to collect more treats, increase your chances for instant wins, and gain more entries for the mega prize draw!

The competition will end on 1st July 2018 at 23:59.

Terms & Conditions Apply

the_phoo06 Jul 18 - 19:06I purchased something through Groupon during the promotion and it failed to track meaning I lost out on the "buy to win" entry. I think the system needs to be changed because it's not a fair one of people are legitimately purchasing items and not getting the benefits promised to them from TCB.
indianajon02 Jul 18 - 00:52Now lost one of my prize draw entries as well. Swiz!
indianajon02 Jul 18 - 00:49Make that seven! Clock is obviously wrong as I mentioned last week
indianajon02 Jul 18 - 00:43Had 5 humming birds tonight all with the message 'Ooops something went wrong, try again later'. Still time showing on the countdown clock so what's going on?
lynsgarden01 Jul 18 - 23:04I have spent the last 5 days working my way through the a-z list of Merchants that are available on the site. I have won 10p and 20p and got 62 Prize Draw Entries. I need one symbol each for £5, £10, £20, £100. There were 3 merchants I couldn't open ... I shan't be bothering to do this again! Perhaps I might win the Prize Draw!
lynsgarden01 Jul 18 - 22:54I have spent about 5 days working my way through the a-z list of Merchants available on the site. I had an instant win of 10p and 20p and 62 Prize Draw Entries, I am one symbol short of £5, £10, £20 and £100. There were 3 merchants that I couldn't open the links to.... I shan't bother to do it again! But maybe I might win the Prize Draw!
GoonersGo01 Jul 18 - 21:07Don't know how many times i've played this game, never won more than 20p. Am 1 short on 3 of the bigger prizes!
Try Euroffice , Hoppa and River Island though seems to be different for everyone!
Darren_Rogers01 Jul 18 - 19:32...On Booking.Com
louisevcomber01 Jul 18 - 10:35Found one on Zavvi
rajeevtimes01 Jul 18 - 02:42Got one on traveloge
Ryansinclair8501 Jul 18 - 00:53Allbeauty com
Ryansinclair8501 Jul 18 - 00:51Allbeauty.Com
daddyoffour01 Jul 18 - 00:201/7 clue All beauty
Member66261744570430 Jun 18 - 17:23So I hope 🤞🏼 Posting the hummingbirds i’Ve found so far to help other 😁
Dell inspirations Gaming. FitFlop. Marks & Spencer. MandM Direct. Paddy Power. AccorHotels. Hope this helps other 😁
Kirsty061430 Jun 18 - travel insurance
Kirsty061430 Jun 18 - 08:10Just found one on confused.Com
the_phoo30 Jun 18 - 00:31Carphone warehouse
rooneal30 Jun 18 - 00:30Carphone warehouse todays clue
Kirsty061430 Jun 18 - 00:10Carphone warehouse
Kirsty061430 Jun 18 - 00:09Carphone warehouse 😊
Bridgyboo30 Jun 18 - 00:05Lorry phone shed? 😆
Foxymax29 Jun 18 - 10:02Thank you so much Topcashback, I have won £1.30, its the most I have ever won and wanted to say Thank You. Great website.
Papaya1429 Jun 18 - 00:39Elemis :-)
Magzy9929 Jun 18 - 00:23Elemis ... Morse code
Bridgyboo29 Jun 18 - 00:14Try Elemis today x
daveuk8429 Jun 18 - 00:05Elemis
Bridgyboo28 Jun 18 - 21:36Pde in Clarkes. I'd love a sun tho if anyone can find one ... Or a bikini? 😆
amsonline28 Jun 18 - 20:54One in George
smahtani28 Jun 18 - 12:15Hummingbird on loveholidays.Com
Magzy9928 Jun 18 - 09:10Mine is still loading but thanks to those who managed to get it... Paddypower. ..I got it but only a free draw lol ... Cheers
SamSme28 Jun 18 - 09:01Today's is PaddyPower!
colorblind200828 Jun 18 - 08:53Regal Wins
Semiprofungus1028 Jun 18 - 08:38The clue is working again. Something about the luck of the Irish and betting
clairesy28 Jun 18 - 08:38Clue loaded for me, it’S Paddypower
rooneal28 Jun 18 - 08:37Paddypower
rooneal28 Jun 18 - 08:11Same for me continously loading ......
Alandis28 Jun 18 - 07:26Anyone managed to get the question? Lots of technical issues this time.. Maybe game should be extended a bit? 🙏🏻🤞🏻
Magzy9928 Jun 18 - 07:00Just loading for me also
colzi8728 Jun 18 - 05:26Todays clue is just loading for me too :(
Turtle201828 Jun 18 - 01:4828/6/2018 daily clue
Turtle201828 Jun 18 - 01:45Anybody else having trouble with the daily clue not loading been waiting since midnight but it just says Loading :/ X
daddyoffour27 Jun 18 - 22:51
oopse10027 Jun 18 - 22:40I've never seen any birds on app. Probably website only.
jameson99927 Jun 18 - 19:19There's one on direct line car insurance.
Sarah31018327 Jun 18 - 14:42Is this game on the app or just the website please?
oopse10027 Jun 18 - 09:23Mandm
The hut
LittleByLittle27 Jun 18 - 07:23Today's clue is m and m direct
Magzy9927 Jun 18 - 06:19Mandm direct x
jameson99927 Jun 18 - 02:55Found another on mandmdirect.Com
chxrrsy27 Jun 18 - 01:20I have been getting only pde for a whole week....
carmancarman26 Jun 18 - 22:49Found one on dreams
Alandis26 Jun 18 - 20:05I’Ve just cleared my cookies and down loaded the app and all my pictures and my 10 p win has disappeared gutted! 😖
SamSme26 Jun 18 - 18:03Now tv today...
rose6826 Jun 18 - 15:22Really lol ve TopCashback 100%
rokeeffe26 Jun 18 - 15:06Just waiting for one more
Rose_8426 Jun 18 - 08:56How many PDEs do everyone have?
jankowski526 Jun 18 - 06:41Found a bird on ao.Com
daddyoffour26 Jun 18 - 01:1026/6 clue is asos
Shannon198526 Jun 18 - 00:35Daily clue for the 26th is asos
qazaq25 Jun 18 - 22:56Just won a bikini on Figleaves. Great, I thought, I already have two so only one more for the £100 prize. But I when I checked the board I still have only two. Also the pop-up (You have collected a new Summer Treat) says find X3 to win £5 cash. The £5 prize is starfish. I don't have any starfish. Is there a problem putting the correct treats on the board?
Homer61625 Jun 18 - 21:26I also got one on Debenhams travel... It didn't help me win anything though lolbut one step closer... Cheers
Bev09825 Jun 18 - 19:25Found one on Debenhams travel
daveuk8425 Jun 18 - 16:04Nice.Found 2x flipflops today... Won 20p ... Won already 10p and 50p...
That's 80p.... Good because somehow 40p disappeared from my "Confirmed" section and never moved into "payable"... So 40p profit :) lol... Heading shops;)
shirlsky25 Jun 18 - 13:36The same thing happened to my pc. I can only play the game on my mobile now
indianajon25 Jun 18 - 13:11The clock that records the time you get the daily clue appears to be an hour fast!
Foxymax25 Jun 18 - 12:47I love TopCashback, great idea for a website, its great to get cash back when I buy, its a great way to save money, thanks TopCashback, love the competition too.
Foxymax25 Jun 18 - 12:34I love your website, thanks for the competition and that I get cash back when I spend, its a great idea and helps me save money - brilliant.
Member44596578130725 Jun 18 - 11:57Tassimo
daddyoffour25 Jun 18 - 11:05Found a bird on Euro carparts
jankowski525 Jun 18 - 01:29Jd Sports
rooneal25 Jun 18 - 00:15Jd sport & I got a 50p win on ice cream cones in the game.
Kazr197825 Jun 18 - 00:10Harvey's & Uniqlo
foxy071124 Jun 18 - 23:15I haven't been able to participate in these competitions for a long time (since last year in fact) as I no longer see the competition banner that used to appear at the bottom of the screen - I haven't changed any settings on my mac book, the banner just stopped appearing and never came back despite logging off and logging back in to TopCashback again each time I use my mac book - any tips / Ideas on how I can get the banner back please?
Hey foxy0711,

Make sure you are logged in and visiting TopCashback uk and not us. In addition, make sure you are not trying to view the game on the app as this will not work.

If all this is ok, I would advise clearing cookies and cache before logging in the next time.

Best wishes,
Ryansinclair8524 Jun 18 - 00:28Marks and spencer
Bridgyboo23 Jun 18 - 22:25Try ebuyer... Just got a sun. I need some more pictures if anyone has any sites pls x
LittleByLittle23 Jun 18 - 22:08Found one Policy Expert Home Insurance & One Harvey's
Bev09823 Jun 18 - 13:55Just found one on ao.Com
rooneal23 Jun 18 - 00:12Currys
rooneal23 Jun 18 - 00:00Grow Gorgeous
rooneal22 Jun 18 - 23:54Dell & British gas
rooneal22 Jun 18 - 23:53Just got 2
British gas
carmancarman22 Jun 18 - 17:59Found one on scs
jameson99922 Jun 18 - 16:29Morse code.You need good eyes for that.Yeah got my humming from flip flop.
Magzy9922 Jun 18 - 06:45I definitely wouldn't have got that one x
carmancarman22 Jun 18 - 06:12Thank you for today's clues answer.Would Definately not have got that !
Bridgyboo22 Jun 18 - 00:17Morse code = Fitflop x
rooneal22 Jun 18 - 00:05Got one on ebay
carmancarman21 Jun 18 - 22:09One on travel lodge
oopse10021 Jun 18 - 18:59Thanks
carmancarman21 Jun 18 - 13:38Found one on gap
carmancarman21 Jun 18 - 10:37Found one on accessorize
Beny89521 Jun 18 - 02:14Great
Ryansinclair8521 Jun 18 - 00:54Figleaves
rooneal21 Jun 18 - 00:11Figleaves
rooneal20 Jun 18 - 22:10Got one on Groupon.
rooneal20 Jun 18 - 22:08Groupon
smahtani20 Jun 18 - 08:11Today's clue is Accorhotels
Donny2120 Jun 18 - 07:58Accorhotels
jinjamatt20 Jun 18 - 07:50Accorhotels is the anagram
+ One on lookfantastic
Magzy9920 Jun 18 - 07:34I thought today's clue was chocolatiers. ..But there's no "i"... Lol... Sorry
rooneal20 Jun 18 - 00:44Anyone get the clue for today?
Bridgyboo19 Jun 18 - 21:18Bathstore
Bridgyboo19 Jun 18 - 21:09Aviva
carmancarman19 Jun 18 - 18:00Another One found on the works.Thank you to everyone who puts up where that found the hummingbirds as I don't have Twitter or fb to look for clues etc (or whatever I would be looking for)
carmancarman19 Jun 18 - 11:00Found one on blacks
rooneal19 Jun 18 - 08:16Travel supermarket
rooneal19 Jun 18 - 00:55The hut
jameson99919 Jun 18 - 00:44The hut
Bridgyboo18 Jun 18 - 21:32Sainsbury
Member61714014300018 Jun 18 - 14:38Dell Inspiron Gaming
SamSme18 Jun 18 - 14:10Morethan
rooneal18 Jun 18 - 00:10Eyeko
dawndoubleyou17 Jun 18 - 21:58Mac Cosmetics
suzydaisy17 Jun 18 - 16:28Thanks for that I would never have got todays daily clue without you!
Unfortunately none of the other stores mentioned worked for me, funny how it seems to act differently for everyone. Grrrr!
Did you all get an e mail to say that this summer treat was on, I did not even know it was.
Member44596578130717 Jun 18 - 11:51Dell inspiron gaming uk
ang040817 Jun 18 - 10:26Found a hummingbird on Expedia today
tonyamandalogan17 Jun 18 - 10:10It's a great free way of keeping interest in the site. Yes this site has alot of issues with lost cashback but overall I live it! Couldn't recommend it highly enough.
martydud7417 Jun 18 - 09:34About Dell Inspiron Gaming uk
rooneal17 Jun 18 - 09:15Expedia
carmancarman17 Jun 18 - 08:39And one on Clarks !
carmancarman17 Jun 18 - 08:33One found on eurocarparts
Magzy9917 Jun 18 - 08:25Dell inspiron gaming uk... Good luck
martydud7417 Jun 18 - 07:43Dell Inspiron Gaming 😎😎😎
bagabarg16 Jun 18 - 21:32Glossybox for a treat
SamSme16 Jun 18 - today!
carmancarman16 Jun 18 - 17:43Uniqlo and Dunelm found hummingbirds on today
Donny2116 Jun 18 - 07:59Illamasqua
carmancarman15 Jun 18 - 18:03Thank you to everyone who puts sites up where they have found hummingbirds.Today I also found one on buyagift.Com.
Good luck to all
rooneal15 Jun 18 - 07:06Mio skincare
rooneal14 Jun 18 - 23:22Pcworld
rooneal14 Jun 18 - 22:24What answers for todays clue pls
elfie_pops14 Jun 18 - 17:12How are people finding them? I've spent a while browsing but not much luck
rooneal14 Jun 18 - 08:46Got one on ebay today
Member125639853394913 Jun 18 - 22:57On comments page
MichSHELLLL13 Jun 18 - 20:02How many birds can you collect daily?
I found one on the free cash my survey page.
Member66251093763613 Jun 18 - 15:04Smart comp - good luck......
SamSme13 Jun 18 - 14:47Today's Daily clue is Glossybox & I've won a £1 !!!
sallbee7413 Jun 18 - 11:59Enjoy & Good Luck 🍀
SeanFace13 Jun 18 - 10:35Good luck everyone!
timbers7512 Jun 18 - 21:56Fab
baribil12 Jun 18 - 19:46Nothing works! No birds!
zaneciorek00712 Jun 18 - 18:24Great game😁
Magzy9912 Jun 18 - 13:16I got it on Go Compare. .. Good luck
daz240812 Jun 18 - 12:15Go Big reminds me of Argos, 'Go Big Go Argos' but its not argos, do looking at the clue again, and the letter to the right, I spotted 'ao' and that has a hummingbird.
scorppy200012 Jun 18 - 11:48Party!!!!! Just won 10p....Hahahaha
C13stw11 Jun 18 - 23:11Amazing just chill in hot tub yeeha!
Lynnxxx311 Jun 18 - 22:08Nice prize
Suzyblue52 11 Jun 18 - 20:40Roll up roll up everyone should be a winner
syamsul11 Jun 18 - 20:30It one of the gorgeous
syamsul11 Jun 18 - 20:24Got one at booking.Com
DavidBoro310511 Jun 18 - 19:21Nothing coming up for me either
Toggip11 Jun 18 - 19:10Time for some summer fun
Smartyuk11 Jun 18 - 18:54I always manage to win at least 10p. Come on its a free game afterall :-)
shefchef11 Jun 18 - 18:20Grow gorgeous
Sepulchasm11 Jun 18 - 17:44I've accidentally hidden the Summer Treat popup - how do I get it back?
Matt_Betts11 Jun 18 - 17:10George Asda
sbantten1711 Jun 18 - 16:37Cant find nothing
Patrick_R_W11 Jun 18 - 16:30Well I do draw should be open to all... As I did not use Facebook
Angel_mum_11 Jun 18 - 16:18Look out for the humming bird 😎
mrchakotay11 Jun 18 - 15:44It isn't a scam; the hovering humming bird appears randomly, and sometimes on selected sites when clicking the link on TopCashback. I made 10 pence by clicking on it today and found a beachball but in the past won £1. Better than a kick in the behind, I suppose!
BazzaK11 Jun 18 - 15:26Plants do it - Grow
Another word for beautiful - Gorgeous
BazzaK11 Jun 18 - 15:20Plants do it. - Grow
Another word for beautiful in the top line of the word search - Gorgeous
alexfran11 Jun 18 - 15:09Ready for the holidays 🤗
JulieKelly1411 Jun 18 - 14:39I remember clicking on a whizzy bird last time and nothing happened- no prize!
devilangel11 Jun 18 - 14:29Let's have it
Alley Cooper 11 Jun 18 - 13:44How do I play
Kel_xxx_7411 Jun 18 - 13:27I love looking out for the humming birds.😊
20penelope11 Jun 18 - 12:23Totally baffled!!! Cannot see nothing!!! Either this is a scam or step by step guide is certainly a must!!!
Certainly no scam here just a fun and quirky competition / Game.

If you need any help please be sure to drop us a support ticket.

Best wishes,
trevorp111 Jun 18 - 12:18Great.
mark019111 Jun 18 - 12:01Really
Lounda0111 Jun 18 - 11:50Let's get playing
foxyfoxy11 Jun 18 - 11:43Love Top Cashback x