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Noah is the first Starter Kit focused brand, helping customers to start something new and navigate the first steps of their new endeavours.They focus on the essentials, all the important items you can't get started without but don't have the time or interest to source and purchase yourself. Starter Kits save you time, money, and are so convenient with just one simple order, and everything arriving in one box.


One of noah's best sellers is The Student Box. They packed everything you need to survive at a campus or your own flat into a single box. High-quality products for an amazing price! You’ll find all the essentials you were about to spend 4 hours in Ikea searching for, delivered to you for free.


Another one of noah's best sellers is The Kitchen Box, which has all the kitchen essentials you need to get cooking the moment you move in. Whether you're just due for an upgrade or moving into a new flat, noah offers 4 variants of their Kitchen Pack, one for every situation and price point, so you'll be able to find the Kitchen Box that suits you.


Another one of noah's best sellers is The Baking Box, where you’ll find enough kit in this box to work your way through that recipe book that’s been collecting dust in the kitchen cupboard. Noah's tested every item in the box to ensure that they surpass your expectations without breaking the bank.

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