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Hi All,

I think we're all a little confused about what day of the week it is here at Top CashBack because we've got some amazing, hot off the press cashback deals that we just couldn't wait till Monday to tell you about! (Remember, most of these great deals are only available at Top CashBack!) With just about ALL of the main Energy and Broadband merchants putting an offer in, this is definitely not to be missed...

With the cold weather firmly standing its ground, we thought we'd better offer you some great energy saving options to keep your cost of fuel down, and also give you some Entertainment alternatives for those cosy nights in front of the fire. So read on and you'll be wishing those chilly winter evenings away in no time!

The first merchant to wow all our members is the lovely Virgin Media...Previously DOUBLING cashback to £130 for Cable Broadband and all other Cable Sales, they have now increased this to a massive £150! With 3 months of the UK's Fastest Broadband FREE, you could save yourself a further £40 too...need we say more?! Virgin Media Cashback

Second to take the stage is Britain's Brightest Energy Company, npower - who are offering a staggering £90 cashback for a dual fuel switch, and £45 for a single fuel switch! Not convinced? Well click through and they'll compare their service with your current one to see how much you could save. npower Cashback

Moving on, we've got Britain's Largest Power Network, EDF Energy. Top CashBack members ONLY can now earn an impressive £80 cashback for a dual fuel switch, and £50 cashback for an electricity switch. Don't hesitate, join them today! EDF Energy Cashback

Next up we'd like to introduce you to O2 Broadband, who are potentially offering Top CashBack members FREE BROADBAND until Tuesday, 2nd Feb! Intrigued? Well here's how it works...On Standard and Premium Packages, existing O2 customers get 2 months FREE plus £75 /£100 cashback - this cashback effectively covers the cost of the broadband for the remainder of the year, therefore you get your Broadband free for 12 months...Genius! O2 Broadband Cashback

If you are not already an O2 customer then don't panic, we've thought of that too. You can request a Free Sim Card, earning yourself 30p cashback, then top it up with the minimum top-up of £10 and hey presto you're an Existing O2 Customer, ready to get yourself free Broadband for a year as well as cheap calls and texts! O2 Free Sim Card Cashback

If that wasn't enough to satisfy your bargain taste buds, how about £70 cashback for a dual fuel switch from E.ON? You could also save a further £193 with their FixOnline 5 Tariff, and they will also support you to help reduce your energy usage by 10% in 2010. Go on, get a bit green! E.ON Cashback

Last but by no means least, we've got another energy and money saving wonder...known as Scottish Power. They are now offering Top CashBack members a marvellous £70 cashback for dual fuel, and £35 for single fuel. With over 50 years experience, they're sure to impress you! Scottish Power Cashback

We hope these exclusive offers are of use to you...there is some serious money (and energy) to be saved this week so don't miss out!


Olly, Mike and the rest of the team

***Warning: Your loved one will not appreciate any of the above as a Valentine's Gift, so check back next week for our Valentine's Inspirations instead!***




Posted on 29 Jan 2010  |  Posted in  Deals & Competitions
Blog says O2 will pull their Broadband cashback offer on Tuesday, 2nd Feb, does this mean they'll also pull the "first 2 months free" offer that's currently available on all O2 broadband packages ?
  30 Jan 10 - 11:38
I get CashBack every month with The Utility Warehouse Discount Club using their pre-load card. One month I got 52% Off my bill! Fyi see savemakelive.co.uk or call 0800 13 13 000 and quote ref 4030959 bect regards...Ian.
  30 Jan 10 - 09:09
O2 broadband is £5 cheaper a month if you are an O2 mobile customer. An O2 mobile customer is someone who has an O2 mobile phone contract or Pay & Go mobile. The Pay & Go mobile must be topped up by at least £10 every 3 months otherwise you are charged the extra £5.
  30 Jan 10 - 08:58
I certainly hope that the O2 cashback offer doesn't expire on Tuesday, 2nd Feb! That offer was very poular on all the broadband forums and encouraged plenty of people sign up for O2 ... Oh well there's always the Virgin Media cashback offer!
  30 Jan 10 - 00:37
If you can't get on O2 llu do not go for O2 Access, it's really atrocious - great deal if you can get llu with them though :)
  29 Jan 10 - 17:05
Don't get you hopes up. I've been waiting for NPower cashback for over a year.
  29 Jan 10 - 16:23

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