6 Black-owned businesses you can support this Black History Month

Posted on 06 Oct 2020 Posted in  How To Articles & Handy Tips, Fashion
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Black-owned products

In the UK, we use the month of October to celebrate, appreciate and learn about Black History and culture. Doing so allows us to increase the visibility of black people in the mainstream narrative whilst also challenging the negative stereotypes that continue to exist within our social consciousness.

Here at TopCashback, we’d like to use this opportunity to highlight some Black-owned brands you can find on site and the important work they have, and continue to do.


Finding independent black sellers to support has not always been the easiest process. Commercial biases and a lack of platforms has meant that black businesses have struggled to get the same visibility that others have become accustomed to. Etsy connects you with independent black creatives in an accessible space where you can find a wide variety of unique products. From clothes to cosmetics (and everything inbetween!) Etsy is your one-stop shop for supporting independent black sellers this October.

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FENTY Beauty

Founded by the multi-talented icon, Rihanna, Fenty Beauty is one of the most popular and culturally significant black-owned businesses in the world right now – and its importance goes far beyond the ownership. When the brand was first launched it sought to address the lack of products geared towards people of colour – especially those with darker skin tones. Today, with products like the Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation (which comes in 50 shades!) it’s clear to see why Fenty’s focus on inclusivity has been so momentous.

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Briogeo is another black-owned company that continues to make huge waves by promoting inclusivity and diversity through their products. In an industry where euro-centric hair types are often the priority, Briogeo’s range of texture specific products mean customers of all hair-types can find high-quality products that work for them. Plus, with founder Nancy Twine’s beliefs at the core of the company, customers can rest assured knowing the products they buy are 90 to 100% naturally derived, cruelty free, gluten free and mostly vegan.

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Pat McGrath Labs

If you’re looking for an example of how black creativity and artistry shapes culture, look no further than Pat McGrath. TIME named her one of the 100 most influential people on Earth and Vogue crowned her the most influential make-up artist in the world. So, this October if you want the most innovative and trailblazing cosmetics the industry has to offer, be sure to shop black and shop British with Pat McGrath Labs.

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UOMA Beauty

For UOMA Beauty, nothing is more important than self-expression. The brand seeks to celebrate and appreciate people from all corners of the Earth, creating products that compliment and amplify our unique features rather than suppress them. And with founder Sharon Chuter’s proud Nigerian heritage at the heart of the company, there’s a vibrancy within the brand that encapsulates the energy of Africa and is truly magnetic.

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Fashion brand SIANMARIE is another black-owned British company making waves through their inclusive products. With creative director and former winner of The Apprentice Sian Gabbidon at the helm, SIANMARIE is making women from all backgrounds feel confident, empowered and inspired through style. To SIANMARIE, clothes are more than things we wear – they’re extensions of our personalities that allow us to express who we are.
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ash87131 October 2020, 23:02 Of course well done to TCB for this great initiative
puncy2131 October 2020, 18:09 Well done TCB for highlighting black business’, During black history month. A small but important steps which speaks volumes and shows insight.
billyb144231 October 2020, 13:10 Ridiculous blog just empowering and fuelling racism. The more people are told about the colour of skin especially about what companies are owned by what colour skin the more we feel divided. No one cares

We care alot about fair play and this would include doing what we can to help black owned businesses as they can have challenges that other businesses do not have which we have mentioned in previous replies to this post.

We wanted to highlight some busineses we think are great to give members more choices when shopping around which is the members choice to make.

The reaction to this post has been mostly positive with really lovely supportive comments from our lovely members

Best wishes
jayjaysmith31 October 2020, 11:44 Imagine being so fixated on race that you cherry pick which businesses to support based solely on skin colour. Normal (non racist) people don't think about the race of an owner before choosing to shop somewhere. This just shows the underlying racism some people still have in this day and age which is unfortunate. In 2020 we shouldn't be fixated on race in order to further divide but rather as a human race promoting a more inclusive society.

We do agree that in 2020 it should be a fair playing field for everyone and as we are a company based on fair play we want to do what we can to level this for Black owned businesses as they often face challenges other businesses do not.

We hope that this blog post gets our lovely members attention towards some businesses we think are great and we are seeing a wonderfully positive response to this

Best wishes

vicnic31 October 2020, 10:49 Thanks again, I have just managed to find a foundation in my skin tone and hair products . Thanks Topcashback and Phil I probably wouldn't have been able to find one if it wasn't for this article 😊.
If anyone is offend by this article please donate your cash in your TopCashback to me and I will kindly distribute it wisely for you to help my fund of next foundation purchase to suit my skin tone 😉👌🏿
Christopher291030 October 2020, 17:48 This is disgusting! Supporting people because of their skin colour?
You racist bigots should be taken off immediately, what the hecks wrong with you? 2020 and your encouraging people to shop only with people of certain skin tones?

We are highlighting businesses that we think are awesome that are also Black-owned businesses as unfortunately Black owned businesses often face challenges white owned businesses don't, access to funding being just one example.

Therefore we believe it's important in shine a light on some black owned businesses members can choose to shop with.

We highlight a range of businesses daily to give members a choice and this would be for members to make if they wish to make a purchase with a business

We are also pleased that much of the feedback we've had from members about this post has been really positive

Best wisehs

Hankydoodle30 October 2020, 15:06 I don't care what colour the business owners are, I just buy the best deals I can.
I would not support a white business owner or a black business owner because of their skin colour, that would be racist wouldn't it?
tonipink6429 October 2020, 23:12 Yes! As a white woman I love to see it! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Robo22728 October 2020, 20:57 Hi TCB,
Thanks for highlighting these 6 Black owned businesses. You are showing a conscious understanding of the systemic racist issue that unfortunately still permiate our society. And for those who can't or don't understand the reason you have decided to make a special feature of these businesses, during Black History Month, please go read a few history books or watch some of the many documenteries currently being aired.
Big Luv to TCB
Member17033563543327 October 2020, 11:24 I love this Topcashback! Thank you for doing your part in the tackle of systemic racism! Every bit helps :)

And kudos on the brilliant answers to racist and white privileged comments. Xx
ash87125 October 2020, 01:19 Well done to Phil for the great responses 👏🏼

Thanks but this is coming from everyone here at TopCashback :)

Best wishes

maicharlie24 October 2020, 21:19 This right here makes me happy, thank you Topcashback for bringing awareness and making such a positive change.
Alys132322 October 2020, 16:39 Love this! Good to see so much support for it in the comment section too!
And great responses from Phil.
Shemaine2322 October 2020, 09:42 Love this, refreshing to see! Makes me proud to be a TopCashback regular 😊. Be the change you want to see in others ❤️
Keggybabe22 October 2020, 05:07 I love this idea to celebrate great black owned business at such an important time. Hopefully you will educated a few people along the way, possibly not the uneducated racists below unfortunately. I’M white but brought up by my mother to see no difference in the colour of our skin but it’S taken for George Floyd to be murdered in the street by white police officers for the world to finally take any notice. Way to go TopCashback and especially Phil!!! 🖤 Great article
SenoritaReid21 October 2020, 14:13 Well Done TopCashback!! Things like this are so necessary for the betterment of the black community. Thank you
KARENAWEEKES_20 October 2020, 10:55 What’S with the “I’M offended” Comments! So pathetic. Well done TopCashback. One small step at a time to try to level the very uneven playing field.
Chammie1919 October 2020, 21:47 There are some really really racist people on these comments. It's shocking & Appalling. Thanks Topcashback for acknowledging black history month & Trying to understand what we, as black people, have to go through on a daily basis (the comments on here speak volumes) and that's despite being born here, in this utterly racist country. Thank you again, as I for sure will be purchasing from one of these highlighted companies. Ps. For all the racists ignorant peeople on here "do try & Come for me, I said what I said, so now what's up!"
Member81788406414919 October 2020, 09:37 Thanks for this!
Gentles8918 October 2020, 17:17 Good evening Phil

Firstly, I hope this message finds you well. I hope that you haven't been shaken by the negative effects from the few below.
Thank you for acknowledging and support black businesses.

Please enjoy the rest of your evening 🖤

No worries at all, i'm glad we share your support for showcasing these awesome businesses

Best wishes

chris024117 October 2020, 08:25 Really disappointed TopCashback has jumped on this racist bandwagon. :(

This is far from 'fairplay', and your stock reply to people "most businesses are white owned" offends me and is just a wild guess, not an accurately researched fact.

Fair play is something we pride ourselves on and while fair and equal are similar, some minorities unfortunately still need further support just to give everyone an equal playing field.

I can confirm that Gov.uk reported that in 2018, 5.4% Of small and medium enterprise (sme) employers were led by a majority of people from an ethnic minority (excluding White minorities).'

This is the latest published data in this area and backs up the point that we have made

Best wishes

Swuth 16 October 2020, 17:54 Thanks for this TopCashback. Systemic racism affects businesses significantly. As a black business owner, I appreciate what you have done here. Thank you!

No problem at all, i'm glad we share your support of showcasing these talented businesses :)

Best wishes

richards12315 October 2020, 17:52 Hi Phil, firstly my name isn't Richard. Secondly please highlight white owned businesses like you have specifically highlighted black owned businesses atm,that's fair isn't it?
Apologies, I took Richard from your username.

We believe in fairplay, you've probably seen we talk about it a lot. And to us, fairness means everyone starting from the same playing field.

However, due to systematic and deep routed inequalities that have existed in society for hundreds of years, we don't all have that equal start.

Black owned businesses often face challenges white owned businesses don't, access to funding being just one example.

Therefore we believe it's important in shine a light on some black owned businesses members can choose to shop with.

As with all our our blogs, we highlight certain brands, but we leave who our members shop with as a choice for them to make.

Best wishes

vicnic15 October 2020, 08:59 Thanks great info
richards12315 October 2020, 08:55 Are you going to specifically highlight white owned businesses too? As this offends me
Hey Richard

To celebrate Black History month, TopCashback wanted to highlight a selection of black owned companies and brands that our members are able to purchase from, via our site.

Most mainstream brands that are promoted on site everyday are white owned and we believe that during this month and beyond, it’S important to highlight and support businesses that offer diversity and inclusion and that may not always receive the same level of opportunity and attention

Best wishes

mandeepsmith15 October 2020, 07:14 Brilliant! Thanks for this.
TeddyTee15 October 2020, 00:59 Can you just track the cashbacks?

If you are having issues with cashback please drop our team a support ticket on your account and they can take a closer look to help

Best wishes
Selina8515 October 2020, 00:20 Love this 👍🏽
Dc198914 October 2020, 13:59 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
p200214 October 2020, 11:41 Love the awareness being raised!
Jacqui214 October 2020, 11:37 How is advertising as black owned, promoting racial harmony?
Hey Jacqui

To celebrate Black History month, TopCashback wanted to highlight a selection of black owned companies and brands that our members are able to purchase from, via our site.

Most brands are white owned and we believe that during this month and beyond, it’S important to highlight and support businesses that offer diversity and inclusion and that may not always receive the same level of opportunity and attention

Best wishes

Charliking8813 October 2020, 03:29 Nice 👏🏻
Roshi Chavda12 October 2020, 09:21 Nice promo 😃
Cee Cee10 October 2020, 23:25 Love this!
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