How do I purchase through TopCashback Compare?

Can I purchase over the phone and still earn the cashback via TopCashback Compare?

Yes, this is absolutely fine. All you need to do is provide the Quote reference number you have been provided either within your quote results or once you've reached the insurer site and they will make sure that you are still eligible for the cashback.

What do I do if I the TopCashback Compare quote form doesn't let me add all of my details or if I have special modifications to make?

If you find that you have extra details which you need to add to your quote, or if you can't enter the correct details on your form, you can call the insurer to make these changes.

The insurer will adjust the quote accordingly and your cashback will be based on this. Please make sure to quote the reference number you receive from us so that the transaction will track to your account.

How do I find my previously saved quotes?

For some of our products you can view your previously saved quotes by clicking on the 'Retrieve Saved Quote' link either on the TopCashback Compare Homepage or the 'View your previous quotes' link at the top of the quote page, unfortunately this is not available on all products.

Can I amend a quote before I purchase my insurance or do I need to start a new quote?

You can easily amend the quote form before you purchase your insurance if some of your details have changed. Simply select the quote you wish to amend and then click on 'Modify Quote' at the top of the results. The quote form will then be displayed with all of the details you previously entered and you can amend any field you wish in order to get a revised quote.

Why were there no quote results returned for me?

Unfortunately, TopCashback Compare may not always be able to find a quote or suitable insurance policy for you with the details you've provided. It's always worth double checking the details you've entered in to the quote form and trying again, as we may be able to return a quote the second time around.

If you are still unable to get a list of quotes then we'd suggest that you try again at a different time because insurance merchants regularly change their policy requirements and special offers, so they may be able to find something suitable at a later date.

How long will my TopCashback Compare quote be valid for?

This will vary between products as brands constantly change their offers and prices, sometimes as often as every 24 hours! If you find a quote you're happy with, it's best to purchase it as soon as you can, otherwise the quote price may change.

If your quote has expired there will be a warning box displayed when you select the quote from within your account. You will then have the option to re-run your quote and get an up to date comparison.

Why are the quotes I got through TopCashback Compare different to the quotes I got from a different comparison site?

Merchants typically don't charge you any more for your policy if you purchase it through TopCashback Compare. However, every comparison service will have a different range of questions and policy options and the slightest difference may affect your overall quote. Quote prices can also change daily between insurers so it's always worth checking that you've filled in the forms identically and correctly, that you retrieved your quotes on the same day and that all of the additional cover options such as Excesses and No Claims Bonuses are filled in identically.

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