Father's Day Gifts Guide

Posted on 09 Jun 2021 Posted in  Gift Ideas
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Fathers Day

Firstly, because we suspect some of you may need reminding, Father’s Day always lands on the third Sunday of June. Which for 2021 happens to be the 20th. A fun fact on Father’s Day is that the UK celebrates Father’s Day at the same time as the US whereas a lot of countries celebrate Father’s Day on different dates across the year. So, if you’re struggling for gift inspiration, we’ve got you covered on the different types of dad and what their hearts so desire.

The Experiences Dad

Does your dad crave adventure? A thirst of knowledge or the desire to learn a new skill. Well, there is something for every dad with an experience or a day out. Firstly, for our adrenaline seekers; Indoor skydiving? How about diving with sharks? Or a fun ziplining adventure? Just make sure to get plenty of photos when you can capture the scared look on dads’ face.

We then have our sports lovers… if he’s an avid golfer why not book him an 18-hole round of golf with a professional so that he can hone his craft or take it up as a new hobby. If football is more his thing, then why not take him to his favourite football club on a tour so that he can relive his youth with old memories and plenty of photo opportunities with his ‘first love’.

Is your father constantly in the kitchen or more specifically constantly in the fridge? Then maybe a ‘gentleman’s tea somewhere may be right up his street with a taster of all the typical lad snacks that will fill his heart (and tummy) with joy. Or if you want to be extra bougee book a meal at an exceptional restaurant to earn those extra brownie points.

You can browse a range of experiences and days out here.


The Barman

We all know the barman… stirring up concoctions, setting rules and laws over drinking etiquette. How to pour the perfect pint? How much ice is acceptable in a whiskey tumbler and the perfect measurements for a Mojito…

So why not purchase a state-of-the-art home beer tap. With this you’ll be giving him no reason to go to the pub and every reason to pour himself a cold swift one at home! If he likes to describe himself as a man of culture and taste, then a mixed case of world beers sounds right up his street. He’ll be thanking you as he can then put forward his experiences to his mates and sound quite the expert on different tastes across the world. Beerwulf offer an excellent selection of both cased beers and beer taps.

And lastly if he likes to prepare his own drinks then a monthly cocktail subscription sounds like it’ll benefit not just him but everybody else in the family. Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Just make sure that everybody is over 18 and that they behave responsibly. See here for different subscriptions.


The Tech Dad

Now when it comes to the technological dad the important thing is logic and usability. Small and useful items that make normal or difficult situations that little bit easier. Take for instance a book light… the perfect gift for when he has to dim the lights for others and can’t tuck into his book because of no light. Small, quirky and makes an annoying inconvenience that little bit easier.

Most dads seem to never pick up their phone… (its most likely that it has died) well how about a power bank to insure he’s always got some juice for those important “Dad how do I fix this thing that I’ve broken” phone calls or when he inevitably gets the entire family lost and nobody can find the way home. You are giving him zero excuses and at some point he will probably thank you for saving him from a difficult situation.

Is your papa a songbird? Then a shower speaker sounds the perfect gizmo to soften those vocal chords and bring out the inner showman. However, just prepare yourself… if your father is a terrible singer then it’s probably best to get out the house when he goes for a shower. Remember when I mentioned making difficult situations easier… well explore Menkind for a variety of great gadgets that will cure his curiosity.


The Foodie

Now who doesn’t love food? This dad brings that love to another meaning… Is your father always at the grill? Does he demand the BBQ apron? Well you can’t go wrong with a good seasoning set to bring out the inner Gordon Ramsey and get those experimental flavors to come to life. Watch as he carefully marinates his meats 24 hours in advance and explains how the contrasting flavours will make the food that much better. You can browse our food brands here.

If your old man has a sweet tooth then perhaps a customisable Toblerone or a bar of Cadbury’s dairy milk may be for him? This way he’ll have his favorite goodies and his name plastered all over it with a personalised thought just for him. If you know he won’t appreciated personalised snacks then maybe a more permanent item like a mug or plate so that with every drink or meal he will be reminded of his precious child and the great thought that went into this father’s day present. Getting Personal have a fantastic range of personalised goodies check them out.


The Active Dad

Dads come in all shapes and sizes and we would actively encourage men to get out there and exercise to stay healthy. So a heart rate monitor to evaluate those heart rate zones to track how he is performing sounds like a safe investment. It makes sure that he is exercising without pushing himself too far. But rest and recovery is just as important as exercise itself so why not get your dad a massage gun? This will help to relieve those tense areas and relax those burning aches and pains after a hard work out.

If your father is more of a relaxed figure around sports why not buy him some personalised golfing equipment whether its mats, balls or tees. See Titleist for personalised golf equipment. If he has his own personal space. Which we know will be aptly nicknamed ‘the man cave’ or ‘the lion’s den’ then a dart board sounds like the perfect little addition to his man pad. It requires minimal space, is easy to set up, but it requires an incredible skill to master. Check out our Sports Category for more great options.

Running Dad

The Outdoorsman

Does your father love the outdoors? Has he taken gardening up as a new hobby during the pandemic? Well if he is trapped working from home or is going back to his own little office space why not buy him a bonsai tree that he can look after? Bringing the outdoors to him and giving him a new sense of responsibility and care. You can find them at Gardening Express.

If he has really taken to the garden and put the work in over the last 12 months then maybe a pizza oven to reward that hard work would be the perfect surprise! It would serve the whole family but we all know how much dads love pizza. There is some excellent variety at Robert Dyas.

As he is a nature baby maybe it’s time to bring the wildlife to him… you can purchase a number of birdhouse or beehives so that the garden is his own little habitat. Watch his face light up as he watches the bird house come to life with its own little family. You’ll see the boy in him all over again. See Etsy for some great unique finds.


The Gaming Dad

Is Dad’s idea of me time locking himself in a dark room and indulging himself in a video game? Well maybe you should brighten up the room with LED lighting strips to give off the ultimate cool tone to set the vibe for his gaming paradise. If that’s too much light for him maybe a few cool desk accessories paying homage to his favourite pop culture items. See Menkind for all your gaming accessories.

Worried about his posture as he leans in when the game gets too difficult? Then a gaming chair sounds like the perfect present as it offers comfort and support whilst he spends hours in the same spots moving his thumbs around. Maybe you think your dad could be famous? Or take up a hobby in streaming? Then a streaming microphone would help him on his path to twitch or YouTube fame! Just make sure he’s sharing the money when he has millions of followers.

See our Gaming category for chairs, microphones and other gaming goodies.


So there you have our guide on some wonderful gifts and experience that any father would be lucky enough to receive this father’s day. Don’t forget to tell them that you love them and that they are cherished! If you have any recommendations on gift ideas or feedback we would love to hear about it in the comments below.
















gailmail6517 June 2021, 08:56 What to buy a 90 year old who doesn’T wan5 any more CDs or books... Or alcohol & Doesn’T go out either

We can suggest maybe some sort of puzzle or solo game or maybe some new tech that may make a task easier to do?

Best wishes

Zeep2k13 June 2021, 11:56 I've got my dad and hubby some personalised soaps from Not on the high street on here, they are so hardtpbuy for and was pleased when I found them on here. Gifts for the boys and, pocket money for me win win!!
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