How can I make sure I receive my cashback?

To help with your enjoyment of TopCashback, here are some hints and tips which we have found gives the best chance of receiving cashback.

-To help with cashback tracking we would advise to check your device and web browser for any adblockers, pop up blockers and third party cookie blockers and disable these.

-Please then close all web tabs, apps and extensions before clearing cookies on your web browser. Please try this for every visit to our site or app.

-Before clicking through our offers via the get cashback button, please check below these for all offer information as this can help with eligibility and advice on how cashback would be tracked. If there are multiple offer titles, please select the one most relevant to you.

-Please also check all pop ups when you click through from our app as this will let you know if you can purchase via the retailer’s app or their mobile site.

-When clicking through our offers on the desktop site please also check if any pop up appears as this can help with advice with eligibility for a cashback offer.

-After clicking through one of our offers, if asked on the retailers site which cookies you would like to allow, we recommend clicking accept all.

-Please avoid using an incognito web tab or private web browser as these may hinder tracking.

-If you do have regular issues please try a different web browser and try the steps above as this may help. We would advise against using Safari or Firefox browsers due to features within them which cause several retailers to fail to track.

-To help with offers and tracking you can try our web browser extension. The extension has an additional inbuilt prompt, where possible just before checking out to help ensure our cookies are attached to your purchase.

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