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Sea of Thieves Sandbox

Ahoy ye salty sea dogs! In the last post we spoke a bit about the different ships you can set sail in and some tips for the new pirate. In this post, we’ll have a dive into the rich world of Sea of Thieves.

With the sandbox nature of the game, your interactions with the world, and those with other players and ships will be unpredictable and different. Will you join with other crews to form a makeshift armada, will you hunt for treasure by solving riddles with your crew, play the role of a trader for the Merchant’s Alliance, or of course be the ship that proudly displays the Jolly Rodger and strikes fear into the hearts of others? Every journey is a roll of the dice…


The world of Sea of Thieves compromises of three distinct areas, each with their own look and feel.

The Shores of Plenty – this area of the map is your classic Pirates of the Caribbean setting. The ocean is a stunning array of blues and turquoise – the islands have soft white beaches with palm trees swaying in the wind as red parrots let fly from their branches. The water is also calmer, so it’s a good place to get to grips with your ship and crew. It isn’t all sun and games though – there are plenty of reefs and ship wrecks to keep an eye out for that can rip out the bottom of your ship if you’re not careful!

Sea of Thieves ship next to an island

The Wilds – you’ll know when you sail into this area of the map. The skies will darken and become overcast and air will take on a darker, dirtier hue. The sea becomes choppier, and there are plenty of sharp and aggressive rocks to steer clear of and often make for quite strategic naval battles. The islands themselves feel less forgiving, the plant life is withering and abandoned out boats speak volumes as to their foreboding nature.

The Ancient Isles – think Indiana Jones and you’re on the right track. The islands are riddles with caverns, dense foliage (perfect for sneaking up on unsuspecting crews) and plenty of ruins of long gone ancient civilizations full of secrets to explore.

Wreck diving

As well as the islands, there are plenty of ship wrecks to explore. Highlighted by floating barrels or by a flock of birds circling overhead, these wrecks are a great place to stock up on supplies and most importantly, are often home to long forgotten treasure chests and ornaments to add to your loot. But beware…whilst the sea may look inviting, beware the hungry sharks that patrol these wrecks and of course make sure you don’t run out of breath!


The Sea of Thieves has not only attracted it’s fair share of pirates in search of riches to it’s shores, but also a good group of enterprising folk keen to make a name for themselves in the world.

There are 3 different trading companies in which you can accept voyages from. As you complete quests with your crew you level up with these companies and in doing so unlock higher level quests that will test your metal! When you purchase a quest, you will need to vote upon it in the captain’s quarters on the ship.

The Gold Hoarders – these shifty fellows task you and your crew with finding buried treasure in the world. Some maps are simply marked with an X, others are riddles which bring the crew together for a good head scratching. You will need to find the location of the islands by shape or name on your ship’s map on the mid deck – don’t forget to relay directions to the crew member steering the ship!

gold hoarder

The Order of Souls – These chaps are a mysterious lot who deal in the arts of magic. They’ll ask you to seek and defeat evil pirate captains. Prepare for a fight, and once victorious you’ll need to bring back their skull…not as creepy as it sounds I assure you!

The Merchant Alliance – these savvy traders have come to control trade in the Sea of Thieves. They have lists as long as your arm of supplies that need delivering to certain outposts, by a certain time! You will need to catch animals and find cargo in the world and deliver by the set time…all whilst protecting your cargo en route. You will need to keep the pigs fed and the snakes charmed with a good shanty if they are to survive the voyage! Of course, all cargo is tangible…and so can easily fall into the hands of pirate crews or go down with the ship!

sea of thieves cargo

Sea of Thieves launches on March 20th, and don’t forget, as of right now, you can get a swash buckling 20% exclusive cashback from Argos! Get ready to sail on your own adventure!

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