How can I make sure I receive my cashback?

6 Tips to Maximize Your TopCashback Experience

  1. Disable Blockers

    Disable ad blockers, pop-up blockers, and third-party cookie blockers on your device and browser.

    Browser with three dots in top right

    Follow these steps to adjust your settings in Google Chrome:
    1. Open the menu
    2. Go to 'Settings'
    3. Type 'cookies' into the search box
    4. Select 'Cookies and other site data'
    5. Change your Cookies setting to 'Allow third-party cookies'

    Each browser has its own path. To make it easier for you, check WhatIsMyBrowser to see if your third-party cookies are enabled.

    If not, click on 'How to enable third-party cookies', select your browser, and enable them by following the recommended steps.
  2. Close All Tabs, Apps and Extensions

    Before clearing cookies, close all tabs, apps, and extensions for each visit.

    Browser with tabs
  3. Check if You Can Use the Retailer's App

    Ensure to check pop-ups after clicking from our app or mobile site. They will let you know if you can purchase via the retailer's app.

    App and mobile site with notifications
  4. Allow Cookies

    After clicking our offer, if asked which cookie to allow on the retailer's site, choose 'Accept All'.

    Cookies Lightbox
  5. Avoid Incognito Mode

    Avoid private browsing to ensure accurate tracking.

    Browser with Incognito Icon
  6. Use Recommended Browsers

    If you're facing problems, switch to another browser (except Safari or Firefox), as it might solve the issue. We recommend using Google Chrome.

    Google Chrome Icon Google Chrome

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