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Both my purchase price and cashback have been reported as lower than expected. Why?

Some merchants will only pay cashback on the ex-VAT price and most won’t pay cashback on the delivery cost. This can mean that you have a lower purchase amount reported and consequently a lower Cashback amount.

Where we have been informed that the ex-VAT price only is used we have added this to the Merchant Notes as a guide – but there may be several such merchants where this isn’t indicated.

If you have found such a merchant, we encourage you to post a comment on their merchant page – thus informing other members.

If you really feel that your Cashback is significantly less than you were expecting - and this isn't accounted for by the VAT, delivery and other such costs, then you might like to lodge a Missing Cashback Claim. When lodging your Claim, please let us know the background within the claim notes. Also, and IMPORTANTLY, please quote your FULL purchase price - but ONLY the cashback that you are missing. So you are only claiming for your missing portion of cashback.

Thanks very much - we know that this is all a little complicated!

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