TopCashback Win Queen’s Award for Enterprise

Posted on 17 May 2022 Posted in  Tips & Updates
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TopCasback Proudly Win Queen's Award

TopCashback are proud to announce our 2022 Queen’s Award win for Enterprise, with special thanks to our employees, partners and members alike. Read more about the award and what it means for the business below.

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that TopCashback has won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the International Trade category.

In case you’re not familiar, the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are the most prestigious accolades for UK businesses and is a globally recognised royal seal of approval. The International Trade category recognises businesses who have demonstrated substantial growth in overseas earnings and commercial success within their sector.

Building TopCashback UK has been and maintains to be very important to the entire group. However, we recognise that if we wish to grow further as a business, continued international expansion is absolutely key.

Our success in the USA, China, and Germany have already turbocharged our evolution. In 2020 we also acquired 40 per cent of the largest Swedish cashback site, Refunder, as well as its subsidiary brand Bast I Test (with a view to increasing to 100 per cent ownership by 2023).

Having been at the forefront of developing the market in the UK, and in the process becoming the UK market leader, we know with certainty and proof that we have a winning service that is exportable across the globe. Therefore, we look forward with optimism to continued growth in exporting our services in even more territories.

A word from TopCashback co-founders Olly Ragg and Mike Tomkins :

”A huge thanks to our employees, our retailer partners and of course our loyal members, who are helping us to realise our ambitions every day. An ambition to become not only the best and most respected cashback provider in the world, but also one of the biggest”.

C_Heyworth19 Jun 22 - 17:10 Well deserved, congratulations.
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cindywindy16 Jun 22 - 04:17 Top Cashback must have such dedicated & Loyal staff, the company must be proud of them all. Well done.
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racheyb00714 Jun 22 - 17:24 I love TCB.... I am nearly at £1000 and all i've done is buy as normal
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Congratulations ..
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