B&Q Cashback Summer Competition - Win £250 B&Q Gift Card

Keeping the kids entertained this summer has never been easier.

With heaps of inspiration from a summer of sport, there has never been a better time to explore the variety of outdoor play products available at B&Q and earn cashback on any purchases at the same time.

While you carry on tidying up after your little ones, they can perfect their latest gymnastics routine or water fight tactics in the safety of your own garden. Not only is playing outdoors great fun, it’s good for fitness too, so get the whole family involved! An exciting way to get the heart pumping is by mapping out an assault course and timing it to see who can complete it the quickest - the Plum Climbing Pyramid is an ideal play centre for this. First climb up the climbing wall, then go down the steps before making your way back up the cargo net, and finally down the slide – maybe you could add a couple of star jumps in there too?

Trampolines are perfect for burning energy, and the enclosure ensures safety. B&Q have a variety of sizes to suit your child’s age or outdoor space. B&Q’s range of play centres are jam-packed with different features to help kids’ development, balance and hand-eye co-ordination whilst they have fun.

From buckets and spades to swings and slides, B&Q have a huge choice of outdoor play equipment for your kids, and you get great value from a brand you can trust, and earn a fantastic 8.08% cashback on all outdoor toys for a limited time only. You can still also earn a fantastic B&Q cashback of 4.04% on all Home Delivery Orders and 3.53% for any reserve and collect orders.

What’s more, if you submit a story about your favourite outdoor toy, and which one you would buy your kids this summer, you will be entered into a prize draw to win £250 worth of B&Q Gift Cards to spend on the outdoor toy of your choice, or indeed any other B&Q products.

To enter, simply post your story in the comment box at the bottom of this blog!

All entries must be made by midnight on the 19th August 2012.

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Posted on 13 Aug 2012  |  Posted in  Deals & Competitions
Mine was a handmade swing, thinking of buying a trampoline for my girl
  20 Aug 12 - 15:10
My cousins had a trampoline when I was younger and I remember spending hours on it with them having fun, I would love to get one for my kids
  19 Aug 12 - 23:21
A trampoline for some Olympic action! I always loved jumping around on a trampoline as a kid, it brings back fond memories of the long hot summers of old. My kids would gain massive enjoyment - not to mention plenty of exercise - from using them, especially in this Olympic year. A timeless outdoor toy.
  19 Aug 12 - 20:30

I loved playing with my best friend in my paddling pool. It was only a foot deep, but we could 'carefully' jump into it, slide into it and have lilo's and other blow up things. One day we watched in horror as my dad got a little too close with the fly mower and clipped it. There was a large bang, water gushing down the lawn. One very sheepish dad went straight out and bought another. I'd spend the money on another pool for the kids.
  19 Aug 12 - 17:06
When my boys were little the climbing frame that they had was used in so many way. As a climbing frame, then my husband built a platform part way up and it became a den, then a cover was thrown over and it became a tent. Picnics were had in there ,toys were taken out there, books were read there and when they were fed up with that it went back to a climbing frame again.
  19 Aug 12 - 16:02
I adored swingball as a kid, it was so much fun! I love the look of My First Play Centre Wooden Climbing Frame with Slide and Play Den! We used to love making dens as children and this would have been fantastic!
  19 Aug 12 - 15:48
I loved my proper 70s Rollerboots with 4 wheels and a big red stopper on the front and went everywhere on them (while wearing my favourite Kids from fame dress). Might have to investigate how to buy this retro toy for my daughter - rollerblades just aren't the same!
  19 Aug 12 - 15:35
My favorite outdoor toy when I was younger was roller blades, I used to be able to skate on one leg and do twirls. Been checking out adult skates lately... Currently i'm loving the trampoline (yes adults can use them too!!), Recently got caught jumping and shouting "woohoo!".
I don't have kids but have a younger brother and sisters, my parents were planning on buying them a playhouse for the garden, so would most definitely love to buy them one and save my parents some money!
  19 Aug 12 - 15:29
My favourite toy when I was younger was a rounders set a group of us would spend the whole summer playing rounders. I would love to buy my nephew Maxx a swing set and hide out :)
  19 Aug 12 - 14:52
My favourite summer toy when I was young was a car my Dad made for my brother and i. It was before the days when you could buy them. 4 children could sit in the 'jeep', which was open top, and it was powered by a car battery, which allowed it to go around the block a few times before it needed recharging. I would definately buy the ones they sell in shops now.
  19 Aug 12 - 13:57
All aboard the 'Play Train' - basically it's a blow up train, with an area which you can fill with play balls. Perfect for our two year old to duck and dive in without harming himself. He loves to explore and loves roll play games, so we often pretend it's a real train that he's the driver of and we all have to come aboard. Toot Toot
  19 Aug 12 - 13:52
Tennis Trainer which consists of a weighted block that has a ball attached to an elastic, you have a bat each in order to hit the ball. I absolutely love this game as it's great for both kids & Adults. It can be played with a few people or you can have fun playing alone. This game can be played almost anywhere, & It keeps you fit.
  19 Aug 12 - 12:55
My favourite toy was a whip and top I loved adding colours to the top and played happily for hours! My geandchildren have come to stay for the summer holidays and we have a trampoline for them to bounce their energies off! Phew!!
  19 Aug 12 - 12:04
I have an area in the garden that was used as an outdoor run for our 2 rabbits. Unfortunatly they passsed away recently through old age and my little 5yr old nephew was upset so now that is going to be his part of the garden where we are going to put a playhouse for him. Winning £250 would be fantastic.
  19 Aug 12 - 11:59
I would get my boys a paddling pool and a canaopy to go over the top. My boys love playing outside regardless of the weather and have been begging me all summer holidays to let them have a pool, but the weather has not been good enough. With time running out, I would get them a pool and a canopy and fill it up like a bath and let them play in it all day x
  19 Aug 12 - 09:43
We used to love puting our slide into the paddling pool and having a water slide. Pools are so much better these days though. For my boy he'd just love a slide and swing set (or as he says a weeeeeeeeee) :)
  19 Aug 12 - 07:39

I would love to buy the kids a trampoline, the kids would have loads of fun bouncing on it, then I would buy a cover so the older kids could camp on it.
  19 Aug 12 - 07:05
Its got to be swing ball have hours of fun with the kids with this,
  19 Aug 12 - 06:41
I used to enjoy playing on the big old tree at the bottom of the garden. There were always bits of string around to make a swing (not very comfortable!(And enough wood to make a slide (never long enough!) But it was fun and we never minded whether the sun shone or it rained. We were outside most of the time enjoying ourselves.
  19 Aug 12 - 06:39
My favourite outdoor toy had to be our inflatable paddling pool - I can still remember how it smelled when you got it out for the first time in summer! A close second would be a homemade tent - sheets, chairs, a tea set and lukewarm squash - hours and hours of fun!
  19 Aug 12 - 06:33

Great comp for an evening of reminiscing! Decided best times are a dead heat between swingball dodge - where two people played and one person tried to run across/ Through the arc or playing on the swing which raised out of the ground slightly if you went too high - with a jump off the swing into the paddling pool if you felt brave. All done whilst Dad threw water out of the bathroom window at us!!
  18 Aug 12 - 23:29
We has lots of sheets of wood in the garage and used to spend hours and hours building anything from cars to castles,caves to dungeons,the world of imagination was our oyster.

The summers were long and hot and we didn't go in untill dark,-man those were the days!
  18 Aug 12 - 23:20
My bike had always been my favourite outdoor entertainment. For my baby i'd love the climbing frame with a swing and a slide- a compact one, mind, as we only have a small garden.
  18 Aug 12 - 22:15
I can remember wheeling backwards and forwards down the path at my Grandads allotment on my little florescent green turtle ride on!! It was my most favourite toy and I would take it everywhere, I can remember it as clearly as yesterday! This surprised my mum as I mentioned it a little while ago and I had it when I was 2!! Yes it was a one of those little teeny 'put your feet on the floor and push yourself' toys! Eek!!
  18 Aug 12 - 21:57
My favorite outdoor toy as a child was our good old fashioned paddling pool complete with patch repair kit!! We spent many happy summer days in the pool and I can remember there being seats on each corners. Although we never went to the seaside the seaside came to us, sand pit, shells and buckets of water. Happy days and fantastic memories. My young son is certainly following in my footsteps but pools have moved on considerably.
  18 Aug 12 - 21:13
The best thing was a wendy house my dad lovingly built from plywood with opening windows. He painted it and mum made curtains. ~It had a chimney pot also. It could be left in the garden in summer and then folded flat for storage. Of course it wasn't just a house but was anything we 3 kids desired, a shop, castle, cave, cafe, hotel, police station
  18 Aug 12 - 21:05
We didn't have so many toys growing up but that never stopped us making them. We especially go down to the river, chuck an old rope over the overhanging tree and haphazadly tie an old plank to the rope...We always ended up going home soaking wet! I would love the playground to keep my little one entertained this summer.
  18 Aug 12 - 20:00
Garden water slides. Great fun, keep cool and water the lawn at the same time! Our slide events are judged. Extra points for style and originality, and a prize for the victor!
  18 Aug 12 - 19:41
As a child we had a small garden but we loved our swingball set! As soon as it was fetched out we knew that summer had started.

As an adult things went downhill when an over competitive (ex) boyfriend whacked it that hard at me that he gave me a black eye!
  18 Aug 12 - 18:12

My favourite outdoor toy was always the swing set. I have great memories of swinging in our old back garden for hours and hours, daydreaming in the sun. I'd buy my children a swing set because it can keep them occupied for ages either alone or together. And it's a great excuse to go outside and get some fresh air!
  18 Aug 12 - 18:05

When I was younger, I loved the space hopper in the garden. I used to enjoy races with my siblings and always thought I would get them for my own children but never did. Instead we went for the paddling pool, trampoline, sand pit, when they were younger and, now that they are teenagers, whilst they still occassionally enjoy the trampoline, they still get a lot of enjoyment from the swingball and, hopefully, the new addition i'm intending to buy - a giant chess set.
  18 Aug 12 - 17:45
My favourite outdoor toy is swingball. It can be played alone or in a tournament and is always fun
  18 Aug 12 - 17:42
...Well it seemed like it when your only small! My dad used to fill the pool on a hot summers day ready for us to dive in after school. If we were really lucky he would put a slide going into the pool covered in washing up liquid for added speed! Oh the fun we had! So, I would love to pass the fun down to my children and buy them a pool and slide...Perhaps i'll have a cheeky go on it too?!
  18 Aug 12 - 17:41
This year we deciced to holiday from home. My son wanted a pool. We ended up with one that almost fits our garden. But it has been great with all of the family really enjoying it.

So now we just need some outdoor lights as it is getting darker earlier and a new bbq to finish off the rest of the summer.
  18 Aug 12 - 17:26
I want to get my jessy a swing set with a see saw a baby swing and a older kid swing because it will last a long time and grow up with her. Hopefully not too quickly !
  18 Aug 12 - 17:15
I used to love bouncing around on my pogo ball (like a football with a platform all the way round - looked like a ufo!), However always wanted a pogo stick like my friend's instead so that is what I would buy for my kids now.
  18 Aug 12 - 16:56
I used to love playing on my roller skates when I was little, although I was rubbish at it I used to trail round after my sister pretending I could do it. However I think my child would want something more advanced than this and I know they'd love a sandpit and trampoline. The trampoline would provide hours of fun and they'd be keeping fit without knowing it. Sandpits are great for their artistic side and the fun can be shared with other children.
  18 Aug 12 - 15:44
I'd love to buy my son a trampoline, my best friend had one when we were growing up and we spent hours and hours bouncing about. Would love my son to have the same experience.
  18 Aug 12 - 15:23

I used to love my pogo stick - me and my sister used to see who could jump the highest and longest. It did annoy the neighbours though as they were soooo noisey!

I would buy my kids a trampoline if I was lucky enough to win - I wouldn't want them annoying the neighbours with a pogo stick.
  18 Aug 12 - 14:40
My favourite outdoor toy has to be the wendy house. Hours of fun pretending to be everything from a vet to a shop to cooking dinner for my friends and relatives. If only I still fitted in it! I would love to buy my daughter one, if only so I could crawl in and play too!
  18 Aug 12 - 13:55

I'm a special needs volunteer helper and both my sons have autism I find it very hard o engage my child's interest for very long until I purchased a great sand pit.My sons and the special needs children I look after love the feel of the sand flowing through their hands and is very relaxing for them.The children will pay for hours at the sand pit
  18 Aug 12 - 13:44
When I was a kid the best fun we ever had was with an empty baked bean can (doesn't have to be baked beans - any can would do lol). Loads of us played 'kick the tin' - a sort of hide and seek, with the object being to 'kick the tin' without being tagged and everyone already caught was then freed :) Having said that, if I won the voucher I would probably buy a trampoline! Don't think my family would be impressed by an empty can....
  18 Aug 12 - 12:56

It would have to be a tree house or a den for sure! Hours spent having fun in their own little hideaway. We use to build our own dens from piles of junk that we'd find. I think i'd prefer something a little more robust for y little ones!
  18 Aug 12 - 12:50

I'd love to get a large paddling pool and perhaps a sandpit for my Grandson
  18 Aug 12 - 12:12
When I was younger I loved playing with the swingball in our garden, especially when the dog would try and chase it! Now, I think the giant Jenga's and Chess etc for the garden are great! X
  18 Aug 12 - 10:36
Recently moved to a house with a garden ! Now all I need is toys for my 4 year old Grandson to play with. I would be the best Nan in the world if I could have a trampoline . I would have a go myself too and secretly practice triple back flips to wow him !
  18 Aug 12 - 10:22
When we were young (a considerable time ago) we had a roundabout which I think was called a Mojo. It was metal and painted red and white and had a seat on either side and you made it go by pulling on the handle in the middle. Really old fashioned lovely toy! No idea where it came from or where it went :-(
  18 Aug 12 - 10:17
Another trampoline fan! Would like a go myself :) xx
  18 Aug 12 - 08:56

It has to be a huge trampoline then we could all have some fun and exercise at the same time x
  18 Aug 12 - 08:45
Both my boys have pestered for a trampoline for years, would love to get them one. I would love one too to be honest :)
  18 Aug 12 - 08:08
I had a two-stage water-pressure powered rocket, had to use a pump to get the water pressure,i used to get absolutely soaked! I'd love to buy a trampoline for the summer.
  18 Aug 12 - 07:45
My kids are slowing outgrowing their climbing frame that is meant for toddlers. They need something a little higher and a bit more daring. I would love to buy them something like that :)
  18 Aug 12 - 06:48

You have some pretty cool activity centres showing onilne b&Q.What a big buzz it would be recieving a message from you saying that I have won.Then the buzz would be passed to my children enjoying themselves playing on it. Very many happy times that would be.All from the kindness of your free competition.
  18 Aug 12 - 00:48
When we were little, my sister and I would fight like crazy over whose turn it was to be inside our little plastic and canvas wendy-house. I can clearly remember trips to b&Q for paint or plants etc and we would pester the whole time for mum and dad to buy us a wooden playhouse for the garden - like the ones that the children had in The Wishing Chair books. I'm not sure that we believed that a magical elf would become our friend and whisk us off to fantastical lands - but there was always an outside chance! Besides there wasn't room in the wendy house for the two of us let alone a chair as well. So i'd buy my kids the wooden Kitty Playhouse and a back catalogue of Enid Blyton books to bring some enchantment into their lives
  18 Aug 12 - 00:30
My garden is small but the grandchildren all love my pafrents house because of the space and the swings etc. This year however after 10 years the swings gave up their fight and have collapsed - shock horror. I would love to be able to buy a new set of swings- maybe big anough for a big kid to use ; )
  17 Aug 12 - 23:54
I was a bit of a tomboy when younger and loved nothing more than kicking a football around in the back garden. We were lucky enough to have a big garden I could play in back then. Now with my children, we have a very small garden so not much football practice occurs, however we do plan to buy my son a set of goals so he can practice his penalty shoot outs! Xxx
  17 Aug 12 - 23:38
Next door have everything and we love their massive trampoline - we've even used it in the snow! One winter both families were playing in next door's garden and after sledging and having a snowball fight my girl started throwing snowballs from in the trampoline. Soon, we were all bouncing whilst dodging snowballs! Snow days have never been the same. If I won i'd get a trampoline of our own and a new garden furniture set for family dinners al fresco :)
  17 Aug 12 - 23:33

Best outdoor toy I bought this year would have to be all weather swingball although I run out of energy way before my 6 year old son Alfie. If I had the option to buy a new outdoor toy it would definitely have to be a trampoline for Alfie's 7th birthday in October otherwise his birthday money will have to be spent on new beds for everyone in the house!
  17 Aug 12 - 23:23
Just over a year ago we purchased a 12ft trampoline kit with the tent and safety skirt. By far the best purchase we have ever made both for ourselves and our children! Having a toddler when we bought it I was re-assured that the safety skirt stopped Tilly from wandering under the trampoline.
We would love to buy and swings and slide set
  17 Aug 12 - 23:08
Has to be the 11ft Trampoline!! Add the enclosure for safety and peace of mind. Although we don't own one (yet?!) Whenever I visit friends who have one, my children are drawn to it like a magnet!! Hours of bouncy fun - and great exercise too!! If successful I would love to treat my kids to a trampoline - although with such good prices at b&Q i'll also be able to throw in a pool and other goodies too!! ;-D
  17 Aug 12 - 22:55
I still remember the day we got the slide in our garden it was brilliant, huge and rivalled local playground slides. Everyone who came around had a great time sad was the day it was left behind when we moved house. This said if I had 250 pounds to spend at b and q I think I would buy an awesome pool for the family to enjoy.
  17 Aug 12 - 22:44
My favourite outdoor toy was my yellow go-kart. My aunt got it for me and I would ride up and down the street like I was nigel lol. I would buy my daughter a outdoor play house as she loves to be outside and play like she has her own little place she is proud of. I also love to watch her express herself and just be happy.
  17 Aug 12 - 22:34
When I was little,i spent lots of time playing outside in the garden.My father built me a play house himself and I loved it.I must of spent lots and lots of hours playing in it with my brother and my litle friends.This has all now taken me back in this fun and loving memories.I would love this to happen for my little girl.She loves going to indoor play houses and had recently ask me if she could have one like Peppa Pig does have.I told her that we can ask grandpa if he could build one for her.This price if I win would go down as a treat.I would love to see my girl playing in this gorgeous play house. Thank you
  17 Aug 12 - 22:24
When I was a child we had a washing up bowl full of water in the garden with plastic cups and jugs, and another one with sand in, to play with. I would love to buy my grandaughter the sandpit, and swing for her first year playing out in the garden. Fresh air and fun! You can't beat it.
  17 Aug 12 - 22:19
As a child I had a swing in our garden which I played on most days, but my all time favourite toy was my doll's pram, it came complete with a sun canopy with the tassles, a side brake and also a matching shopping bag on the front. It was so gorgeous, it went with me everywhere. We would love the Wooden Wendy House.
  17 Aug 12 - 22:18

Thinking back to when I was a kid, we had hardly any garden toys but made our own fun. A bat and a ball, a ball and a wall, a tree and some rope, ankles and elastic ... Ours of fun, when the 6 weeks summer holidays seemed to last forever and the sun always shone :) but times have changed and now my girls would be so happy if I could buy them a trampoline - here's hoping I win some vouchers then ;)
  17 Aug 12 - 22:10
My son loves playing on his friends Trampoline so if I was lucky enough to win i'd buy him one of his own
  17 Aug 12 - 22:06

I loved 2 things when little and having much younger siblings let me continue this way into my teens :) my swing which I spent hours on listening to my radio blare out kylie minogue and my little plastic slide which in summer we would put so you slid into the paddling pool.Having 2 children now we already have a small slide which on the very rare hot day we put into the swimming pool and my daughter loves it (and yes I still attempt it). I would love to get them a fantastic swingset though. My little boy is only 5 months and so next year he can join the madness
  17 Aug 12 - 22:03
My parents saved their "Green Shield Stamps" to buy me a see saw that also went round and round. My next door neighbour and I spent hours and hours over many years on it - it was fab. The see saw finally met its end after whilst swinging around on it the welding broke and Mark's weight bent the arm down so we were both on the floor :o( I think the play equipment available these days is amazing and would love to purchash Plum® Wildebeest Large Wooden Climbing Frame Outdoor Play Centre.
  17 Aug 12 - 21:57
Times have changed,when we were children we didn't have many toys,never mind outside toys but our garden shed served the purpose of a den,sweet shop,house,pirate ship etc,whatever our imagination let it be.I would buy an out door activity centre similar to the one in your picture.
  17 Aug 12 - 21:55
Before playhouses became popular our uncle converted a garden shed into one for us. He fitted mini bunkbeds in it, made curtain for the window, and made a mini table and chairs. We spent hours in it. Natually I would love to buy a real play house or maybe a shed to make one with.
  17 Aug 12 - 21:51
When we were kids my little brother had a space hopper that he was dead tight about letting me have a turn on. I wished I had my own, but he was a bit of a gloater.
However, I got my own back. I suggested it would look fab with a bow-tie attached using a drawing pin. Well, you can guess what happened... To this day he holds it against me that I popped his space hopper and it was nearly 40 years ago!
I'd love some b&Q vouchers to spend on garden toys for our grandchildren who bicker just as much!
  17 Aug 12 - 21:45

My favourite outdoor toy as a child had to have been my slide, it was made into aden with the use of a sheet and I spent hours hiding under it, or seeling all the wierd ways I could slide down it. I would love to buy my son a sandpit, he went to the beach recently and loved the sand, feeling it between his fingers and toes, making sandcastles with mummy. He would do this all say if he could
  17 Aug 12 - 21:39
Ooooooh i'd love to treat my daughter to a lovely new swing but the flymo no longer flys so got to get the garden in order first before shipping in the treats :)
  17 Aug 12 - 21:39
As a child me and my sister would spend hours in the garden shed. It was a den, a secret club (complete with code words and a stash of sweets), a pirate ship, and a lunar module. It's funny thinking back that we didn't have all the great stuff our kids have but we had the best games just by using our imagination. And honestly, I think the shed was even better than a purpose-built playhouse would have been, as it was part of the 'adult world' so we felt like we were in on some great, grown up secret.
So if I had £250 to spend in b&Q, I would buy a lovely new shed. My hubby would love a nice space to put his tools, and we could finally get round to levelling our knackered old garage. But i'm betting it wouldn't be long til the kids took it over!
  17 Aug 12 - 21:37
We didn't have many outdoor toys growing up apart from things like hula hoops and bubbles but we did have a swing. An old type with a big flat wooden board and rope that was hung from a tree in our back garden. I used to spend hours out there on that swing! The one thing I would love for my kids is an enclosed trampoline as they just seem to have so much energy that needs to be burned!
  17 Aug 12 - 21:04
I would like to get my 3 children a playhouse as they would love to play mums and dads and dress up in there own little house but we have never been able to get one for them :(. But would love to see there faces when they have a house off there own and be able to put a little kitchen in and be able to paint how they would like. Good luck everyone x
  17 Aug 12 - 21:03

I would love to get my son and daughter a paddling pool, they both love playing in water and there is nothing more lovely than a water fight and splashing around in the sun!
When I was little I was desperate for a paddling pool in my grandparents garden but no one could find one so they ended up making me a make shift pool out of black bin liners! I loved it although the neighbours must have thought we were a bit odd!
  17 Aug 12 - 20:54
When I was a child I used to use our old shed as a playhouse if I was to win I would love to buy my 6 and 7 year old girls a playhouse like this: http://www.diy.com/nav/garden/garden-buildings/playhouses/Croft-Playhouse-11987687 Its amazing and I would love it...Sorry the girls would love it lol ?(-??~-~)?
  17 Aug 12 - 20:41

Oh it was to be the playhouse. It has been a house, hotel, school, zoo, tent and a cafe- when I learnt that a 2 year old can say 'cappuccino' My daughter has loved it for years growing up and changing games. My son - well he just likes to bang the windows and doors!
  17 Aug 12 - 20:28
My kids love the good old see saw, it keeps them entertained.
  17 Aug 12 - 20:22
My daughters favourite outdoor toy is her electric Pink Mini, see loves taking it out for a spin....Always wearing her sunglasses. The one toy I would like to buy this summer for her would be a Trampoline as she loves going on her cousins one.
  17 Aug 12 - 20:17
I loved playing swingball as a child, and so did my older brother. I also had a polystyrene dice (about a metre square) and one day my brother was playing swingball alone and I wanted to join in - my brother swung his raquet to smack the ball - but connected with my eyebrow instead - the bruise and swelling was a real sight to be seen!!!
  17 Aug 12 - 20:08
I have fond memories of 'Scarlet Flasher' my red pedal car and had so much fun playing outdoors with it. So a pedal car is what I would purchase, so traditional (if I won!)
  17 Aug 12 - 20:02
My son would just love a good size "paddling" pool, with filter/Pump and a cover. It would maybe not get a lot of use in a typical British Summer, but would be great for those few really hot days...
  17 Aug 12 - 19:51
My kids are grown up now but my grandkids love playing the indoor version of Jenga when they visit - a full size Garden Jenga would be absolutely amazing (for all of us).
  17 Aug 12 - 19:50

This is amazing fun! I have two children roxy who is 6 and felix who is 3. Felix is disabled and he is able to have a greeat time playing pirates in this. Ha Ha me heartys. They get dressed up with rags on their heads and play dens too in it.
  17 Aug 12 - 19:48
When I was a child I used to use our old shed as a playhouse if I was to win I would love to buy my 6 and 7 year old girls a playhouse like this: http://www.diy.com/nav/garden/garden-buildings/playhouses/Croft-Playhouse-11987687 Its amazing and I would love it...Sorry the girls would love it lol ?(-??~-~)?
  17 Aug 12 - 19:36
As a child we played for hours having water fights with pistols,hose-pipes or buckets. We even had them when I had broken my arm...Try explaining to the consultant in a & E why you need a new pot on after only 5 days!!I would buy my children a paddling pool and built a climbing wall up our fence and fireman's pole
  17 Aug 12 - 19:35
My favourite outdoor toy was a pogo stick! It was great fun to just jump around and try not to fall off and break every bone in my body. I'd buy a wooden swing set or a trampoline for the kids to keep them busy and also to burn off all that energy they seem to gather during the summer holidays.
  17 Aug 12 - 19:09

When I was very young my dad built me a slide. I loved my slide which was wide enough for two children to sit next to each other. When I was four my friend pushed me down the slide and I split my head open. I still loved my slide but wasn't too keen on my friend after that. My daughter's slide was stolen from our back garden a year ago so if I were to buy an outdoor toy it would certainly be a slide. To replace the one that was stolen and to remind me of the one my Dad made for me.
  17 Aug 12 - 19:08

I'd buy my son an activity centre like the one pictured as he loves going to our local park on the swings, slides and climbing frame.....With him startin school in sept it will exhaust him so to have that in our garden would be great to keep him busy until bedtime!
  17 Aug 12 - 19:00
I loved to play on the slide, who didn't love going fast down the slide screaming, weeeeheeeeeeeee!

There was the metal one at the park which got so hot in the summer, I remember have red blisters, but when you are a kid you really don't care, all you want is to have lots of fun.

I would choose a massive slide with a pool feature for the....Kid (of course) lol.
  17 Aug 12 - 18:59

When I was younger we used to spend all of our school holidays in Belgium with my nan and her family. Their back garden was full of home grown veg, all apart from a small play area at the back with a play set including swings and a see-saw, then by the side of that there was a small swinging chair. My most vivid memory of those trips is playing on the play set while my mum and nan swung in the chair and watched. I'd love my kids to have the same memory when they grow up.
  17 Aug 12 - 18:59

When I was little I loved playing with a red plastic children's table more than most toys! My little sister and I used to turn it upside down and with a couple of coats on top it became a boat, a den or an island! The bottom of it hurts our backsides but it never stopped us! For my children the best toys are water pistols, they always induce screams of glee :d
  17 Aug 12 - 18:56
I would buy the kids a new play house as the roof was ripped off the old one with the wind, maybe a swing and slide too as they love playing outside
  17 Aug 12 - 18:51
A blast from the past I know, but I had many happy hours pogoing around!
  17 Aug 12 - 18:51
I already have a wooden playhouse with slide (on legs) for the kids and they absolutely love it! It comes as a standard in plain wood but I got the kids to paint it in pretty bright flowers and butterflies.
We made curtains for the 2 windows and put in tables, chairs and even a little fitted kitchen! It is like their second home!
  17 Aug 12 - 18:48

Got to be space hopper I bought those for kids as well, as for garden I only have a small one but sure I could fit a nice fancy wooden play area at the end
  17 Aug 12 - 18:45
We don't have kids yet but we'd love a wooden playhouse like the b&Q command post to complete our garden. That way we'd get to play with it first for a couple of years, just to make sure it works properly...!
  17 Aug 12 - 18:34
My favourite outdoor toy as a child was a slide but I fell off and broke my arm!! I would love to buy my two kids a wooden playhouse that can be their den and also store all their stuff!
  17 Aug 12 - 18:34

I know when I was a child I loved trampolining so I would love to be able to give my kids the same joy, it's hours of fun, good exercise and they can learn a sport at the same time.
  17 Aug 12 - 18:32
Oooh arrrrr it's has to be Captain Plum's Wooden Climbing Frame Boat, me hearties....My 2 year old would love it. I am still surprised that we went to a free pantomime on the weekend and he recognised the "pi-rate", laughed at his jokes and joined in with the "ooohhhs" and "aaahs" with the story told by the good "pi-rate". Didn't know he even knew the word! My favourite outdoor toy was the old camping chair in my grandparents' garden. That chair was everything - a goal, a house, a doll's house, a dumping ground for dressing-up clothes, something to dance on, superman's landing station.... When I look at my toddler happily playing in one of our packing boxes it reminds me of long hot summer days spent outside in a vest and shorts, not knowing or caring what the time was!
  17 Aug 12 - 18:31
I love our giant jenga and we have hours of fun with it. If I could, I would buy my son a trampoline so that he can use up all of his energy and then maybe, just maybe, he might go to bed on time!
  17 Aug 12 - 18:31
I would buy a wooden swing and slide set.
They are far better at withstanding harse weather
Conditions that the uk has to offer and the kids would have hours
Of fun come rain or shine :)
  17 Aug 12 - 18:22
My little boy is full of boundless energy and loves to play outside, especially on things which he can jump or swing on. I personally love swings and trampolines, and have lots of happy memories of swinging high in my parents' garden. I don't have much (any!) Spare cash, so would love to win this and get a swing set or trampoline for my little boy to burn off some of his energy.
  17 Aug 12 - 18:20
My favorite outdoor toy has got to be the classic swing ball, perfect for revenge or fun! My next purchase for the kids will be a Bucket & Spade, it's about time!

  17 Aug 12 - 18:18
I would love to buy lots of water guns and a paddling pool. I loved playing water fights with my Mam and Dad when I was young and my children have recently discovered the joys of such games. A wooden den would also be great because then you could hide from each other. Great for kids, mam and dad and gran and pop to play together - what a laugh
  17 Aug 12 - 18:16
My little boy has just returned home from a few days away with his Granny to his cousins house in Sheffield where he attempted Monkey bars for the first time and loved it. He talks about it constantly so would definitely invest in the climbing frame :) xx
  17 Aug 12 - 18:14
This looks great!
  17 Aug 12 - 18:12

With too much energy and a new found desire to be an Olympian a trampoline would be the ideal new plaything for my lively 5 year old. Persuading his old mum to join him in the bouncing will only add to his fun!
  17 Aug 12 - 18:11
My little girl and little boy have a playhouse that belonged to my now 21 year old cousin, they love it. My little boy died in a traffic accident a few years ago and I love watching one of the few videos I have of him in the playhouse. I have since had another child and would love her to love the playhouse as much as her brother. However I think its getting beyond repair so would use vouchers to put towards a new one.
  17 Aug 12 - 18:07
We would love the croft playhouse! My grandson would be in his element in there nd the constant rain wouldn't prevent him being out in the garden. And when his new brother/Sister arrives in a couple of weeks they can be out there too in the pram:)
  17 Aug 12 - 18:05
I would have to choose a trampoline, great for getting rid of excess energy!!
  17 Aug 12 - 18:04
I would buy my neice and nephew the Plum® Uakari® Wooden Garden Swing Set and Climbing Frame'. Whenever I look after them they just want to go to the park and love climbing and the swings. This unit would fit nicely in their garden and still give them space to run around. And then maybe we can spend time together somewhere else other than the park when I look after them.
  17 Aug 12 - 18:03
My favourite garden toy has to be a swingball, which provided us with hours of fun (as well as a competitive spirit and the occasional bruise) when we were kids. I'd like to buy my kids a ping-pong table, so they can be inspired by the Olympics and I can get some peace and quiet while they hold their own mini tournament outside!
  17 Aug 12 - 18:00
As a kid for me, it was the joy I got from trying new tricks on my skateboard, hours and hours of fun had walking up the hill at the top of the road, only to whizz back down again and repeat. I was never very good at the tricks mind, so that's probably why that cycle went on so much! As for the purchase from b&Q, you can't beat a traditional quality pair of side by side swings, to relax away and chat on, so for me it's the Plum Wooden Double Swing set - quality time :-)
  17 Aug 12 - 17:59
Our grandchildren are our favourite toys and I have a sneeky suspicion that we are theirs but I think that a swimming pool at nan and grandad's would really be the icing on the 'fun times' cake!
  17 Aug 12 - 17:59
My kids and I have so much fun in their paddling pool, it's big enough that the adults can enjoy it too!
If I were lucky enough to win i'd treat the kids to a trampoline for some bouncy fun!
  17 Aug 12 - 17:59
I don't have any children, but I love outdoor adventure stuff. Best thing ever in the gardent was a monkey seat swing over the large pond.

Would love to buy a trampoline though... That is something you certainly can't make yourself (if you want to trust it), even with the best diy skills.
  17 Aug 12 - 17:53
We had a great trampoline in our garden until the Blackpool winds blew it over our garage and into a neighbours garden, we had to take it apart to get it back!
  17 Aug 12 - 17:48
You can't beat a fun paddling pool to splash about in during the erm hot summers! My nephew needs to be in the water and using his legs as he has cerebral palsy and cannot walk. He loves going swimming so I am positive he would love his own pool in the back garden!
  17 Aug 12 - 17:46
My favourite outdoor toy would have to be a treehouse and I would love to get one for my kids this summer too as we have some great trees to support it. They already have a trampoline, but to be hidden away in their own tree fort would be amazing!
  17 Aug 12 - 17:44
My 3 year old thnks he's spiderman so a climbing centre might stop him climbing over me :-)
  17 Aug 12 - 17:44
I used to love playing in my sandpit as a kid, building big castles and making moats and bridges with buckets and spades! So much can be dreamed up by a child's imagination! My little boys love playing in their sand pit too.
We would love to get an activity wall or a set of swings for the garden, that would help keeping the kids active :)
  17 Aug 12 - 17:42
Tree house (assuming you have a tree in your garden). Always wanted one as a kid, they look so cool and great for getting away from parents in a secret hidaway :d
  17 Aug 12 - 17:41
I'd definitely get myself a trampoline. It is an unfulfiled dream (big kid at heart) :-)
  17 Aug 12 - 17:38
We used to play on Uncles allotment as we did'nt have a garden. There was always an old car being dismantled and we had hours of fun playing in and on it. I would choose the didicar to remind me of being a kid.
  17 Aug 12 - 17:38
As my son insults the diabolical state of our current desolate, corroding, forsaken kitchen on an almost daily basis, coming from his own words, a new white gloss slab kitchen would be little Tarquin's favourite toy this summer as he could hide and frolic in the cupboard space to his young little hearts content. As you may have gathered, his upmost favourite game is 'Hide and Seek' and a voucher to get him that new luxuriant b&Q kitchen would make him the happiest little bundle of joy one could wish for!
  17 Aug 12 - 17:38
My little boy is crazy about water and slides so I would definitely buy him the baseball water sprinkler, the water slide, the ball pit and the paddling pool, I would love to be able to treat him to one of the climbing centers as well he would be so excited i'll never get him in the house :d
  17 Aug 12 - 17:38
My girls love their 10foot trampoline in the garden, bought from b&Q about 4 years ago but they are getting bigger and they would love a new bigger trampoline for their teenage years
  17 Aug 12 - 17:37
My 5 year boy struggles with his co-ordination and concentration. He's going through the processes of being diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder and finds it difficult to make friends. After much frustration and upset he has learnt how to ride his bike minus the stabilisers. He's very proud of himself and now spends as much time as he can showing off his newfound skills and confidence. If I won Id buy some play equipment that would help improve his coordination and confidence but that's also fun for him and his siblings.
  17 Aug 12 - 17:36
I would buy my 4 daughters a new trampoline, as they love to bounce but unfortunately the one they have got battered in the weather and has worn out!
  17 Aug 12 - 17:35
After a visit to the zoo this summer,our little mollie has decided she wants to be a monkey.She is climbing on everything from the sofa to her baby sister's cot so I know she would love the plum climbing pyramid to continue monkeying around!
  17 Aug 12 - 17:32
My children are all grown now but when my grandchildren are older I want to get them a sandpit, swing and slide for outside all the things my kids had and loved
  17 Aug 12 - 17:30
As a child we lived in a townhouse which had an acre of orchard attached. Our favourite outdoor toys were the trees. We had three treehouses, our swing was a piece of rope attached to a high branch and we made dens in the bushes surrounding our field. In the summer the grass was allowed to grow high and we would have hours of fun playing hide and seek. I would love to buy my children an outdoor Wendy house so they too can spend lots of time "outside" making dens and playing hide and seek.
  17 Aug 12 - 17:30
Well back in the dark ages of my childhood (the 80's) we didn't have much in our city garden, but I had my faithful pogo stick! I loved bouncing around on that - into my Mum's plants, banging my head on the wall...Good times! Also enjoyed those weird balls on rope that you strapped to your ankle and jumped over ( or if you were unlucky tripped over) - can't remember what they were called!

For my kids I would love to get them something a little bit more special for them to treasure in the garden like a fab outdoor swing and climbing set. So they can have slightly better memories than mine lol!
  17 Aug 12 - 17:29
Wow! So many options to choose from and so exciting... And the thing is... *I* Think they sound like bloomin' good fun! So long as I can play with the kids!

There's nowt much more fun than playing 'It' while chasing wee small nimble kiddies!
  17 Aug 12 - 17:29
I would buy a big pool and a trampoline for my foster kids ,
  17 Aug 12 - 17:29
My favourite outdoor toy was one of those water play trays that was moulded to create canals, we spent hours playing with boats and rubber ducks and pretending they got hijacked by pirates.
If I won the voucher I would buy my children the
Plum® Captain Plum Wooden Climbing Frame Outdoor Play Centre so that they can pretend to be pirates too!
  17 Aug 12 - 17:28
I dont have any children but as i'm a child at heart i'd buy a trampoline for me to get fit on as I have to do a fitness test for work.
  17 Aug 12 - 17:26
Ours has to be the water pistols I bought, I got three of them and my other half myself and our son have had so much fun - we couldnt run round for laughing so much, although they dont have a lot of water in them we managed to get soaked! Not had so much fun for a long time!
  17 Aug 12 - 17:26
When the kids were small it was the slide that provided the most fun especially with some water and fairy liquid , sliding down into the paddling pool .
They have grown up now so would like to get a slide for my nephew who is almost 3 so he can have the dame fun
  17 Aug 12 - 17:24
A trampoline would be great.
  17 Aug 12 - 17:24
Would love to get my little girl and outdoor playset as we currently cannot afford one and she is now at the age she wants to be out playing in the garden all the time
  17 Aug 12 - 17:23

At the moment we have a little tykes slide abit to small for them as there now 5 would love to see them playing with the bigger toys :)
  16 Aug 12 - 23:17
A wooden activity centre would complete our family! I have always wanted to buy one for the kiddies (and me!!!) ;)
  16 Aug 12 - 21:39

My son loves to bounce. He is severely autistic and learning disabled. His Blooma junior trampoline is much more than his favourite thing in the whole wide world at the moment. He uses it to help release his natural bounciness and during his occupational and behavioural therapy sessions as a way to help him focus and engage with others and to develop his body awareness. The eye contact he gives is very special, teamed always with the big smile he wears while trampolining.
  16 Aug 12 - 21:38
With 5 children we have a few favourites. The trampoline, slide and swings are favourites at the moment. The trampoline is in desperate need of replacing now though and we would all love a big play centre, especially Dad!
  16 Aug 12 - 20:51

My favorite outdoor toy as a child was a long length of rope which we looped around a lamp post(someone had to climb it first to get the rope as high as we could)and created a swing which I loved.Although the fact that it was always at a corner and we were swinging out on to the road drove my mum mad many a night I got caught swinging and sent to bed.Of course as a child I didnt see anything wrong with it but now as a mum of 2 I cant think of anything worse.
So if I win the voucher I will definitly be investing in one of the plum climbing frames so I know the kids will be swinging in the safety of the garden.
  16 Aug 12 - 20:44
I always wanted a swing and a tree house when I was young. I always wanted to play hide and seek, underneath the acorns and between the honeysuckle. I always wanted to swing like a monkey, be the best at climbing any tree, the fastest at getting to the top; the one that could say 'cor' I can see the pub from here! I would grow trees. 1) they are good for the environment and environmentally sound. 2) they are good for squirrels, whom I always longed to be quicker than. 3) they are great for climbing, knocking your front teeth out climbing, swinging, and dreaming. Trees. Me and my girls would love it. Xxx
  16 Aug 12 - 20:33
Without doubt the best outdoor toy our 4 year old has had was some lovely new pieces of drain pipe and guttering - its been the chute for soil cement, water play and exploration in so many child initiated imaginative ways - perfect!
  16 Aug 12 - 19:42
My daughter is 15 months old and loves going on slides at the park or at the soft play areas, I think if we bought one she would never be off it whatever the weather!! :O)
  16 Aug 12 - 16:02
Nothing better than a swing, other than a swing with a slide... Going on a swing when your are little is a fond memory that everyone takes with them, if it is sunny, rainy, or under the moon... You own little happy place.
  16 Aug 12 - 14:34
I do have 6 Chickens. If I won the draw I would use the voucher to buy timber and construct "the girls" the most amazing chicken coop/Play area on the planet! Then I would definitely get some "happy eggs" of my own
  16 Aug 12 - 11:37
As a child I had a fantastic swing on a huge walnut tree in our garden, and spent endless hours on it dreaming! If I won this competition, I would buy outdoor toys ready for my first granchild (due in a few days),possibly the Plum® My First Play Centre Wooden Climbing Frame with Slide and Play Den at £199-online price
  16 Aug 12 - 10:31
It would have to be the Traditional Bucket and Spade set. Its so versatile; great for both the kids and adults digging in the garden, its small and compact for those breaks away in the uk and abroad and what more, the buckets can be used for those leaking roofs and burst pipes. Such a diverse product at a low cost and yet still remains popular.
  15 Aug 12 - 21:34
I would buy a swing and slide for the kids as although these are traditional outdoor toys, they never fail to bring a lot of fun and joy to children even adults. That is why they are still the most popular activities in parks.
  15 Aug 12 - 21:12
Without kids, i'd have to buy myself some adult toys. Probably a new drill and workbench for the garden!
  15 Aug 12 - 20:49
I would absolutely buy the 11ft trampoline with enclosure and cover! This one isn't just for the kids, so i'm sure I could sneak on there too, even if the neighbours think i'm a bit weird...
  15 Aug 12 - 19:29
I like the look of the wooden Sand and Picnic Table, which can be used as a sandpit table with the lid off, but turns into a useful picnic table and keeps the sand covered when it's not being played with.
  15 Aug 12 - 18:28
I absolutely love the Didicar's and i'm hoping my Mom buys me one for my Birthday. I play them at Wonderland. I can scoot with my Legs, then rest them on the top while spinning around corners, how fab!
  14 Aug 12 - 08:14

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