Trick or Treat Cashback Giveaway 2019

Posted on 15 Oct 2019 Posted in  TopCashback Tips & Updates, Deals & Competitions
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trick or treat

Our 'Trick or Treats' Cashback Giveaway kicks off today and brings the return of your favourite little flying friends. Catch our elusive little hummingbirds, and you could win one of over 35,000 instant-win cash prizes worth up to £100, or our top prize of £1,300 cash. So, there’s plenty of treats up for grabs this month, and we promise – no tricks here!

Here's how to play:

Entering is simple - all you have to do is log in to your TopCashback account (or join if you haven’t got one yet) any time during the competition and look around for our little hummingbirds. They can appear on any page, but to give you a head start we’ll be releasing daily clues that’ll lead you to find one hummingbird each day. Once you’ve caught one there’ll be loads more to find so keep searching…

Each flying hummingbird you catch will gain you one entry into the mega prize draw to win the top £1,300 prize. Some hummingbirds will also have a spooky surprise in their basket – simply find matching items to win the instant win prizes.

Instant win prizes:

There are over 35,000 instant win prizes, which range from £0.10 to £100 each. To win, you'll need to collect between 1 and 4 matching spooky items which some hummingbirds will be carrying around with them (like zombie hands, pumpkins and so on). As you collect these items, they will be added to your Prize Board, and once you’ve got a matching set, your instant win cash will automatically be added to your TopCashback account within 48-72 hours.

Mega prize:

A larger prize is also up for grabs for one lucky member; the ultimate treat of a £1,300 cash prize! (That makes it a combined prize fund of £10,000 up for grabs over the next few weeks.)

Each hummingbird you collect will count as 1 entry into our mega prize giveaway, and at the end of the game we will select one lucky winner at random for the mega prize.

Share your progress on Facebook or send a tweet to gain 5 more entries to the £1,300 MEGA prize. At any time during the competition, you can check your Prize Board to verify the number of entries you've received so far. More entries give you a better chance of winning the final prize. So, keep coming back each day during the 21st October to the 31st October 2019 to collect more treats, increase your chances for instant wins, and gain more entries for the mega prize draw!

The competition will end on 31st October 2019 at 23:59.

Terms & Conditions Apply

MichSHELLLL23 December 2019, 20:42 People can be so negative and moan about everythink. I love this game, its free different and a bit of fun,if you win-bonus if not-better luck next time. Its a competition not everyone can win.

Mohibul 23 December 2019, 16:56 Why am I getting this in Christmas, if the competition is meant for Halloween? Strange

We do have treats games at different times of year

Best wishes

Tracey lavender8 December 2019, 18:35 I only just received the email,,,this competition closed in October ,it's now december. Excuse me, disgusting!!!!
Hey Tracey,

I am sorry that you have had issues getting this email. If you could please contact our team via support ticket and they can delve into this for you

Best wishes

Top_Frances11 November 2019, 01:21 Bummer, I missed this competition altogether. Will look forward to the next one.
Jaden13 November 2019, 21:49 I'm sure the name has changed for the winner the name showing now for the winner wasn't the name when first announced soon after competition closed did anyone else noticed this.

I can assure you that this did not happen as we do not change the winner after it haqs been randomly selected. You may have seen the previous game winner before seeing the new prize draw winner

Best wishes

15577624471 November 2019, 20:34 Disappointment -- for the first time I won absolutely nothing ! I needed one of everything, they know how to keep you hanging.
MIKE JAGGAR1 November 2019, 17:22 No brexit
+ No grand prize (£1000)
+ No £100 prize

Great halloween 2019........Lol
KittyLuna1 November 2019, 15:38 Ugh this was the closest yet, 1 away from all the prizes but then yesterday absolutely nothing :( I actually had hope. Congrats to the lucky ones x
The last one is the hardest to get and I am sorry you didn't manage to get one this time around.

Member2411182577381 November 2019, 12:10 It said it had 3 days left but its now over wtf
AC891 November 2019, 11:35 Chris121212 apparently there is still £1,487 left to be won, but the competition is now closed. The banners do not update in real time. It seems there is always a delay.
CUR712G 1 November 2019, 10:46 This game is joke afyer having over 300 pdes and only need one more item to win any of the minor prizes joke
MIKE JAGGAR1 November 2019, 04:46 JefferyRA

I advise you to make a Customer Services (missing cashback) complaint and after further investigation byTCB they should/Will manually add the £2.50 Bonus Cashback to your a/C

I had the same scenario previously but it got resolved amicably.
JefferyRA1 November 2019, 00:02 Did the £2.50 bonus when spending over £10 and it tracked for me but not for my husband. Same company used as well. Why do this happen or will it turn up later I wonder?
Member24111825773831 October 2019, 18:02 None of the places people talk about work for me
Chris12121231 October 2019, 17:35 AC89 there is £1,487 left. Look at the banner at the bottom😊
AC8931 October 2019, 17:24 I need one more broomstick, one more zombie hand, one more cauldron and one more hat (waste of time about the others). How do we even know if there are any prizes left, the banner at the bottom never updates in true time.
Member96608347055831 October 2019, 16:49 I can only find two? Can anyone help me out please? Churs
lynsgarden31 October 2019, 16:39 There is a £2.50 Extra Cashback Offer if you make a £10 purchase before midnight tonight. Go to Topcashback Home page and it is on the 'slideshow'. It's sometimes along the top of pages as well. You have to opt into it, it's not automatic. A chance to actually 'win' something!
Jaden131 October 2019, 15:57 Same here only need 1 broomstick for £20. Good luck
AuntPol31 October 2019, 15:54 Found a broomstick on elephant car ins
paula_pye31 October 2019, 15:35 Yeah hate all the moaning as well, despite it being Halloween!
But prizes are a real joke, but we can't resist that birdy.
Clever game to up your clicks TCB, but maybe give back a little more on the smaller wins 10p I ask you are we 5!
Member24111825773831 October 2019, 14:36 I need 1 more broomstick and im probably not gonna get it
MIKE JAGGAR31 October 2019, 14:26 In reply to jamieleesis, everybody is entitled to express their satisfaction or disappointment - but you suggesting that everybody that disagrees with you is a "Snowflake" is blatantly childish.

Betsyboo5931 October 2019, 13:27 Well that's about it. Nearly used up all my data for a 20p win. Won £1.30 last time, nowhere near this time!
jamieleesis31 October 2019, 12:22 Seriously - can we stop the moaning please. I understand that we all want to win £1k, but thats how a competition works - not everyone wins.
traceynurse31 October 2019, 10:40 Not worth all the time its taken to get a measly 10p, wont bother next time
Member34366545240431 October 2019, 10:12 Adidas on fashion
AJA3931 October 2019, 09:21 Nearly every day it's been a Free Prize Entry. So not really been able to play the competition.
janepwr31 October 2019, 07:15 Tricked again first one of the day another one of those dreaded pde's ......Only want one more broomstick for £20 and thats never going to happen ......Only won 10p better than nothing I suppose....Good luck everyone for the prize draw
Creditcrunch7031 October 2019, 04:43 Broom stick revealed with Holland & Barrett. Overall pde have been the majority of my finds in the competition with a combined win in of 30p which is slightly down from previous wins.
ANDREA JAGGAR31 October 2019, 03:41 I won 20p in prize money - how much did you win ???
MIKE JAGGAR31 October 2019, 03:20 I won a 10p prize and a 20p prize
SYLVIA KITSON31 October 2019, 03:14 I won a 10p plus a 20p plus a £1 prize - nice to have but
Not worth the effort really
GEOFF KITSON31 October 2019, 03:10 So, today's answer Holland & Barratt produced yet another prize draw entry for me
This takes my total prize money won to a life changing 10p !!!!

I wont be bothering participating in the next click, click, click
Janethobbs31 October 2019, 00:48 7 birds in a row all pde Rediculous
SusieAsp31 October 2019, 00:36 Airparks
SusieAsp31 October 2019, 00:18 Holland & Barrett today. For about 2 days now it is nothing but pde's and I am one away on winning each of the larger prizes. It is hard not to think bad thoughts i'm afraid. I hope someone else is luckier.
Betsyboo5931 October 2019, 00:04 Holland and Barrett but yet another pde. Would have thought a prize would have been given out especially as got the clue immediately it was posted! Totally unfair!!!
Janethobbs30 October 2019, 23:38 Tricked again
anastasiia_klim30 October 2019, 20:12 Trick or Treat
Goodies30 October 2019, 20:10 Sorry...There’S probably more chance of winning the National lottery or Euromillions than this prize draw!
Janethobbs30 October 2019, 20:03 Found 4 birds this evening all prize draw entries, waste of 2 hours
louisa11130 October 2019, 19:57 Treat please
morso55530 October 2019, 19:55 Martinelli
Marko9759 30 October 2019, 19:50 Fingers crossed
Janethobbs30 October 2019, 19:38 Click on staples
Lakadema30 October 2019, 19:32 Pde Prize draw entry.
SYLVIA KITSON30 October 2019, 19:19 Pde = Prize draw entry (meaning you get entered into a raffle that you will not win !!!)
lolls30 October 2019, 18:57 car insurance and reebok 😊
adirus30 October 2019, 18:49 Treat treat
Member46032483195930 October 2019, 18:21 Has anyone got cash back?
Roger Marsh30 October 2019, 18:02 Too complicated -why don't you guys follow the kiss rule ?
SusieAsp30 October 2019, 17:48 Prize Draw Entry. I used to wonder what it meant too.
barnabybear_4530 October 2019, 17:32 Prize draw entry
Sitap30 October 2019, 17:22 Yes please
Betsyboo5930 October 2019, 17:06 Pde = Prize draw entry. An entry into the big prize draw at the end of the competition. Not worth having million to one chance you will win. Actually the odds on winning are about 9 million to one (the number of Topcashback members, though not all of those members will be playing the game).
Beejragan30 October 2019, 16:55 No, seriously, what does 'pde' stand for? I thought it was 'partial differential equation'.
Member67543713392230 October 2019, 16:40 Topooocashhooo
Royston696930 October 2019, 16:38 I cant see any on my account
Member116883668335030 October 2019, 16:31 New to this what's pde please?
Member126917868152430 October 2019, 16:21 Fingers crossed .. Lovely idea
kelly25130 October 2019, 16:19 I never see anything on my screen! Very strange!
Beejragan30 October 2019, 16:11 So what exactly is a 'pde'?
Member107919066040230 October 2019, 15:38 Ive seen the bird many times.... But never clicked on it
mumikins30 October 2019, 15:28 Hope I win - pretty please !!
Khadi130 October 2019, 15:10 HelòOooo
pianoyvon30 October 2019, 14:53 Sounds great.
Mhari6830 October 2019, 14:40 Woohoo, lets get started
Member96608347055830 October 2019, 14:24 Nike znd Tassimo...
Bettyharps30 October 2019, 14:23 Let's go go go
Member96608347055830 October 2019, 14:14 Nike has one.
Joelou8030 October 2019, 14:03 Taste card
Rio roy30 October 2019, 13:47 Fantastic
Betsyboo5930 October 2019, 13:42 Hi Tuppencelyanne. Not as good this time only won 20p and rest pde's. One away from £100 last time? Bet you were clicking like mad to try to get the other one. Just a tip for everyone. Type in TopCashback halloween treats 2019 -lots of sites pop up. Look for Money Saving Experts blog, click on that and scroll down, long list of sites where there have been hummingbirds in previous competitions. I have found hummingbirds again on some of these sites and am working my way through them. Good luck.
barha tony30 October 2019, 13:18 Yes it is a lot different from other competitions
Tuppencelyanne30 October 2019, 13:01 Betsyboo in the last competition I won a pound and was one away from 100 pounds but this Time mainly pdes and havent won anything despite all the clicks :(
Brette30 October 2019, 12:54 Only just found out about the competition has it doesn't appear on the mobile site
Betsyboo5930 October 2019, 12:26 NowTV another pde
MIKE JAGGAR30 October 2019, 12:01 Apart from the Daily Clue (sse Home) which produced................Yes you guessed it......A p.D.E for me -
Has anybody else found any "random" Kingfishers today ???

If yes, please share the info...................I've done more than 60 clicks and found absolutely nothing today not even p.D.E's
jblack00030 October 2019, 10:21 Jd sports just now got a pde though.
Betsyboo5930 October 2019, 08:46 Another pde for me!!!! Very unfair should at least be a prize on the daily clue!
rooneal30 October 2019, 00:42 Sse Home Services todays clue-got a cauldron.-Good luck
Betsyboo5929 October 2019, 21:12 Close to 100 what Tuppencelyanne £'S or pde's?
The_GrayMan29 October 2019, 20:19 20 p Woohoo !!
Helzbellz29 October 2019, 19:58 Come on little birdys.....Where are you all hiding
Tuppencelyanne29 October 2019, 19:16 I'm doing so bad on this competition got loads last time and was close to 100 but this time not many :(
SamSme29 October 2019, 18:53 Morrisons - an eye flask treat!
Betsyboo5929 October 2019, 18:31 Yippee - pumpkin on Hawkersuk - at last done money -a whole 20p!!!!!
SYLVIA KITSON29 October 2019, 17:59 Policy Expert Home Insurance was a cauldron for me
Betsyboo5929 October 2019, 17:09 Gemporia -yes another pde!!!
Betsyboo5929 October 2019, 15:28 Pde on Fidelity stocks and shares isa
Betsyboo5929 October 2019, 13:09 Eurooffice -pde
tiarafi_29 October 2019, 12:34 Myprotein got a pde loving the competition 😀
Betsyboo5929 October 2019, 11:04 Pde on Accor hotels
Betsyboo5929 October 2019, 10:16 Broomstick on Easirent.
jblack00029 October 2019, 09:30 Tastecard gave me a witches hat.
fi1981729 October 2019, 09:04 I got a witches hat for todays clue
GoodoldMarty29 October 2019, 08:52 I always love doing these little competitions but even Im getting fed up with this one. Looks like Im going to stop.
Betsyboo5929 October 2019, 08:48 Yes you're right another pde on Tastecard. Clue was easy but what's the point when there is no prize when you get it. There should at least be a guaranteed prize with the daily clue.
janepwr29 October 2019, 08:40 You said it Mike another pde for today's clue, first of the day!!! Thanks Toon for the clue
MIKE JAGGAR29 October 2019, 05:54 Expect another pde today's answer tastecard

Cheers toon
Toon_Willy29 October 2019, 01:50 Today's Clue - Tastecard....... Yippee
Jaden128 October 2019, 22:10 More Pde's it's a joke

I can assure you that our Prize Draw is no joke but i'm sure the winner will be laughing :)

Best wishes

janepwr28 October 2019, 20:07 Q-Park City just got me a pde Mike so you are the lucky one I think i'll try eHarmony next Betsyboo59 see if i'm lucky with yours thanks both
Betsyboo5928 October 2019, 15:58 Thanks Mike for that just got me a witches hat still not won a penny yet though. Try eHarmony got a cauldron on that earlier.
MIKE JAGGAR28 October 2019, 13:20 Q-park city just got me a Cauldron.
Betsyboo5928 October 2019, 09:36 Yes pde on the daily clue! All i've had for ages is pde's and that's after searching forever! Come on Topcashback ditch the big prize and give out more smaller prizes, keep us all interested much more if we were winning here and there, even if it was only 20p or 50p.
janepwr28 October 2019, 09:07 Sets you off in a bad mood another pde, best to have more cash prizes so everyone has a chance of winning something, I agree with Mike totally 20p is enough to put everyone in a good mood than a pde where you got less chance of winning.

I am sorry you feel this way and we will take the feedback on board. Please know that the prize draw is something special and is a huge prize to win.

Best wishes

MIKE JAGGAR28 October 2019, 06:27 Tricky clue today but exante diet only gave me pde
Charliebegg28 October 2019, 01:59 Way, too slow.A data burner.

We would advise clearing cookies to help with the running of the game as we are not seeing any issues for members.

Best wishes
Julie_Silvers28 October 2019, 00:22 Today's clue is Exante Diet.
MIKE JAGGAR27 October 2019, 20:25 Yes, 20 odd minute wait before anymore birds popping up after clearing the cookies.
I wasnt gonna do the click, click, click this time, but a 20p win looks to be a "major" win

Prize pot of £10,000 divided by 20,000 players suggests maximum 50p wins
For everybody

Or worst case scenario, prize pot £10,000 divided amongst 50,000 players implies maximum 20p wins for everybody.

Betsyboo5927 October 2019, 19:39 Thanks, pde on hotel Chocolat but nothing on the others. Does anyone else find that once they've found a hummingbird they have to clear cookies etc and wait half an hour or so before looking again? I have never been able to find more than one at any one time and sometimes looking for ages and nothing. Is there a system to this??? I know last time one player advised what I have said, clearing your device and waiting a while. Anybody got any thoughts on this? Topcashback - is there any particular system for finding the hummingbirds??

I can confirm that the hummingbirds do appear on random retailer offer pages on our site except the daily clue.

We do advise clearing cookies to help with the running of the game but this will not generate a hummingbird prize instantly.

We do wish you the best of luck for the game and don't forget the prize draw

Best wishes

SYLVIA KITSON27 October 2019, 18:10 Try :- hotel chocolat, halfords, p & O ferries, the works, british gas

All pde's for me :-( but maybe you will be lucky
Janclark1627 October 2019, 15:54 Nike 🙂 Yayyy
Betsyboo5927 October 2019, 11:09 River Island - another pde!
Bettie147127 October 2019, 10:40 Gap pde today for me
Betsyboo5927 October 2019, 09:22 Superdry but guess what? Another pde!!! Where are all the prizes. I have got just one on most of the prizes so far doesn't look like I am even going to get 10p this time grrrrrr!
Betsyboo5927 October 2019, 09:12 Would appreciate some clues coming my way folks, seem to be less hummingbirds this time. Apart from the daily clues haven't been that successful. Haven't won anything yet!
lolls27 October 2019, 08:17 Welcome back betsyboo59 thanks for the clues 😊
paulofcroydon27 October 2019, 00:50 27/10/2019 = /Nike-and-nikeid
Zeep2k27 October 2019, 00:05 Yes I love this!
Chris12121227 October 2019, 00:03 Nike😀 Today.
Jaden126 October 2019, 21:50 Thanks Betsyboo59 for Banana Republic actually got an eyeball instead of the usual pde I keep getting
Member108022507901726 October 2019, 21:11 This is a great post!
Janclark1626 October 2019, 18:51 Tassimo
Betsyboo5926 October 2019, 17:43 Banana Republic but yet another pde!
Member24111825773826 October 2019, 17:31 Keep getting just extra entries, worthless
Betsyboo5926 October 2019, 16:48 Said I wouldn't play again after last time but here I am! Hummingbirds found on Hotels.Com, Ralph Lauren, Booking.Com, Look fantastic, Vertbaudet, Accessorise, Travelodge, Buy a Gift, Love Energy Savings, George. But mostly pde's.
vikvik26 October 2019, 16:03 One on Vodafone
Toon_Willy26 October 2019, 01:48 Tassimo is today's clue.... Yippee
Mcmahon7426 October 2019, 00:56 Love these games!! 😁
SusieAsp26 October 2019, 00:18 Well done Julie!
paulofcroydon26 October 2019, 00:13 26-10-2019 = Tassimo
Julie_Silvers25 October 2019, 21:21 My £5 winnings just appeared in my account. Thank you Topcashback. My biggest win so far 😁
Jaden125 October 2019, 21:17 Try look fantastic only got another pde!! You could be lucky and win a cash prize good luck
Member108009556573025 October 2019, 21:07 Swizz wizz
janepwr25 October 2019, 17:47 You're right there Tiony another pde, started from the beginning!!!
mariebridgwater25 October 2019, 16:42 Eyeball on Booking.Com
tiony25 October 2019, 11:09 Usual same old Prize Draw Entries only!!!!
Pete18025 October 2019, 03:41 Good stuff toon
Toon_Willy25 October 2019, 01:12 Today's Clue - Swizzels.... Yippee
SamSme24 October 2019, 14:33 Prize on Expedia yay! Another pde, boo...
jblack00024 October 2019, 12:32 Yay got 20p 2nd pumpkin from todays clue
Lianebw24 October 2019, 10:18 Same Jaden 1, just a ode 😔
daddy300424 October 2019, 09:51 I love TopCashback specialy when its festive or special celibrations! Tricky questions and if u win! U get a treat too. Awsome.
Member47271994215024 October 2019, 09:46 It's a bit of fun if you win you win if you lose it's free
Janclark1624 October 2019, 09:23 Good clues
Jaden124 October 2019, 08:23 Another pde for today's clue garden of life Where's the cash prizes gone already? Some are lucky to win cash prizes and some just get pde's that don't mean anything as you never win. Hope you get your £5 Julie_Silvers
Julie_Silvers24 October 2019, 05:03 My account isn't registering the £5 I won two days ago 😓. Am very disappointed cos it's the most I have ever won on these games .
Toon_Willy24 October 2019, 02:10 Garden of Life - That's today clue .... Yippee !!
keepthefaith6023 October 2019, 12:59 Every giveaway you get people saying "don't bother" and every giveaway I win money!! Stop being so bitter!
Janclark1623 October 2019, 12:55 Etsy is the answer
Member57399801083623 October 2019, 06:54 Lovely ^^
miltonish23 October 2019, 06:14 Just got the last hand on Etsy
Toon_Willy23 October 2019, 01:12 Etsy is today's clue !!..... Yippee....
Rayannda00722 October 2019, 23:39 So excited for this!
I’M new to TCB so fingers crossed for me.
janepwr22 October 2019, 22:54 Thanks Toon_Willy for ebay another pde!!!
Jaden122 October 2019, 19:23 Prize draw entry, already?!!!
Toon_Willy22 October 2019, 15:51 Got hummingbird on eBay.... Happy days !!
GoonersGo22 October 2019, 14:59 Try Groupon!
MIKE JAGGAR22 October 2019, 14:35 Click, click,click,click, click
= Prize Draw Entry x 5

Dont waste your time.
i am sorry you don't wish to play the game this time around.

Penguin1122 October 2019, 09:39 Great , a real treat
bevvyed22 October 2019, 08:26 Yeah me too
Zhea8222 October 2019, 07:20 I've got eyeball flask...😁
KimHart22 October 2019, 06:30 Where exactly am I supposed to look? I clicked sse energy as mentioned below, but saw nothing🤔
The hummingbird will appear after a few seconds on the right page :)

Toon_Willy22 October 2019, 05:11 Today's Clue ... Sse Energy.... Yippee !!.... Got pumpkin.
scoo2622 October 2019, 00:12 So excited for this! I always participate in TCB competitions 💕
Xemlouisex21 October 2019, 23:16 Fab. Love this game x
RozHealy10021 October 2019, 22:44 Wow.. Would be good
junaid4621 October 2019, 22:38 Trick or Treat
rickardo8921 October 2019, 22:04 Treat! 👻
Coastguard197221 October 2019, 22:02 Happy halloween
Ozzydee_321 October 2019, 20:57 Wickes wickes
frashierhutch21 October 2019, 20:49 Yes please
Sallsers21 October 2019, 20:33 Trick or treat
Member17002619981421 October 2019, 20:29 This would horrific if nobody won 🥴

I can assure you that this wont happen due to the game wanting to give out as many prizes as possible

Best wishes

Member17050152792521 October 2019, 20:24 Spooooky
96casper21 October 2019, 19:47 Fun while you shop!
CharlieBeth21 October 2019, 19:44 Oooh amazing yes please
clubman350921 October 2019, 19:20 Ok thanks
Whisbone21 October 2019, 18:53 Would be a lovely birthday treat
nalanosboh21 October 2019, 18:28 Woohoooo
Ritctchie21 October 2019, 18:25 Great fun
Jackiebhoy21 October 2019, 18:11 Come on 😈
markw505621 October 2019, 18:08 Great deal
Kaiindiyataite21 October 2019, 17:33 Please 🙌🎃
Jeboag21 October 2019, 17:23 Yes please 😃
peterjohn21 October 2019, 17:13 Spooky treats 👍
keith181221 October 2019, 17:11 Wow! Happy Halloween ☺️
Mags121 21 October 2019, 16:46 Fingers crossed
Zeusmum21 October 2019, 16:41 Yes please happy trick or treat everyone 😀
Annescancoo21 October 2019, 16:34 What a great idea!
Bhaven2421 October 2019, 16:30 Get a treat at British gas too!
ABU200821 October 2019, 16:25 Yes please
anthony4821 October 2019, 16:18 Yes please
Helsbels2200021 October 2019, 16:16 Yes please
Helsbels2200021 October 2019, 16:11 I would like some winnings please
Janclark1621 October 2019, 16:05 Wow this is fun!! 🦇
Member77636558085921 October 2019, 16:04 Yes please
belle12321 October 2019, 16:01 Yes please
Donna212321 October 2019, 16:01 Yes please
dennis4821 October 2019, 16:01 Yes please
mariecaple21 October 2019, 15:49 Yes please
Member17079638980221 October 2019, 15:47 Yes thank you
Thaiany21 October 2019, 15:43 Yes please!!!
Chelsey5432121 October 2019, 15:36 Yes please
Zanish 21 October 2019, 15:23 Yes please
Nik197021 October 2019, 15:18 Yes please ! :-))
Daysie21 October 2019, 15:06 Yes please
Russb246621 October 2019, 15:04 Yes please
Member24111825773821 October 2019, 14:58 Whats the one with the string on the pumpkin for?
SUZY15621 October 2019, 14:52 Oh this game is so much fun but very addictive
Greyknight8621 October 2019, 14:45 Yes please
Maggie32121 October 2019, 14:40 Yes I think its great
geo93621 October 2019, 14:30 Yes please
aljulie21 October 2019, 14:26 Wickes thank you all 😄
himayapraveen21 October 2019, 14:23 Ok to proceed
mabus00721 October 2019, 14:11 Wooow woooooow
markwood196921 October 2019, 14:09 @Toon_Willy try Wickes
paulofcroydon21 October 2019, 13:44 Daily Clue - Simple, say what you see

Wickes !!!
janepwr21 October 2019, 13:43 Hummingbird again yeah! Today's clue Wickes
Cornercable21 October 2019, 13:35 Winner winner hummingbird dinner
Toon_Willy21 October 2019, 12:54 Hey,
Really bamboozled on today's clue !!!
Anybody got it yet ??
seb2421 October 2019, 11:36 Ebay a trick today
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