5 Ways to maximise the amount of cashback you earn

Posted on 03 Feb 2014 Posted in  TopCashback Tips & Updates, How To Articles & Handy Tips
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How to earn more cashback

If you've been earning cashback for a little while and want to earn some more or perhaps you're new to TopCashback and want to make sure you're saving all you can, see our 5 tips below!

 How to earn more cashback

Payment Methods – Cashback as cash is great, you can spend it on just about anything or put in your bank account to earn interest. If however you’re super organised and can plan out your purchases you could save an extra 5% using different payment methods. TopCashback currently top-up payments via gift certificates by 5% meaning your cashback gets an extra boost and you save that little bit more!

DIY this weekend? Get your cashback as a B&Q gift card and you can get 5% too! There’s a whole range of different payment methods to suit most purchases, make sure you’re not missing out.

Tell-a-Friend Bonus – Don’t keep TopCashback a secret, if you know someone who you think could offer cashback you can earn as much as £15 cashback. Plus, if you refer them before the 10th February you’ll get DOUBLE your usual rate of cashback, plus the person you sign up will get 500 Clubcard points. WIN WIN. All they need to do is sign up, earn £10 cashback and you’ll be entitled to your cashback.

Tesco Clubcard Pay-out – One Pay-out method that can really save you a packet is Tesco Clubcard pay-outs. We will top it up by 5% PLUS you can boost your money with Clubcard Boost. For example, you can use just £2.50 worth of Clubcard Points to get £10 of Zizzi vouchers with Clubcard Boost.

Free Cashback offersEvery now and then we’ll have a fantastic offer which you can receive either 100% of the amount of cashback you paid for the product OR a purchase won’t be required at all. There are some really useful offers out there such as Equifax and Experian Credit Expert, check your credit rating for free with a month’s trial and get cashback!

Another fantastic, healthy and tasty way to get free cashback is by signing up to a FREE trial with Graze. Get a box of healthy snacks delivered to your door and £1.05 cashback. Keep track of all the free cashback offers on our Free Cashback page.

Cashback on your In-Store shopping

As well as earning cashback on your online shopping we also have an app whereby you can earn cashback as usual OR go out into a real shop and earn cashback on your shopping! Simply take a picture of the receipt, send it in and we’ll pay you cashback on your food shopping, phone contract or beauty products at The Body Shop.

Not only that but we have vouchers too, get the app now and get a free 3 day trial at Fitness First.

Please note that the cashback rates shown on the blog were correct at time of posting, however are subject to change so please check before making any purchases.

13 April 2014, 18:26 You do not get you cash back at a faster rate plus £5.77 after spend £25. Do not do it as I have used it and spent nearly 80 pounds but nothing
Hi there,

Please do not be concerned, it does say on the merchats page that these will initially track at 0.00 and go on to uplift at a later date, this can take up to 6 weeks. As long as this was your first grocery sign up, I cannot see why this would not uplift, however, you can always lodge a claim if not.

I hope that this helps.

Kind regards,
bobbie39173 February 2014, 14:39 Any news on an app for windows phones???
Hi there.

We have not yet develoed an app for the windows phone.

However, until we are able to do this, you can continue to use TopCashback via our new and improved mobile app.

Kind regards,
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