Helping our HEROES- The Update


It seems almost a lifetime ago that the UK population was asked to ‘Stay Home to Save Lives.’ As we are all aware, since then (three months ago if you can believe it) the NHS and its key workers have worked day and night, putting their own lives at risk in order to rescue and treat thousands of people.

As mentioned in a previous blog, many organisations and individuals have been showing their gratitude for their health service in lots of different ways. Whether it be taking part in the weekly clap, giving free or discounted goods for NHS staff, or donating monetary contributions to associated NHS charities, it has been encouraging to see so many of us appreciate their unparalleled level of diligence and selflessness.

You may recall that we talked about doing our bit too. Back in April, we pledged to match any donations made by our members to the HEROES charity. HEROES rely on contributions from donors, volunteers and partners to help the frontline NHS staff.

We’re absolutely delighted to say that, because of the generosity of you, our members, we have reached an amazing sum of £18,000. We’d like to say a huge, heartfelt thank you to everyone who donated their cashback to this fantastic cause.

HEROES Co-founder Dr Dominic Pimenta says: “At HEROES we are constantly humbled and inspired by the generosity of individuals and organisations during this national health crisis. From enabling HEROES to fund the production of much needed PPE to offering NHS staff small financial grants - it's support like TopCashback and their members that means we can go that much further to help NHS staff in the fight against COVID-19.”

Fairness and generosity are at the heart of TopCashback’s ethos, which is why we will always provide our members with the option of paying out their cashback to a charity of their choice. For those of you who would like to donate to HEROES or any other not for profit organisation, simply follow the steps on our original blog.

For more information on HEROES, please visit.

markham198116 Jul 20 - 12:44 Not all heroes wear capes
harley4916 Jul 20 - 10:35 Fabulous! Xxx
Member58871466291816 Jul 20 - 09:52 Cap doffed to all our heroes
thewig16 Jul 20 - 09:39 Outstanding. Well done
BedHeadBoris16 Jul 20 - 09:33 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈
Kamran_Binyamin16 Jul 20 - 09:20 Lucky to have nhs and thanks to our heroes.
Member85075642343416 Jul 20 - 08:14 They make a great difference to people’S lives. Thank you
tonyh116 Jul 20 - 06:51 For our nhs heroes great idea !
Luther300616 Jul 20 - 04:37 👏 For carers!! #Nhs
Cracla 16 Jul 20 - 00:27 Wow ! Well done !
Carlster15 Jul 20 - 23:05 Shout out to the carers who co tinged to go into people’S homes
4KUKO15 Jul 20 - 22:46 All staffs working for health sector are our hero
Member116866732192415 Jul 20 - 21:45 We are so lucky to have this service in the uk. Every one a
Hero xx
npah315 Jul 20 - 21:40 As they say, not all heroes wear capes!
melie250515 Jul 20 - 21:07 The nhs had done a wonderdul job through the last few months as they always do. Xx
marste15 Jul 20 - 20:30 As an nhs worked myself I would like to thank everyone for their contributions towards the nhs staff :)
Bennett030315 Jul 20 - 20:05 Amazing cause
jewelqueen15 Jul 20 - 20:04 Brilliant!
georgina17048715 Jul 20 - 19:29 Fantastic idea
Andiabelung 15 Jul 20 - 19:21 Fantastic
Treesagreen_15 Jul 20 - 18:20 Thank you Heroes 🏅
Targaza14315 Jul 20 - 18:07 Keep up the fantastic work, and it's nice to see the Government finally recognising the nhs's value. Well done TCB.
sunnydays87115 Jul 20 - 17:45 Fabulous
purplemel15 Jul 20 - 16:50 Great idea
daisy_rigley15 Jul 20 - 16:30 We can not thank you enough what nhs done for my son..Had a stem cell transplant last May 2020 at Leeds Childrens hospital.Massive thank you nhs♥♥
nawazish78615 Jul 20 - 16:28 Fantastic initiative.
loubey15 Jul 20 - 16:20 Fantastic!! Love it
MissTig15 Jul 20 - 16:13 Excellent
Member107919066040215 Jul 20 - 16:05 Finally, we are feeling like a community again!
MichelleBranley15 Jul 20 - 14:35 Fantastic idea
nannaphine15 Jul 20 - 14:10 Where are details of the other non-profits which were meant to be on this page

If you could please try our charity pages on site they will list all charities we have and would have more than are listed on the blog post

Best wishes

Lizzie jones15 Jul 20 - 13:46 Lovely idea
Helen Mary15 Jul 20 - 13:06 Brilliant idea.