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Pet by Waitrose & Partners Reviews
friend icon I have ordered from waitrose pet twice and both times have just been a pain. I ordered a batch of tinned & dry dog food and some dog treats, about 10 days later I got a email to say that the tinned food is out of stock so we wont be receiving it and we will receive a refund. I looked online and the food was still available to purchase on the waitrose pet website, I questioned this and they said they will be receiving more of the food from there supplier in the next few days which is why they didn’t put it as out of stock on there website. They decided to cancel our wet food order and give us a refund as to not hold up the rest of the order. A few days later we emailed them to make sure the wet food was available, they said yes so we ordered some more with some dog treats. Two weeks went past and no food arrived and no email to advise when delivery would be. We emailed them and they advised the wet food would arrive the following day but they no longer have the treats and will refund us. Out pet food isn’t easily available, we cant get it from a store we have to order online. We ended up waiting about a month for the wet food, our dog is only a puppy so he cant just eat any old food and the food we buy is grain free as he has a sensitive stomach. Not to mention we didn’t get all our order again, we haven’t received the refund for the treats yet so no doubt I will have to contact them again. Its not the type of service I expect from anyone but especially not waitrose.
  GemmaMyers | 10 Apr 2018 Report Abuse
friend icon Didn't track, and manual claim rejected - disappointed.
  BeJay | 18 Oct 2016 Report Abuse
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