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For the fifth year in a row we’ve been nominated for the Consumer Moneyfacts Cashback Site of the Year award. This award means so much to us as it’s voted for by you, our amazing members, and we hope you can support us again to make it 2 years in a row.

Our members really are the heart of TopCashback and over the years we've helped you save millions of pounds - something we're really proud of. Now it’s your turn to decide who wins.

There are three surveys and it should only take you about 10-15 minutes to complete all three. You can complete just one or two surveys if you prefer and skip questions that are not relevant. Each completed survey gives you one entry into a prize draw, with the chance to win one of three £1,000 cash prizes – so completing all three surveys will give you three entries into the draw. You must be over 18 and based in the UK to enter the prize draw. Surveys must be submitted by midnight on Friday 15 November 2019.

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Member77684827245511 Dec 19 - 01:06Today is viator
Member115391603123016 Nov 19 - 13:38Only just been introduced to this site, it’S great
thabarak15 Nov 19 - 19:09Great site
mikeheery197415 Nov 19 - 17:49Free money when you spend anyway - happy days great site
eparker24x15 Nov 19 - 16:45Great site
MadGriff 15 Nov 19 - 10:33Fab simple to use web page - amazing offers
khannyngton15 Nov 19 - 08:00Easy to navigate,clear and well laid out- great value savings from using it.
aqdasn14 Nov 19 - 20:29Excellent site which cover almost every aspect of life with great savings.
Member107981986244914 Nov 19 - 20:25Excellent site In uk money back on things
Nickinnaird14 Nov 19 - 19:10Brilliant website xxx
angeladwyer14 Nov 19 - 16:59Fab website
suensyd14 Nov 19 - 13:56Love this cashback
ErinBrodie9014 Nov 19 - 13:16Amazing website !
chjoshi2314 Nov 19 - 10:43Excellent site
kingnomore14 Nov 19 - 09:55Excellent site money back on things that you buy everyday anyway. It's a no brainer
johood13 Nov 19 - 18:29Excellent site!
moishebrunner13 Nov 19 - 00:30Love the website... Amazing
ChloeJade9612 Nov 19 - 22:55Great website.
daygaz12 Nov 19 - 19:15I like that
Sw1sslady12 Nov 19 - 16:54Like this very much
Sarbjit12 Nov 19 - 14:20Great , best ever website for service.
masudmiah7612 Nov 19 - 13:41Very very cashback service I like that
kyle643212 Nov 19 - 10:53How can anyone complain about free money? :)
Hsantos12 Nov 19 - 10:51Cashback has made me realise some dreams through the extra cash I gained. Amazing!!
That's so sweet to hear @Hsantos !

Besr wishes,
adrianyoung11 Nov 19 - 22:37Great! Love it!
Lucis19511 Nov 19 - 16:47Looked at all the cashback sites and this definitely the best
Crazydavid511 Nov 19 - 16:35Only cashback I use
Vince Rippin11 Nov 19 - 15:50Useful tool
pinkfox0611 Nov 19 - 15:44Always a great, bonus service! Thank you!
Missah_x11 Nov 19 - 10:06Amazing CashBack!!!
laura2k8511 Nov 19 - 10:04Topcash Back is amazing - literally no other word, needs to rename itself amazing cash back - thanks you from the bottom of my heart x
Asmala0210 Nov 19 - 21:37Topcashback is the best cashback company. 5 stars
Olivia8310 Nov 19 - 19:48Always professional Top Cashback. Just excellent My favourite
sampath22210 Nov 19 - 19:45Tops cashback site.
daisy_rigley10 Nov 19 - 11:14Best Topcashback website...
Buttons3110 Nov 19 - 10:08Brilliant site to use x
Tomaszd09 Nov 19 - 23:06Always professional
kgibson09 Nov 19 - 19:12I love Topcashback, I have earned so much money over the last few years it has helped pay off bills, pay for a holiday and treat my daughter. I have also won an xbox one in a plus member competition.
perpy09 Nov 19 - 18:07Fab site
sameeranu09 Nov 19 - 17:38The Top website TopCashback. Just excellent
Alison46zeros09 Nov 19 - 16:45I love Topcashback !
pompey_kate09 Nov 19 - 16:33Just Great has been a life line for me
hems8709 Nov 19 - 15:44Best one out there. Always use it
MrsB210009 Nov 19 - 15:18Love Topcashback. The chrome extension is an excellent add-on, well worth having. The snap&Save feature is also good (although I dont get to use it often). The 'treats' contest is great fun when it's on. And of course, cashback on purchases that you were making anyway. What's not to love?! Well done, TCB - You've always got my vote!
aidennixon09 Nov 19 - 13:19Fab!! Get cashback on everything I buy
Chalmers2108 Nov 19 - 19:53I use TopCashback on all purchase
MonaCaux08 Nov 19 - 19:36Great site. I have already received a lot of cashback!
lisi08 Nov 19 - 19:34I use TopCashback for every purchase I make online...
Gowrin08 Nov 19 - 13:20Something I have been really missing on in the past
RamsHead66608 Nov 19 - 08:10I don't know why I haven't used this site before, its fantastic!! Just waiting on my first ever pay out... I will be using this site for everything I buy online...

Thanks for the kind words :)

Best wishes

AnuTopcashback07 Nov 19 - 22:38It is amazing I am very happy
HaydenrCP07 Nov 19 - 12:18I am new to TopCashback, but couldn't recommend it enough! With in a short period of time I have already received a lot of cashback!
tel195307 Nov 19 - 10:47Great site
debsdg07 Nov 19 - 09:02It is amazing how much the savings add up to. Can't thank my daughter enough for recommending.
Member67537976520607 Nov 19 - 07:16Love this site money on purchase s is great
gveitch07 Nov 19 - 06:37Great site, I save my cashback throughout the year for that little extra at Christmas
Stevelesleybaker06 Nov 19 - 18:56Great site
GMcAuley9406 Nov 19 - 16:58I am new to TopCashback, but couldn't recommend it enough! With in a short period of time I have already received a lot of cashback!
Bargain Place06 Nov 19 - 09:26My favourite! <3
Member118064737761305 Nov 19 - 14:53A great idea supported by Brilliant team :)
pooliemad05 Nov 19 - 09:20Astound my friends each time I tell them my earnings through this site, for simply buying through a link.
Debragillett05 Nov 19 - 07:50Top company TopCashback
rmd20005 Nov 19 - 05:14Top company you can trust.
Tiwerwy04 Nov 19 - 21:11Great product I use this on every purchase
MERLINDA04 Nov 19 - 18:46Topcashback is the best. The games are great fun and it saves me money. I highly recommend it to all friends and family.
claireb197304 Nov 19 - 16:41I save my cash back all year for christmas , its surprising how much I save in a year
ilongi04 Nov 19 - 15:33TopCashback is best
YSH_MGT04 Nov 19 - 14:49Tbc is the best!!!
aaronlawrence8904 Nov 19 - 14:07Everyone should be using this site!
mitzi3904 Nov 19 - 11:45Love Topcashback used it for years.
pinkyponk7204 Nov 19 - 10:05Why doesnt everybody use this great site?! Fab offers and more!
dlarkaigh03 Nov 19 - 22:38Fantastic website for buying products and services
sukie703 Nov 19 - 20:41Brillant
kittykitty03 Nov 19 - 18:50Quick and easy,soon adds up
GillyGG03 Nov 19 - 01:22I know I must have spent a lot of money to have gathered £250 in a year, but it was there, which it wouldn’T have been had I not gone through the site every time I shopped, choosing to refrain from buying in shops knowing I could get that extra small (sometimes large) extra percentage back! Ive recommended a number of friends verbally and they have also had a great experience .. Thank you!
Sharon kent02 Nov 19 - 13:39Brilliant app
Member118051586271202 Nov 19 - 13:06I like this very much
Dolly522602 Nov 19 - 11:39Fantastic website to earn money in things you buy anyway! Win win
justynamohamed02 Nov 19 - 11:19Tried it and didn't believe was true thank you so much TopCashback

Thanks for the kind words

Best wishes

Pharrellvp02 Nov 19 - 08:32Great site!
momofthree01 Nov 19 - 15:46Have recommended over the time I have been a member to family and friends.
Great bonus for doing very little
Sardorius01 Nov 19 - 11:40TopCahsBack has changed my perception of shopping. It doesn't mean i've started buying more. I am a smarter shopper, now
householdallsorts01 Nov 19 - 10:36Great, didn't even know that I can get some cashback for my shopping
perpy01 Nov 19 - 09:30Good site
karenstebbings01 Nov 19 - 07:52Excellent website - can get extra discount off on different websites. Friendly team. Definitely recommend to everyone to use.
Karinacm31 Oct 19 - 21:49Always very helpful and I have saved a lot using this website. I recommend to anyone
Janethobbs31 Oct 19 - 21:3313 birds another prize entry
Janethobbs31 Oct 19 - 18:47Found 12 birds all prize entries , what a swizz

I can assure you that the prize draw is not what you think. We wish you the best of luck for the prize draw as it is a mega prize

Best wishes

inaam31 Oct 19 - 18:41I like this site
Member102518513835931 Oct 19 - 17:25Best cash back site,
JustineBarthet31 Oct 19 - 15:44Top cashback sight
Member87746169325531 Oct 19 - 15:02The best Cashback sight, for sure.
McClane5431 Oct 19 - 14:22Done :)
Fubsy31 Oct 19 - 13:33Love this site! Much better than the competition - I deleted my account there this year as I was spending endless time using useless customer support for missing claims.
stevio5831 Oct 19 - 13:09The best Cashback Site, couldn't ask for more!!
danijordi8831 Oct 19 - 13:03Earned over 1000 using TCB - highly reccommend
kevmaur6331 Oct 19 - 11:46Well wished I joined earlier.
Member126965126970931 Oct 19 - 10:341st class
Kthoops0231 Oct 19 - 07:58Almost Always a higher cash back rate than its competitors - I often don’T even bother to check the others cash back sites anymore, as 9/10 times Topcashback is the winner! Thankyou.
To be rewarded for spending on items you’D ordinarily spend on anyway = Fab. To be rewarded ( ie - money off vouchers /Promo codes / Reward points for your loyalty one day would be good too I think.
xxwelshyxx8431 Oct 19 - 05:02Brilliant site always keen to suggest it , and also show what i’Ve accumulated since I became a member
Sharana30 Oct 19 - 19:57Brilliant site. Always check it before making any online purchase.
Anjon30 Oct 19 - 19:20Dissapointed, have a claim in for missing cashback from sse, they say its Topcashback and TopCashback say its sse. No one at Topcashback to talk too :-(

If you pop in a support ticket we'll check this out with you :)

yosefy30 Oct 19 - 17:37Love this site Great cash back deals
chaitanyasadu30 Oct 19 - 17:22Top cash back being top for awarding customers for what they spend.
lwarrener30 Oct 19 - 16:27Great offers, love it, long may it continue
amberangel30 Oct 19 - 13:17Very competitive cashback! Reliable tracking and payout.
yuan30 Oct 19 - 11:19Have been using it for years,Really love it
sdodds50030 Oct 19 - 11:10Love this site and cash back soon GATHERSup
Loopyliz30 Oct 19 - 10:24Great cash back deals. Excellent customer service
Wayne99930 Oct 19 - 07:29Great Cashback deals and good customer service 💜
magi486629 Oct 19 - 22:01Great site nothing to lose ,makes on line shopping even better
Janet_Heaton29 Oct 19 - 20:32Love this site and cash back soon mounts up
anned5229 Oct 19 - 18:16Great cashback site, used for years, no problems
leeannejohnson29 Oct 19 - 17:29Fab site x really easy to use x excellent cashback x
Steven5watson29 Oct 19 - 13:18Been with TopCashBack for years and have always recommended them to friends and family, I have used this service over quidco for a few years now and always thought the service was a cut above!
Benrushton129 Oct 19 - 12:56Been using TopCashback for years, its a great site and genuine payouts!
Pedro429 Oct 19 - 12:56Love TopCashback it’S the perfect way of earning money while you are spending x
keatnev29 Oct 19 - 11:58Just starting to use and so far so good
chinthaka29 Oct 19 - 11:42Earning while shopping from TopCashback. Great earning ever I have seen.
isabella bernardi29 Oct 19 - 10:12Best website ever!!! So easy to use! Wish there was an app
Sunnytothep29 Oct 19 - 09:36It's my go-to site before I do any online spending and i'm always amazed to see how quickly the cashback builds up. I've been a customer for 5 years now and continue to recommend to friends and family :-)
millhaus129 Oct 19 - 09:16Great cashback site. Highly recommend to everyone.
scottishpat222229 Oct 19 - 02:08I love using TopCashback where possible, and watch my cashback build up, it great money for nothing really...... Thank you TopCashback.... 😀😀😀😀
yasirmpr28 Oct 19 - 23:50Love this website always using to get cashback offer well done! :)
wilber128 Oct 19 - 22:43Topcashback is a great site to use, Highly recommend to everyone.
trishhornby28 Oct 19 - 19:59Never ceases to amaze me with the savings I achieve.
areeba_9728 Oct 19 - 17:37Love this website always using to get cash back offers
Sohail9928 Oct 19 - 16:48Great cashback site
Mallen328 Oct 19 - 16:30Topcashback is a great site to use, it's amazing way off making money back.
nettyknickers28 Oct 19 - 15:55Excellent website. Easy to use and helps me save for Christmas x
Prajaktam28 Oct 19 - 14:39Topcashback is an excellent website. Love the discounts and prompt support on any discrepancies in getting cash backs. Highly recommend to everyone.
suexy28 Oct 19 - 12:30Great way of getting cash cash your purchases,good choice of retailers, what a bonus.
Member107949414280728 Oct 19 - 11:24Yes I will vote for Top Cashback they are all very good and friendly
Sean20728 Oct 19 - 10:50Great site for earning a through extra £’S for doing your normal shopping online I would recommend this site to everyone :)
aziz6828 Oct 19 - 08:55Pay cashback for reel. Really recommended
jackie195328 Oct 19 - 06:46Use it all the time online great site for earning extra money
millsy123427 Oct 19 - 21:57Paid out with no problems
benboyle27 Oct 19 - 20:36Superb site
Gabbie6627 Oct 19 - 18:50The best for earning extra money.
mrolla196527 Oct 19 - 18:49Amazing way to earn money while you're shopping
Barbandbarry27 Oct 19 - 17:48Great cashback site
coconnell3027 Oct 19 - 17:12Great site to earn money
george pearce27 Oct 19 - 15:54Yes your posts are informative
twinkle9727 Oct 19 - 15:08Best cash back site ever
Melpete27 Oct 19 - 14:41Treats or pde
meme00127 Oct 19 - 13:50Great site to buy and earn money
robjones90127 Oct 19 - 13:36I am a little tired of chasing after Top Cashback to get my dues. I had a horrific time getting my car insurance cashback and now I am fighting for my home insurance reward and as regards Facebook nobody is even answering.
Hey Rob

I am sory to hear this. Our Social Media team will get back to queries as soon as they possibly can but if you do need further help please drop them a dm so they can take a look.

Best wishes

Trooperjohn27 Oct 19 - 12:02I can't stop buying through Top Cash Back its amazing i've only been a member for a week and earned £110 Brilliant!!
ldr199227 Oct 19 - 11:42Great website, bonus getting money back.
SimmaWelch27 Oct 19 - 11:18Can’T believe this works - but it does!
Gacottt27 Oct 19 - 10:26Love it, very good
46025721255727 Oct 19 - 07:14Just love sites that save me money
davehunter7627 Oct 19 - 05:38Saved so much money with TopCashback, great money saving tool
szczesiul26 Oct 19 - 21:35Love it !!!
celms26 Oct 19 - 21:02Best site cashback I see
linz197926 Oct 19 - 19:57Fantastic company to deal with a star
mike edmonds26 Oct 19 - 17:54Best money back site out there
lea2001gb26 Oct 19 - 16:06Best money back site out there, had big amounts 2 years on the trot! Absolutely fantastic
joanne016126 Oct 19 - 14:35New to TopCashback, its brilliant!!
annetteoreilly26 Oct 19 - 13:08It is a no brainer, before you shop use Top cashback.
Timelady26 Oct 19 - 10:52Excellent in every respect! Have saved so much money & It is so easy to use. The go to place for deals & Bargains!
Cas2925 Oct 19 - 22:28Such an amazing website I can’T believe how much money i’Ve managed to save! I always kick myself when I forget to use it and work out the saving I have missed out on.
tsmeaton25 Oct 19 - 21:47Great site, good offers and really easy to use :-)
Ally182225 Oct 19 - 21:01Best site for cashback offers, recommended to all my friends
Erni9625 Oct 19 - 20:27Good company
Sacko1425 Oct 19 - 19:35Great site easy to use
Member108001017015525 Oct 19 - 17:27Great website
broom7325 Oct 19 - 17:05Great cashback site! :-)
Tanvir0725 Oct 19 - 16:25Fabulous place to shop your essentials here
74Kris25 Oct 19 - 13:59Super!!!!
judehoney25 Oct 19 - 12:16Paid for a holiday with my savings! Fab site and great customer service
Member86464215863424 Oct 19 - 22:08Great news!
olga5624 Oct 19 - 21:26Brillant
Crazycatman24 Oct 19 - 20:25Well worth turning off my adblocker! Great cashback site.
pjwright24 Oct 19 - 20:17TopCashback is a great site and has saved me many £££££S
Tezza1624 Oct 19 - 19:44Fantastic! You can save so much money here!
01204mark24 Oct 19 - 18:50Saved me so much money towards Christmas. Might as well buy myself something whilst i'm at it!! Great site, Thanks :d
foxglovefairy924 Oct 19 - 15:26Great site, helps save cash. As we all need to tighten our purses.. Get cashback, it's a no brainer really xx
Member123884886455024 Oct 19 - 14:26A great way to save for Christmas and other treats!!!! Thank you for a wonderful website
bbeauty1924 Oct 19 - 13:52Best site ever!! Everyone should have a Topcashback account. You don't get much in this life, so why wouldn't you join a site that pays you for doing something you do anyway!!! Many of the many known retailers can be found here, so choice is vast. I always use TopCashback.
andy_mole24 Oct 19 - 13:35Saved so much money its great
spook0824 Oct 19 - 12:59Always the best cashback site to use.
devd24 Oct 19 - 12:21Best site and reliable
WoodyJVO24 Oct 19 - 09:36Best site ever, recommended to all my pals
jane23 Oct 19 - 20:25Perfect, have saved so much over the years on essential items. One click and instant savings. Thank you TopCashback.
Psyclonine23 Oct 19 - 17:00Best site cashback I see
tammyleigh1023 Oct 19 - 13:56Great cash back! Lot of shops to choose from
charlotteg041223 Oct 19 - 12:24Love this site, money soon adds up!!
Adp25098623 Oct 19 - 11:01Best cashback site around.
megi198723 Oct 19 - 09:52I love it.Great site.The best cashback ❤️🚀💷
p7ulo14723 Oct 19 - 07:53Love using this site, for cashback and promotions also gives me a list of companies I wouldnt think of using if I was just searching myself.
Amcgowan23 Oct 19 - 02:08Love it love it something for nothing x
edbutcher22 Oct 19 - 23:05Great site!
Shaunicus22 Oct 19 - 22:58This really is an incredible website. Totally legit, and helping people get proper cash-back, I think they are amazing!!
Julianna2822 Oct 19 - 22:46Great site that is reliable and easy to use. Extra money for just shopping...A real deal.
fersahin22 Oct 19 - 17:50I've received nearly £500 over the last few years, not bad for going around doing my normal thing. Brilliant site and so easy to use!
Obadee22 Oct 19 - 16:40The best cashback site.
Jannyw15322 Oct 19 - 15:44Free cash for nothing. Win win
jockmoor22 Oct 19 - 13:18Great place to save money and make a saving on stuff you need, also great place to come to for price comparison when you need insurance etc.
therandike22 Oct 19 - 11:05One of the best web site I use every day... Saving is unlimited on here
thug22 Oct 19 - 08:59It is no 1
sianhadley22 Oct 19 - 08:14Excellent site.
mrfwetcher22 Oct 19 - 07:45Love this site
Ffinant21 Oct 19 - 22:19Want to unsucribe

You can do this in your profile page or if you are having issues please submit a support ticket so the team can help

Best wishes

Tsuni21 Oct 19 - 19:51Always use this site
WoodyJVO21 Oct 19 - 16:55Excellent site, highly recommended
totalscot21 Oct 19 - 16:48First port of call before any purchase
Tanyacadd9021 Oct 19 - 14:52Great site
Mrs_munch21 Oct 19 - 14:25I love Topcashback, I would recommend it to everyone. The cashback I receive pays for my xmas presents.
Akasha9921 Oct 19 - 09:27Amazingly rewarding
Mettehagemeister20 Oct 19 - 20:22Amazing and easy
Suleman8720 Oct 19 - 16:19Voted :)
Member51097649242720 Oct 19 - 13:54Brilliant


Thanks for the kindness. We will continue to get the best cashback offers we can for you lovely members.

Best wishes

Member112545393680720 Oct 19 - 08:32Brilliant!

Thanks for the kind words

Best wishes

Jaden119 Oct 19 - 17:08Couldn't wish for a better cashback site.

We're glad to hear this. We hope to continue the good work :)

Best wishes

Ray090619 Oct 19 - 11:00Brilliant website
jon_calla18 Oct 19 - 11:47Great site very easy to use