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Dr Martens

The inventors of the Dr. Martens air-cushioned sole; the Griggs family; every youth subculture that has ever existed – they all have one common denominator, a primal urge to be different. Modern youth culture is now unrecognisable from the 1950s – in some ways from the 1990s even – and yet the next chapters of the history books will be written by exactly the same kind of personalities who penned the memoirs of the first fifty years of subculture. Namely people who want to be individuals, who want to be expressive, rebellious, free-thinking … different. That word again.

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Dr. Martens - With Bouncing Soles

Dr Martens Logo

Grab yourself some iconic footwear and save some money thanks to our brilliant Dr. Martens deals. Discover men's, women's and kids' Dr. Martens boots and shoes, whether you are looking for the latest styles or want to buy from their Originals collection.

As well as footwear available in every colour from black and brown to green and yellow, they also sell accessories and clothing, while you are sure to find some bargains in the Dr. Martens sale. Take advantage of free standard delivery on all orders over £50, while they also offer a next day option, as well as free returns. Whatever you are looking to buy, be it Chelsea boots, canvas shoes, vegan sandals or summer styles, make sure you fill in the form at the bottom of this page and join TopCashback before you do so you can take advantage of our fantastic cashback deals.

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The Latest Styles from Dr. Martens

Whatever your size, their new arrivals will feature the latest styles, and also include DM's Lite and Made in England items. You will also find products from Dr. Martens' featured collections, which include William Blake, Cherry Red, Daze and Neon. Their men's and women's footwear includes shoes, ankle boots, heels and sandals, while if you are looking for a great deal, their clearance section will be packed full of superb discounts.

Browse trends such as Chelsea boots, casual footwear and athleisure items such as trainers, while as well as shoes, Dr. Martens also sell clothing and accessories, including T-shirts, socks, bags, shoe care items and laces. If you want to buy something for children, you will find newborn, toddler, junior and youth footwear, including back to school shoes. Their Originals collection includes 1460 vintage boots, while their Industrial collection is the place to look for workwear.

Dr. Martens Features

Company History

Now one of the most culturally relevant brands of modern times, Dr. Martens were originally a workwear boot which were even sold as gardening shoes at one stage.

Since 1901, the Griggs family had been known for making boots in the Northamptonshire town of Wollaston, with their footwear earning a reputation for being sturdy and durable work boots. In 1945, in post-war Munich, a 25-year-old soldier, Dr Klaus Maertens, created a unique air-cushioned sole to aid his recovery from a broken foot.

He made a prototype shoe and showed it to an old university friend and mechanical engineer, Dr Herbert Funk. The two went into partnership and used disused military supplies to begin producing their unique footwear.

They had begun formal production by 1974 and had a booming business within a decade. In 1959, they decided to advertise their product in overseas magazines. In England, the advert caught the eye of Bill Griggs, who was helping to run the family business.

An exclusive licence was acquired and a few changes made - including an altered heel, a bulbous upper, a distinctive yellow stitch, a two-tone, grooved sole edge and a unique sole pattern. The boots were branded as Airwair and, taking its name from the date of its inception - April 1st, 1960 - the 1460 Dr. Martens boot was born.

The radical atmosphere of the 1960s witnessed extravagant and sometimes toxic fashion, and while Dr. Martens boots had initially been worn by postmen and factory workers, they suddenly became popular with skinheads, who championed British working class style. The Who's Pete Townshend became the first high profile person to wear them, helping to change the course of the brand's history.

By the end of the 1970s, the boot had become a fierce symbol of self-expression for British youth culture, while the 80s saw an increasing number of girls wearing and often customising them. The brand became synonymous with festival culture the following decade, while the dawning of the new millennium saw a company which had been forced to close all but one of its UK factories revitalised, thanks in part to high-fashion designers customising the classic 1460 boot.

Industrial Protection

Engineered using premium materials, the Dr. Martens Industrial collection offers premium grade, iconic footwear for workers who demand the ultimate in protection.

The unique air-cushioned Dr. Martens sole is combined with durable leather protection to create lightweight and flexible comfort without compromising on safety or durability.

The range includes light industrial shoes and boots which are ideal for working long hours in factories and other industries as they provide all day comfort and protection. Their heavy industrial items provide uncompromising security in the most demanding of work environments.

Their safety rated footwear can provide impact resistance with steel toe and safety toe caps, as well as electric hazard protection, compression resistance and more. You will also find specialist Dr. Martens shoes and boots for the service industry in many styles and sizes. They focus on exceptional slip resistance while also being comfortable. The range also includes footwear which is insulated, waterproof and anti-static.

Dr Martens FAQ

How Can I Break In Dr Martens?

There are no quick fixes when it comes to breaking in Dr Martens. However, some great tips include stuffing them with paper when you are not wearing them to loosen the crown (the part above your toes), wear two pairs of socks, put plasters on the back of your heels to prevent blisters and use Dr Martens leather balm. The best way to break them in is to wear them daily for a few hours.

Where Are Dr Martens Made?

All Dr Martens used to be made in England, but they now outsource their standard shoes and boots to China and Thailand. However, they still design and manufacture their exclusive Made in England range in their original Cobbs Lane factory in Northamptonshire.

What Should I Wear With Dr Martens?

In truth, you can wear whatever you like with your Dr Martens. However, if you are looking for some style tips, you can browse the best Dr Martens outfit ideas on Pinterest or scour the Internet for more brilliant fashion ideas.

Do Dr Martens Stretch?

Dr Martens will stretch and there is something you can do to help this process. Get yourself some Dr Martens Wonder Balsam and it will condition the leather, thus helping it to stretch. Its unique blend of coconut oil, lanolin and beeswax will help clean and protect the leather to keep it soft and supple. It can be used on all leather except suede types and San Diego leather.

Are Dr Martens True To Size?

Dr Martens can differ in size, depending on the design, so the fit will depend on the style you are buying. Women’s footwear can be narrower than men’s and unisex shoes, just as unisex footwear can come up larger. As everyone’s feet are different, Dr Martens recommend trying a pair on to make sure they are the perfect fit for you.

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