Why be Loyal When You can Switch?

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Why be Loyal When You can Switch?

It seems like our utility bills are forever on the rise. Every year we get stung with a rise in the cost our utilities and while we may grumble about it, we continue to pay. One in 10 people don’t haggling with their suppliers because they simply can’t be bothered or don’t have the time, and nearly half are too embarrassed. This means six in of 10 people are losing out on £100s per year by not switching.

Do not fear, TopCashback is here, and we’re ready to help make sure scrimping on your heating isn’t something you have to worry about.

If you’ve never switched suppliers, you’re missing a trick. According to government figures 75% of people could have saved £200 in 2017 by changing supplier and if you’re on a legacy plan without a meter, you could have saved more than £300.

If you’re still considering it, there are four game changing reasons why you should switch in 2018.

Loyalty doesn’t always pay

Shop around and tell your supplier you could find a cheaper deal elsewhere, some may lower your monthly cost. If it doesn’t, you could save £100s by moving supplier. Also, remember getting your gas and electricity from the same supplier is not always cheapest option. Do your research and look at the cost of both dual fuel and single fuel.

You could be spending more than needed

Use an accredited energy price comparison website to see which providers can give you the best deal based on your household consumption. Comparison sites such as uSwitch are quick and easy and they can give you an accurate estimate of what you should be paying and how much you could be saving should you decide to switch.

Make money and get cashback

There is always the option of earning cashback as well. Once you’ve picked a provider and a tariff, be sure to go through a cashback website. We’re currently offering £51 when comparing and switching via Lumo.

Change to online bills

Save some trees and money while you’re at it. Changing your account to an online, paperless account so you don’t receive a monthly letter in the post could save you up to 10% as online tariffs are often much cheaper. As well as being cheaper, they are a lot easier to monitor and control. So, taking the leap would make your life a whole lot easier.

With a saving of up to £300 with your name on it, what you are waiting for.

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