What is Veganuary?

Posted on 10 Jan 2022 Posted in  How To Articles & Handy Tips
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What is Veganuary?

The month of January is a month of supporting the new year, new beginnings, and new challenges. So, have you found yourself a New Year’s Resolution yet? If not, then how about the challenge of Veganuary? A challenge in which you eat and sustain a vegan friendly lifestyle for the 31 days of January. Making not only a difference to your very own lifestyle but an even bigger contribution to the planet and the environment.

The key aim of Veganuary is to maintain a vegan lifestyle by eating and supporting products that are free from animal harm. However, the main mission of Veganuary is to inspire and support people being vegan, drive corporate change, and create a global movement encouraging the end of animal farming, protecting the planet, and improving human health.

In 2021 Veganuary inspired and supported over 580,000 people to try a vegan lifestyle. It had participants from over 200 countries and states. Veganuary also helped to inspire over 825 new vegan products and menus. The ambassadors for Veganuary include Joaquin Phoenix, Paul McCartney, and Evanna Lynch. So, whether you want to support the treatment of animals, the environment, or are simply looking to improve your health then Veganuary is a fantastic challenge that will help you make a real contribution to the beginning of 2022.

Furthermore, you may be wondering how we at TopCashback can help you in your 31 days of vegan living as well as a greener lifestyle… Well, our Green Cashback category is filled with environmental and animal friendly brands across a selection of products such as Food & Drink, Fashion, as well as many more.

If you were wondering if you could still drink during Veganuary because giving up so many things at once is difficult then don't worry because yes you can! Every single wine at Libation.London is vegan but they have also gone ahead and thrown together some of their favourites into a vegan box to mark Veganuary. With a healthy discount and free delivery in place too. There's also 15% exclusive cashback so you can make even more great savings on trying something new.

If you decide to take on the challenge, we would love to hear from you in the comments down below. A suggestion of meals to cook or even better a recipe! What are the hardest aspects of being vegan & the challenges that you face? Whatever it is we hope that you enjoy Veganuary.

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glorylufc19 January 2022, 12:38 Red January for me, but also happy to try something new.
Radoz15 January 2022, 19:06 Great,my daughter is a vegan and cooks some delicious meals..I really dont know why theres still lots of people out there who have a big problem with veganism-a plant based diet is the way forward...Leave vegans alone,it doesnt effect you if you eat meat,no one is forcing this on to you
tcb_james_tcb11 January 2022, 23:34 I'm lovin' it!
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