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Posted on 03 Nov 2020 Posted in  TopCashback Tips & Updates
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The long anticipated next generation of consoles is almost here, with both Sony and Microsoft releasing their newest versions of the PlayStation and Xbox. Regardless of what side you sit on in the battle of the consoles, there is one thing all gamers agree on, it’s important to have a great setup.

Whether you’re looking for some extra comfort or new ways to up your gaming strategy, there are so many ways to improve your setup and create the ultimate experience for your gaming. Below, we’ve rounded up a few essentials to make your dream setup a reality – read on and let us know your thoughts…

Gaming Chairs from Currys PC World

A good gaming chair is a must. Trust us, your back will thank you for it. Although there are plenty of options out there it’s worth investing in a good quality gaming chair, just think about all the hours of use it’ll get. Here are some options from Currys PC World, so you can bag yourself some cashback savings too.

On a tight budget:

For those who want more money to spend on games than setup the ADX ACHAIR19 Gaming Chair is perfect. It’s reasonably priced and well reviewed. It has the ability to adjust the height and angle so you can stay comfortable while you're gaming and the padded armrests are comfy enough for those lengthy gaming sessions. Plus at just £100, down from £120 this is a great chair for the price.

Blow the budget:

No matter the game, stay comfortable with the NobleChairs HERO Gaming Chair. When you've got the perfect gaming setup, you want to be able to see every battle to the bitter end. And now you can, without feeling sore after hours of gameplay. You've got lumbar support to reduce strain on your back, and there's loads of adjustments available - change the height, tilt, arms and backrest angle to suit you. The HERO Gaming Chair doesn't just support you, it looks great too.

Headsets from eBay

Most gamers enjoy online play, it allows you to play with your friends and even make new ones with the same gaming interests as you. A headset is key for any gamer that wants to play online with their friends, how else will they know where the enemy is hiding? eBay has a whole host of great headsets with the bonus of cashback.

On a tight budget:

A decent-value wired headphones option, the Eska E900 Wired Gaming Headset is incredibly comfy, and comes with a built-in microphone and audio control cable. The sound itself is a little muddy, but you can't expect extreme quality from a £35 headset.

Blow the budget:

Turtle Beach is synonymous among gamers as making outstanding headsets and its Elite Pro range is no different. For starters, its Superhuman Hearing setting coupled with surround sound gives you an edge over the competition by enhancing even the most subtle of sounds, such as footsteps or weapons being reloaded.

Its TruSpeak microphone makes your chat loud, clear and of studio quality, and the AeroFit cushioned ear pads, fitted with cooling gel memory foam, make this headset comfortable to wear without making your ears too hot and sweaty.

Console Cooling Solutions from Etsy

Consoles have their own built in fans but if you plan on getting lost in a good game for hours it’s worth investing in a cooling solution such as console feet that allow for air circulation around your console. These handy solutions tend to be made by gamers for gamers which is why Etsy, the independent marketplace is the perfect place to find the ideal cooling solution for you. Don’t forget you can earn cashback too.

Fans from RS Components

All gamers know that with a long gaming session comes a stuffy warm room. There is no avoiding the heat your console produces and while it’s important to keep your console cool it’s equally important to keep yourself cool. That’s why a fan is essential in your gaming setup and if you buy from RS Components you can grab some cashback too.

On a tight budget:

The RS PRO USB mini fan is great for hot and stuffy environments. This fan can be powered from any USB socket and comes in a range of styles and sizes to meet your needs.

Blow the budget:

The RS PRO 18" High Velocity Floor Fan provides a powerful cool air flow and is ideal for use in a range of environments that require an excellent source of air cooling and air circulation. This portable floor fan features 3 adjustable speeds to accommodate a number of temperature requirements ranging from a soft cool breeze, to a high velocity air flow.

We hope this run down of essentials helps you level up your gaming experience this year. Let us know what you think and if we’ve missed anything essential. Happy gaming!

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