Donate from your Top Cashback earnings

Below is a list of the available charities you can donate to from your Top Cashback earnings when you request a payout.

Olive Tree Cancer Support

We aim to support people affected by cancer, through the provision of suitable information and complementary therapies. Accessible and accurate information is an important requirement for the quality of life, the right information at the right time can answer questions, reduce anxiety, help with confidence, decision making and avoid confusion.

Charity Type: Cancer
UK Registered Charity Number: 1157386

One in a Million

'One in a Million' is a Bradford based charity working with children and young people, primarily the disadvantaged and the disaffected from deprived areas of Bradford. Through sports, art, media, enterprise and education, we are engaging children and young people, promoting self worth and value and helping them through various pathways to realise their potential and fulfil their dreams. The charity was co-founded by Wayne Jacobs, Bradford City AFC’s Assistant Manager and Chief Executive Matthew Band. In 2005 we began delivering a football project to 7 children from the Canterbury estate, Little Horton, with 5 volunteers. Today they offer a range of activities to 500-750 children and young people each week. Matthew Band (CEO) commented ‘We believe that we are making a difference that will not be erased; every child matters, they have value, they are one in a million; and we will continue to do so for years to come’

Charity Type: Children
UK Registered Charity Number: 1122573

One Trust

One Trust provides a range of services and support to adults with a learning disability over the age of 18. The service also supports family carers, providing respite during the day and advice and support. The service provides a range of support including a range therapies and stimulating activities.

Charity Type: Disability
UK Registered Charity Number: 1164523

Operation Smile

Throughout the world, Operation Smile volunteers repair childhood facial deformities while building public and private partnerships that advocate for sustainable healthcare systems for children and families. Together, we create smiles, change lives, heal humanity

Charity Type: Children
UK Registered Charity Number: 1091316

Orangutan Land Trust

Orangutan Land Trust supports efforts to provide sustainable solutions for the long term survival of the orangutan in the wild by ensuring safe areas of forest for their continued existence.

Charity Type: Animals
UK Registered Charity Number: 1131878


The charity's main activity is the provision of support and information to women living with ovarian cancer, their families and health care professionals, and wider education. This is achieved with a telephone helpline, provision of information on a website, leaflets and a regular newsletter to members. The charity also supports appropriate research relating to ovarian cancer.

Charity Type: Cancer
UK Registered Charity Number: 1159682

Ovarian Cancer Action

Our research strategy sets out our priorities for advancing research over the next five years for the benefit of women with ovarian cancer. Our goal at Ovarian Cancer Action is to achieve step-changes in survival by converting it into a chronic and ultimately curable condition. Ovarian cancer kills 12 women a day in the UK. Survival rates, which have not improved in the last 20 years, are low at 30% compared to 80% for breast cancer. Ovarian Cancer Action will support research aimed at achieving the following goals: ¦accurate and early detection ¦more effective and targeted treatments ¦prevention In pursuit of these overall goals,

Charity Type: Cancer
UK Registered Charity Number: 1109743

Over the Wall

Providing residential activity camps for children and young people aged 8 - 17 affected by  serious  or life limiting illnesses and their siblings.  To run an outreach programme which continues to support these children upon their return home.

Charity Type: Children
UK Registered Charity Number: 1075361


OXFAM's objects are to prevent and relieve poverty and protect the vulnerable anywhere in the world. OXFAM furthers its objects through interlinked activities of humanitarian relief, development work and advocacy and campaigning. OXFAM is an affiliate member of OXFAM international. Details of OXFAM's mission and ways of working can be found at www.OXFAM.Org.Uk

Charity Type: International Aid
UK Registered Charity Number: 202918

Oxfordshire Community Churches

OCC is a group of about 12 churches in Oxfordshire, representing about 800-1000 members. It has been around for 25-30 years and does all the things you would expect churches to do: Pastoral care, strong community involvement, Sunday services

Charity Type: Religious
UK Registered Charity Number: 1056921

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To recommend a charity send us an enquiry. Letting us know their name and any other details (such as their address or registered charity number). All charities must be registered in the UK.