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Posted on 20 May 2011 Posted in  Tips & Updates

As the Biggest Free Cashback Website, Top Cashback is always one step ahead of the game at bringing our members the best new cashback innovations! We were delighted to announce that Apps for the iPhone and Windows phones were available back in December, just in time for Christmas! After the popularity of these Apps, we thought it only fair to bring you a whole new Tool to play with....

We are now proud to be the first cashback site to offer a CashBack App for the Android Phone to our members. It gives you all the fantastic benefits of Top Cashback at your finger tips just like the iPhone app. This means that you will always be sure to get what you want at the price you want. The App is also available for download on any Android tablet device too! You don't need a new account, get started straight away by simply using your existing Top Cashback login details. Download Cashback Android App Now!

Now it's here, we hope you will enjoy using it and that it helps you get the most out of being a Top Cashback member. See something you like when you're out and about? Wonder if you can get it for less through Top Cashback? Well now you can whip out your Android phone, iPhone or Windows phone; locate the merchant and the cashback rate - on the spot! This way you can be sure that you are never missing out on cashback again. Simply search on your phone in the same way as you do at home on your PC or laptop. You can even order your goods there and then through your phone. This allows you to combine the benefits of going shopping, such as being able to try clothes on for size, with the benefits of online shopping and being able to use Top Cashback. Download TopCashBack Apps Now!

You can also check your account overview and recent transactions whilst on the move! This means you can keep a beady eye on your cashback and show your friends and family when they don't believe how much cashback you have earned! We have even put in a featured merchant section, highlighting some of our fantastic cashback offers currently available.

Get your Android phone, iPhone or Wndows phone up to date, and download the Top CashBack Apps Now!

We'd love to hear your feedback on all of the Apps, what you like, what you don't and anything you think we could do to improve. We want to make it as easy to use as we can, so you can get the most benefit from using it!

As this is our first ever app, if you have any problems, please send us an enquiry letting us know what phone/tablet/version you're using and we'll try and get any issues resolved in a new version. In addition to iPhone, and Windows Phone, we will try to support as many Android V2.0+ platforms as as we can.


The Top Cashback Team

scunio24 May 11 - 21:08Hi there,

I can't download this from the webpage as my phone is only Android 1.5 but I can't find it via a Market search on my phone either... Any search term advice??

Also Symbian, Windows and other mobiles interfaces account for under 4% Of market share, Blackberry os 16% Apple iOS 28% And Android 53%.

Apple iOS has largest return on App revenue though at 50%, Android 39%, Blackberry 9% And others inc Windows and Symbian 2%.

Report by Millennial Media 19 May 2011.

Hope that helps Symians! :)
24 May 11 - 10:35Sorry guys, might be nice to have. However, as long as you miss out webos. No chance!
24 May 11 - 08:31+1 vote for a request to make the app available for the nokia symbian platform.
23 May 11 - 22:56Works really well on my htc Desire.
Shaheel23 May 11 - 14:04Which is a real shame
23 May 11 - 11:56Works great, and App2SD works in the latest version too:)
fa199622 May 11 - 09:29Has anyone managed to get this to download this for the Xperia X10 Mini Pro?
DanHar70721 May 11 - 22:31Seems that this doesn't support htc wildfire. (It's not found in my android market.) PLease can you test on a wildfire and open it up.
cashback221 May 11 - 08:49Another vote for a Blackberry App. Congratulations on the Andriod App. Cornered the market!
andrew2k1221 May 11 - 00:42Thanks for the apps but please dont forget that most mobile users in the world use nokia smart phones I am one of them!

Nearly 1 billion people use Nokia so im just wondering whats the problem in creating an app for us?

I dont mean to seem rude but its totally unfair that you are creating apps for all the other mobile operating systems but not for symbian phones, have you gone anti nokia and samsung?

Its not just TopCashback most sites create apps for all the other makes but forget that Nokia have the biggest user base in the world. It just annoys me that great customers like myself and many others are forgotten during your apple iphone and google android crusade.
maxtweenie20 May 11 - 23:32On my htc Desire.
lee238120 May 11 - 21:17Runs Great on Samsung Galaxy s 2. Really handy App to have on my phone...
Dazz28520 May 11 - 20:38Downloaded it and it won't let me log in. Keeps saying invalid user name or password...
Steve0820 May 11 - 17:44Why not?
Baldbazza20 May 11 - 17:16Downloaded fine a couple of times (via Android Market and browser) but every time I tried to start it I got a 'Force Close' error.
Speedy20 May 11 - 16:59Thanks, i've been looking forward to this. Top Banana !
auditbabe20 May 11 - 16:00What about Blackberry users? Please xx