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Green Star Energy Reviews
friend icon Hi taken a while to get it but I have received it
  Cheekyhall12 | 17 Nov 2019 Report Abuse
friend icon perfect thankyou
  edutu | 17 Mar 2019 Report Abuse
friend icon Took much longer than stated but got there eventually
  Michael_Connolly | 16 Jun 2019 Report Abuse
friend icon Tracking didn't update for a very,very long time but paid out eventually
  chrisashtondavies | 02 Nov 2018 Report Abuse
friend icon Takes longer than they estimate to pay out, TCB estimated 24 weeks, its been 26 weeks already. Probably faster paying suppliers than this.
  ajglover5 | 17 Jan 2019 Report Abuse
friend icon Took too long and was £120 less than advertised.
  sarahjshaw19 | 12 Feb 2020 Report Abuse
friend icon Not great - took almost a year to get cashback
  Minnie141 | 04 Feb 2020 Report Abuse
friend icon Cashback took nearly a year to be payable, so much so, my contract with them is nearly up too!
  tomsimps | 15 Jan 2020 Report Abuse
friend icon 9 months and counting! Has been confirmed for nearly 5 months but no payment and no response from TopCashback ??
  Dang55 | 30 Dec 2019 Report Abuse
friend icon My experience with Greenstar energy has been an absolute nightmare. with their inability to communicate properly to customers and the lengths I had to go through in the first place even too get through to them. Furthermore, when I moved out of the property that was associated with them, I made sure to change energy companies and they would still not leave me alone. To be exact they are still harassing me four months later for a meter reading for a property that I have no association with. Worst energy provider I have ever dealt with. Avoid at all costs.
  ICB | 28 Oct 2019 Report Abuse
friend icon Still waiting for Cashback from Nov 2018. As a company i can't comment as i haven't had to have any dealings with them and find their app easy to track energy use, meter reading etc. However the reason for the switch was the cashback of over £100 which is still yet to materialize.
  Harmanr80 | 07 Oct 2019 Report Abuse
friend icon Still not paid after 9 months. topcashback say they will not chase merchant and will list merchant unless it has negative reviews, one can only assume that they don't read the reviews or is the problem not the merchant?
  hitchak | 30 May 2019 Report Abuse
friend icon Cash payout dated 8th October. Says payable 26 weeks. Still waiting for the payout even though it's been confirmed.
  josephine_10 | 25 May 2019 Report Abuse
friend icon Possibly the worst company I have dealt with in my life. I have had to get the ombudsman involved in a dispute and GSE paid £75 compensation. I do not hold out much hope for my cash back, I joined them on 2nd November 2018.
  Sagbelly | 17 May 2019 Report Abuse
friend icon Cashback declined despite meeting all the conditions, took 7 months to go to declined and not going to chase. They are the worst energy supplier I have ever used, customer service is shocking and will be switching away. Avoid like the plague.
  Chrickadee | 05 Mar 2019 Report Abuse
friend icon 8 months on and i'm still waiting for my cashback, despite chasing several times.
  EBPMAP | 04 Mar 2019 Report Abuse
friend icon Its been over seven months now, AVOID!!!
  Adieacc | 31 Jan 2019 Report Abuse
friend icon Waited 6 months for cashback, the added cost of their tariffs makes this not worth it.
  inlustra | 17 Jan 2019 Report Abuse
friend icon I moved energy supplier to take advantage of the free Amazon Echo and also the £117 of cashback. The cashback has tracked at £17 and the offer for the echo has expired without access been given to order it. I have been unable to speak to Green Star Energy about this. II did raise with top cash back the issue of the tracked cash back but they have been unhelpful. This is the first occasion that the link has worked to leave feedback which has been very disappointing. I hope that this was not deliberate from top cashback but given all that is going wrong who knows? Top cashback do have some duty of care to consumers who are enticed by offers on their site especially in relation to regulated industries like utilities. I just hope that they are taking sometime to review Green Star Energy!
  euanmcleod | 29 Oct 2018 Report Abuse
friend icon rubbish customer service and not delivered deals as promised
  Christina_Mell | 28 Oct 2018 Report Abuse


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