Green Cashback - 3 brands that will inspire you to go green

Posted on 13 Sep 2021 Posted in  TopCashback Tips & Updates, Green Cashback
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green cashback

We know that many of you want to do your bit for the environment by making better ethical and sustainable choices that support the welfare of our planet. Because these choices can be difficult to find when shopping online, this led us to start the Green Cashback category. At TopCashback we are commmitted to doing the fair and right thing wherever we can, and as a member, we want to give you the power to make a difference.

We have many eco-friendly Green Cashback brands for you to explore, here’s a sample to start your green journey.

Watson & Wolfe - Luxury vegan leather gifts & accessories

Watson & Wolfe is a business that started out intending to create luxury leather goods. But that journey took a completely different change of direction when founder Helen discovered the facts about the leather industry and its production contributing to climate change, habitat destruction and contamination of land and water.

Helen saw there was an opportunity to produce luxury items that are not only safer for people, but more environmentally friendly. The Watson & Wolfe collections are made in a small boutique factory with a long history of producing the highest quality accessories for luxury brands all over the world. Using vegan leather alternatives such as pineapple leaf leather, corn leather, and apple leather, they combine the fundamental qualities of animal leather with further benefits, crucially removing the toxic and damaging processes of tanning and preserving animal skins.

"I feel that men are hugely under-represented. I want every man to have access to luxury items regardless of his lifestyle choices." Helen - Founder

Get up to 29.12% cashback with Watson & Wolfe.

Fairphone - The phone that cares for people & the planet

Born from an awareness campaign about conflict minerals, the Dutch-based firm began Fairphone in 2013, revolutionising the smartphone industry. Founder Bas van Abel vowed to produce the world’s most sustainable smartphones from Fairtrade gold, recycled plastics, and conflict-free minerals. They are fast and intuitive phones that are durable and designed to last.

Fairphone is also the only smartphone in the world to be awarded a perfect 10/10 score from iFixit for repairable design. This means that if an accident happens, they encourage you to repair your phone yourself or with replaceable modules, rather than buying a whole new one.

Get up to 2.2% cashback with Fairphone.


Cocoa Loco - Organic and Fairtrade chocolate

Disheartened by the way cocoa farmers are treated in growing countries, West Sussex-based owner, Sarah Payne, started Cocoa Loco in order to make a difference and set an example. Since its beginnings back in 2005, Cocoa Loco has been producing its handmade chocolate using only single-origin organic and Fair Trade cocoa beans from a community of 40,000 small-scale growers in the Dominican Republic. The shop has a large range of vegan dark chocolate options, and are recently focusing on making their products plastic-free.

Get up to 5.5% cashback with Cocoa Loco.

As well as Fashion, Food & Drink, Gifts, and Utilities & Mobile, we also offer Green Cashback with Home & Garden and Health & Beauty retailers.

We use as a guide, mixed with our own research to confirm retailers with strong green and ethical credentials. The Green Cashback category will be continually updated with even more inspiring retailers, and brands that believe in ethical and sustainable choices like us.

All offers were correct as of publish date.

Zeep2k25 September 2021, 20:08 Fab news that theres a Green cashback section!!!
lstaunton15 September 2021, 12:03 Watson and Wolfe isn't green at all, vegan leather simply means plastic.

We do mention on our green cashback page that this retailer uses sustainable and recycled materials.

Best wishes

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