Why hasn't my cashback tracked at the correct amount?

Firstly, has your Purchase Amount also tracked at a lower amount than expected? If so, please follow the relevant link below.

If your purchase amount appears to be correct, but your cashback is lower than expected then it may be that the cashback deal offered by the merchant has recently changed. Please do let us know so that we may change the rate shown – although our systems should pick up any changes pretty quickly.

We apologise if you feel you have lost out for this reason – but from time to time our rates may become out of date – and this is normally through no fault of our own, as we are not always informed when merchants change their rates. You should hopefully have noticed the discrepancy pretty quickly – in which case you should be able to return the item/cancel your policy if the cashback was very important to you.

Rates are as likely to be revised upwards as downwards – but strangely, not a lot of people feel the need to tell us if they have received more cashback than expected!

However, if you feel that your cashback is tracking lower than the rate displayed on the site at the time of your transaction, then please lodge a Missing Cashback Claim using the link below to enable us to look into this further.

Just to mention again though, we are very sorry if you feel you have missed out on some cashback because the rate has changed. We work hard to try to keep our rates up to date – but when listing thousands of merchants, it is inevitable that from time to time the odd rate may become inaccurate.

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