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No Time For Waste

Hi there. Together we are Mitch and Leanne. A married couple from South Yorkshire.

No Time For Waste was formed from an idea that I had after working within reuse for a waste management company in the UK. The amount of electrical waste I would see on a daily basis was staggering and opened my eyes to the scale of consumer waste in the UK.

I started looking into the effects of consumer habits as a whole, particularly interested with the major effects of single and short term use items. Items that contribute to creating seas of plastics in our oceans, heaps of waste in our earth and clouds of pollution in our skies.

The Oceans, the land and the skies are houses to the basic components for life and to which I, along with many others took (and take) for granted. From then on I wanted to find ways for Leanne and myself to reduce waste within our household and our daily lives as a whole towards living as waste-free and eco-friendly as possible.

It was all well and good us doing our bit, but I then realised that we could share this journey with yourself and many other like-minded people. Queue NTFW.

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