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friend icon Hi to the TCB team, This a short note that I felt compelled to write to show my gratitude. you are by far the best website on the internet. I have been a member for quite some time and have benefited considerably from your site. Your tenacity and success rate in getting positive results from stubborn merchants is far better than another well known site, why anyone chooses them over you and pays for the privilege is completely baffling. Once again many thanks.
  smudgeUK | 18 Sep 2010
friend icon What do I think of Topcashback? Money for buying stuff online that you were buying anyway, it's a no brainer! Plus fabulous competitions one of which I won :) I entered the Dixons Samsung tv competition and actually won it. It's a fab tv with a 32" screen that gives a perfect picture, various sound and picture settings and loads of connectivity so you can plug in your laptop and use it for pictures, DVDs and lots more. Thanks Topcashback!
  soopdragon | 17 Sep 2010
friend icon Topcashback is by far the best cashback site. The most important thing is Customer service/the staff is easily approachable than most of other cashback sites I have used in the past. Although I have made couple of few hundreds with other cashback sites in past 2 years, I wish I had know TCB before. since it has got the best cashback rates in the market. It means when it says 100% cashback. THE BEST CASHBACK SITE BY FAR.
  no1purvak | 12 Sep 2010
friend icon Topcashback is by far the best cashback site in the UK. The design of the site and the amount of cashback avaliable with the variety of merchants avaliable and even free cashback makes me want to spend more. I have been paid twice already :D and earning over £50 in cashback One of the best sites which i continue to visit every day Thanks :)
  vinh1000 | 4 Sep 2010
friend icon Topcashback's new look is pleasant on the eye. It makes one want to browse and buy all things online. Therefore, my dear, this early in the year - with Christmas drawing ever near - I spread the word, that others may proceed to get top cash back from Topcashback. Dr. Margaret Simms ProCEEd - the Early Years Consultancy
  Magsie | 26 Aug 2010
friend icon Shop online? Make sure topcashback is the first site you visit. It's dead easy - you simply click, buy and then smile knowing you've saved yourself money. What could be easier?
  CRTC | 23 Aug 2010
friend icon Just received my first cashback in the bank and am very pleased with the smooth bank transaction. I always check the merchants on Cashback before buying anything online. I have now recommended this website to my friends and can proof it really works. Thanks Cashback!
  wastlin16 | 18 Aug 2010
friend icon £140 in just 6 months with £55 still to come. It works. May take time but money for nothing is true.
  aliscott12 | 16 Aug 2010
friend icon Just recieved my first payment into my bank from buying something i was going to get anyway! can't complain a very happy customer!
  jonesya | 16 Aug 2010
friend icon £112 cashback to date, thanks topcashback and thanks to my friend who directed me to the site. I'm always amazed by how many retailers are listed on here. Keep up the good work!!!
  mummy1978 | 15 Aug 2010
friend icon It really works! I've racked up over £100 back over the past few months from things I would have bought anyway. Easy to use, easy to withdraw, no hassle. Making life a little bit cheaper!!
  sam4 | 15 Aug 2010
friend icon Ill be honest, i was skeptical about joining topcashback, as my moto in life is you dont get anything for free........with topcash back you do!! i signed up to an o2 simplicity contract for my iphone which was £25 a month. I heard of the offer about topcashback through martin lewis. I got £200 for signing upto to a twelve month contract. It meant i got a full twelve months contract for £100 resulting in a cost of £8.33 a month for 800mins, unlimited texts and unlitimted internaet for my iphone. I am also pleased to say that the transaction went smothly and topcashback paid out on time as promised. i have gone on to use this for everything i buy online......well done topcashback, hightly recommended!!!
  chrisy86 | 10 Aug 2010
friend icon what can i's money for nothing GREAT
  san3rob | 8 Aug 2010
friend icon Top cashback site is absolutely fantastic, I have just received my first £150 just by shopping through this site. They are extremely helpful if you have any issues and I only wish I had found them sooner - thank you so much, your the best!!
  lace51 | 8 Aug 2010
friend icon TopCashBack !!! Yes You are Top. A Victor Meldrew " I dont Belieeeeeeeve it " Evriting Ireeeeeeeeeeee ! Free Money £50 squid Check it out. 2nd year on the trott.
  Prudento | 4 Aug 2010