Budget Tips for Christmas


Christmas is everyone’s favourite time of year and everyone enjoys receiving a thoughtful gift, but it’s much more satisfying to give something that you know will be well appreciated. One of the first things that comes to mind when thinking about that perfect gift for someone is the cost of the present, and along with the all the food and wine you need for the big day, it can all work out rather costly. It needn’t be that way however, as you can do a lot with a little. Here are some of our top tips to give you some inspiration.

Crafty Gifts

Always a firm favourite with parents, grandparents and significant others, a homemade gift will likely go down a storm with the recipient. It’s likely to cost a fraction of the price of a store bought present and is laden with sentimentality that would be otherwise absent.

Depending on your skill set this could be anything from a sketch or painting, to a knitted scarf or a pair of gloves. It’s certainly worth considering how much time you have spare as this will dictate what you can make, as a knitted scarf may take some time and producing a few of those could be a little ambitious.

If time is tight consider making a big batch of chutney or jam which can be made in a day and is a great gift for loved ones. You can take a similar approach by making a load of cupcakes – one or two accompanying a card is a lovely Christmas present.

Be sure to check out this great page or Pinterest for loads of fantastic ideas for homemade gifts.

If you can’t find the time to make some crafty gifts then you should consider making a simple card as its receiver will be very touched by the thought.

Experience Gifts

Another present that will be well received is an experience that you can offer its beneficiary. If you have friends with a child, offer them your services as a babysitter for an evening of their choice, redeemable within a month. Or you can offer your loved one a trip to their favourite restaurant on you.

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Cashback Gifts

If however, you’re not much of a crafty type and you just want to buy your friends and family something special you can save a bunch by purchasing their items through us. With all the cashback you’ll earn you’ll probably be able to get at least one gift for free, or you could treat yourself to something nice, because it is Christmas after all.

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If you’re looking to have an extra special Christmas without spending a fortune then there are loads of things you can do to ensure that this year is as memorable as ever. There’s no need to go overboard, a homemade present can be much more heartfelt than a shop bought gift.

AliNelson22 Nov 14 - 11:04I already use my argos card in store..Can u earn cash back on this?