So, you want to go on holiday? Read this first before booking.

Posted on 01 Jul 2020 Posted in  Travel, Tips & Updates
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Understandably many of us are desperate to have a holiday this year. Whether it’s because we have been cooped up indoors with the kids for months, working long hours, or just in need of a break from it all, the possibility of missing out on a vacation this year, on top of everything else, is infuriating to think about.

There does appear to be some silver linings for holidaymakers though, especially since the Prime Minister announced further relaxing of lockdown rules.

Before you rush to enter your card details and put down either a deposit or even the full amount up front, make sure you read the below considerations as well as Government advice on travel* so that you can holiday safely and happily.


Holidaying in the UK

UK travel is becoming more possible as further restrictions are lifted. However, with things changing on a daily basis, it’s vital you get clued up on what’s possible before you book, so that you make the best decision.

If you want to travel within England, you will be able to stay in self-catering cottages and apartments, caravans with their own bathroom facilities, hotels and bed and breakfasts from the 4th July. Campsites are also allowed to open providing shared facilities are kept clean.

Self-contained accommodation will be available from 3rd July in Scotland, and other types of accommodation from the 15th July. Self-catering holiday accommodation has re-opened already in Northern Ireland, and hotels will re-open from 3rd July.

Wales has re-opened its borders again, but if you're looking to holiday here, you will have to wait until 9th July when they plan announce a decision as to whether they will be re-opening their tourism industry again. If this is given the go-ahead, you should be able to book a holiday in self-contained accommodation from 13th July onwards.

Holidaying abroad

The advice of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office was, until recently, warning against all but essential international travel. Whilst this stance still broadly applies, there is now a list of countries that have been categorized as ‘exempt from this rule.’

Although these countries (approximately 50 so far, inside and outside of Europe) have been assessed as no longer ‘high risk to British people,’ this does not mean you will definitely be able to travel to your holiday destination of choice. What it does mean is that from 10th July onwards, if you do travel to a country on the list, you will not need to quarantine for 14 days upon your return to the UK. However, not all of the countries on the list have ended restrictions for UK tourists when they arrive there. Where you are able to enter a foreign country, you may be required to quarantine for 14 days abroad instead. You can find a full list of exempt countries HERE. We’re sure lots of our members will be happy to see numerous tourist hot spots such as France, Spain, Italy and Greece, however, it is imperative you check your destination’s Entry Requirements page via the Foreign Travel Advice pages on before either booking or travelling.

Other considerations before booking your holiday

 • Travel insurance is, for a lack of a better phrase, a minefield right now. Each provider obviously has their own unique policies, so it is best to speak with them directly. For more information on travel insurance, please read our guide here.

 • Even though some of the major airlines are talking about resuming flights over the summer months, this does not mean you will be guaranteed to travel. Before booking your flight, weigh up the possibility that not only might your trip be cancelled, you might not even get a refund. Check on social media to see how the airline you’re booking with has responded up until now. Whilst its still no guarantee you’ll get a refund, you will at least see how they’ve treated their customers so far.

•Travel corridors (the new list of exempt countries for travel), have not been tested yet. If they do work then fantastic, but if there are teething problems, your plans may be thrown to the wind. Can you afford to quarantine abroad, or in the UK (if plans change again)?

• With any holiday you book, whether this be for 2020, or beyond, pick your airline / provider carefully, and remember no one knows what will happen for certain. If you can afford to be out of pocket, and are willing to take a risk then do be sure to still book with TopCashback. If the consequences of losing your money is too great, it’s best to hang on a bit longer, to see how things pan out.


This information is correct as of the 6th July, we will try and keep this updated as new information comes to light.

Zeep2k17 Jul 20 - 20:33 Great straightforward advice, thanks x
HamishMurphy11 Jul 20 - 17:30 Please update your info on travel from Spain to Scotland. You will currently still need to quarantine if you come from Spain to Scotland.

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Our team have mentioned to check your areas information on travel before travel and would suggest that members do follow any advice for the place they are arriving to.

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TOOZE7408 Jul 20 - 17:20 Much needed, clear, impartial advice...... As much as I am desperate to swim in warm, clear blue waters we are heading to beautiful Cornwall, camping this Summer instead.
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