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friend icon what can i's money for nothing GREAT
  san3rob | 8 Aug 2010
friend icon Top cashback site is absolutely fantastic, I have just received my first £150 just by shopping through this site. They are extremely helpful if you have any issues and I only wish I had found them sooner - thank you so much, your the best!!
  lace51 | 8 Aug 2010
friend icon TopCashBack !!! Yes You are Top. A Victor Meldrew " I dont Belieeeeeeeve it " Evriting Ireeeeeeeeeeee ! Free Money £50 squid Check it out. 2nd year on the trott.
  Prudento | 4 Aug 2010
friend icon I always check if the Merchant I want to use is on TopCashBack and then purchase from them through the TopCashBack referral - works every time.
  Brianquinn | 2 Aug 2010
friend icon Just want to say thank you for my first cash back i recieved to-day £94.67 i was sceptical at first and wondering if i would get it but true to form it's here. I have recommended topcashback to friends but thay all say to me you don't get anything for nothing but now i can tell them you do HA HA I would have add a lot more but i do forget to go throught T C B sometimes SO THANK YOU ALL FOR PROVING ME AND MY FRIENDS WRONG AAPLUS++++
  Biggirl | 31 Jul 2010
friend icon It is really good to buy from TOPCASHBACK and I will always recommend it to everybody that they should use this website before buying anything online. A+++++++ Perfect
  Spasha | 27 Jul 2010
friend icon As usual I'm sceptical about anything to do with money/ cashback. So I logged onto this site and continued my normal online shopping. I initially collected £11.57 a couple of months ago and since have clocked up another £50 which i've yet to claim. I've always said 'if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is' - but not with this site. Thank you for proving me wrong
  zahidk14 | 26 Jul 2010
friend icon Hi This site is fantastic!!! I have now claimed over £300.00 Thank you so much!!!
  ro55e30 | 22 Jul 2010
friend icon This is my first purchase through TopCashBack. I am delighted and will recommend to everybody. My £31.00 cash back was paid on time. I am looking forward to my next purchase.
  Cracked | 22 Jul 2010
friend icon Have just been informed that I have won a £250 prize in a prize draw with this site!!!! I have been with the site for a while now and always recommend to family and friends and have managed to make over £300 with things I would buy anyway so have been more than happy but to win this is the icing on the cake!!! I always thought that these prize draw things were a bit of a con but I should have known better with this site as what you see is what you get on here (unlike other things we could mention). Thanks Topcashback you have made my month!!!!!
  cheekymelky | 21 Jul 2010
friend icon the one comment I'm always given when I tell people about TCB, is that it "Must be a scam, too good to be true" Well, usually, you'd be right. But this time you're wrong. Dead wrong. Companies pay you for referring yourself to them. In short, you make money the same way google makes money- by clicking through ads, and completing purchases at the other end. The difference is, you get the money, not the website. Sure, to make hundreds, you'll likely have to spend hundreds- but you have to remember- you'd be paying that for your leccy and gas bill anyway, wouldn't you? So yeah, urr, what are you waiting for, exactly?
  pheonix254 | 19 Jul 2010
friend icon I always find Top Cash Back happy to help with enquires, friendly and reasonably quick to respond. It can't be hard with so many members to keep everyone happy, so thanks TCB for persevering. I used to use another cash back site, the one that sounds like squidbo … but have dropped that account. Top Cash Back don’t charge for your account (the other company charges £5) and I found the customer service in Top Cash Back to be far superior. I’ll be a member as long as the website runs!
  jilby | 19 Jul 2010
friend icon good service
  bhimashankar | 16 Jul 2010
friend icon Top Cash Back is true the number one UK Cash Back website and we are truely supporting their thoughts to beat the recession and to healp all UK online shoppers. We even have added link to one of our website because we are top fans of yours. Feel free to visit and become a TopCashBack fan too like we did and start saving from today!!!
  UKCashBack | 14 Jul 2010
friend icon Am finally getting paid £50 back from the AA. Was already saving by not automatically renewing with Tesco car insurance and am now receiving more money so have saved about £100! As long as you're not desperate for the cash (I've waited 5 months) then it's a fab way to shop.
  1deeb | 14 Jul 2010