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Travel Republic Reviews
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Did eventually pay out
I had to create a claim and keep on top of it but for a holiday booking that ended 26 Jan 2024, they paid out against it on 11 July 2024. Judging by other reviews that is quite quick for this merchant.
  jazzyb88 | 12 Jul 2024 Report Abuse
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2 years to get the money
It took over 2 years to get my cashback for a holiday booking, persistence is key with this, but it should never have taken that long!
  naj83 | 08 Jul 2024 Report Abuse
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Booked and paid for 2 bookings months in 9 months in advance, over £200 in cash back declined for no reason, these are not package holidays even when you book flights and hotels together, when you have problems with bed bugs they say sue the hotel no help what so ever, avoid.
  charlesl | 23 Jun 2024 Report Abuse
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Very slow
Booked holiday with Travel Republic via TCB 28 July 2023 for a December trip. Understand that the cashback would be not payable until the trip completed. However, then had to wait until May 2024 until the cashback was payable. They do notify a 12week wait for cashback but this well exceeded this and on top of the initial wait for the holiday to come around, seemed extreme. I am almost ready to book my next annual trip - but unsure I will book with Travel Republic - rates will have to be amazing. To say it was a disappointment was an understatement … Don’t know if this is holiday retailers generally or just Travel Republic ??
  Spudletqueen01 | 26 May 2024 Report Abuse
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Refused cashback
Completely met the terms and conditions but claim raised and Travel Republic refused. Very disappointed. Would not use Travel Republic again.
  amensouljah | 20 Apr 2024 Report Abuse
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It is more than a year since I booked through Travel Republic. I had to put in a cashback claim when it didn’t track. It then showed in my account as payable, when I checked again it then came up rejected! I’ve asked TopCashback customer service for an update on numerous occasions, but just keep getting back they’re still chasing it. There is obviously a problem with this company, TopCashback customer services told me that!, so why are they still advertising them on their site! Due around £200 so not happy!!
  egc3371 | 28 Mar 2024 Report Abuse
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A year down the line… Very slow, still not paid
Purchased holiday in Jan 2023, took trip in Aug. TopCashback indicator states ‘We last received a payment from Travel Republic in January 2024, for members' transactions in September 2023’. But my £300+ is still at confirmed stage. I did factor the cashback rate in when deciding on who to book with - and I shouldn’t do this and should just go with the best price as cashback is too flakey with large amounts. I can see that other reviewers have been paid recently, so I’m not sure what the deciding factor is on who gets paid and who doesn’t as my transaction was before the dates quoted.
  Sgillings85 | 31 Jan 2024 Report Abuse
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Yearly Fight for cash back
It would be really great if I didn’t have to fight and chase Travel Republic for my cashback. I follow all of the instructions and still wait months on end for a resolution. Claims are sometimes declined and then I have to ask TCB to go back to them again to explain why it has been declined, then it’s accepted and processed. It just shouldn’t be so difficult.
  Mdrake | 27 Jan 2024 Report Abuse
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  Mollie12 | 21 Jan 2024 Report Abuse
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About time!
Bought a holiday in January 2023, got back from it in July 2023 and it has taken until 15th January 2024 to get paid! As a result, I bought this year' summer hol two weeks ago from TUI instead.
  JockyBoy | 15 Jan 2024 Report Abuse
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Cashback tracked and was confirmed after the holiday which was months ago. Still not payable. Customer support was useless. Don’t rely on Cashback from this company
  clairebear2109 | 07 Jan 2024 Report Abuse
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Cheeky Cashback ahead of the new year
Nice little cheeky cashback from Travel Republic just after XMAS, love that for me. I booked early in the year and just departed recently so took a lil long but totally worth it!!! Defo booking again =))))))
  Member12117467777706 | 26 Dec 2023 Report Abuse
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Maldives Holiday Cashback
Cashback tracked accordingly and got a nice amount back off my Maldives Holiday. It took 30 days after departure which is under the 90 days stated in the T&C's. Good prices and good cashback = win win :)
  Member1180907839706 | 26 Dec 2023 Report Abuse
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Does pay cashback
10 months later and still no cashback. TCB should remove Travel Republic from the site. Travel Republic used to pay cashback about 10years ago but not now
  uri31202 | 21 Nov 2023 Report Abuse
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5 months later
Finally after 5 months since taking holiday got my payment, I gave up but suddenly it became payable.
  Seandpaul | 14 Nov 2023 Report Abuse
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Seems like a Con
Have two payments "confirmed" but no actual cashback even though actual holidays are long ago. I'm not sure who is most to blame - whether Travel Republic for failing to pay out OR Topcashback for continually advertising this company when they know they are failing to pay out. TC tell me TR has a 90%+ payout rate but this would seem to conflict with the reviews given here. TC also needs to realise that issues like this BADLY tarnishes their reputation - I know I wouldn't currently recommend anyone to go via their site for a holiday booking
  annsldsb | 12 Nov 2023 Report Abuse
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Still waiting 10 months on
Booked through TCB and Travel Republic. Had holiday a long time ago, transaction confirmed but still waiting for payment.
  uri31202 | 21 Oct 2023 Report Abuse
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Cashback refused with no reason supplied
Went with Travel Republic based on the cashback rate. Not guaranteed I know, but never had cashback issues before. Completed the purchase completely online without using another code. Completed my stay, then was told the cashback was refused as it didn't meet T's and C's. Raised a claim to ask which weren't met, but wasn't given a reason by Travel Replublic. Dissapointed.
  DilipRupalia | 14 Oct 2023 Report Abuse
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4 months from confirmation and no movement
Holiday booked in January, holiday done and dusted in May, transaction confirmed June now four months on still not paid. Disappointed at Topcashback for not keeping on top of this merchant and allowing this to happen. Seems to bea regular issue looking by the reviews.
  Seandpaul | 11 Oct 2023 Report Abuse
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Good Prices, Terrible for cashback
I got a great deal for my holiday to Egypt through Travel Republic, by far one of the cheapest options out there. I should have £60+ cashback from the transaction, 6 months of trying to claim my missing cashback I'm offered £23 and another 4 months and I'm still waiting to be paid.
  TheMusicMonkey | 24 Sep 2023 Report Abuse
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Still waiting!!!
My cashback has been confirmed for 4 months now and not become available. Raised query with topcashback and got the same terms and conditions response which was no help whatsoever. They shouldn't have TR as an option for cashback. Would not use this merchant again
  Sullivan25 | 12 Sep 2023 Report Abuse
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DID NOT PAY OUT!!! I would never use or book again
They would not pay out even though I booked holiday to Maldives in accordance to the terms and conditions to pay out. I was due over £200 in cash back and after 18 months of chasing they declined to pay. No reason given. I booked with Travel Republic as with the cash back it worked out less than other travel companies. NEVER AGAIN!!! Be very wary.....
  helendown | 09 Sep 2023 Report Abuse
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No Cashback No Explanation
Used travel republic a few times and always good. However for my summer holiday they were slightly more expensive , however the £200 cashback made them almost similar. Decided to run with the but no cashback. About to try again for the fourth time but not holding my breath. First time I’ve had an issue with too cashback which is a shame
  BigDave777 | 07 Sep 2023 Report Abuse
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Buyer beware. I booked a holiday through Travel Republic due to the attractive cashback listed on this site c. £250. Unfortunately this was not honoured by Travel Republic and after 3 months of chasing no valid explanation was provided. reading the reviews my experience is not an isolated one. Please proceed with caution and my personal advice would be do not use them if the cashback offered is an incentive.
  najennings | 31 Aug 2023 Report Abuse
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Has anyone received cashback from a booking with them this year?
Just wondered with all the negative reviews whether any one has received a pay out? I am hoping for one!
  karena | 29 Aug 2023 Report Abuse
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